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Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MNBassman</b></div><div>Im not nearly as down on a Dumba for a right-shot wing as the rest of our guys on here. I would prefer a center coming back, but i also think a goal-scoring right-shot wing is just about as rare as centers are, so i would strongly consider this. I would, however, like to know what Guerin and Co. think of , Khovanov, Galchenyuk, and others first...but i firmly believe a team can win the Cup without a bonafide #1 center...especially with the stable of wings the Wild would have after these moves.

I agree that only one of Galchenyuk or Bjugstad should be considered here.
I would trade Zuccarello’s contract for Jones’ in a heartbeat...especially if the Wild added Boeser.

Just think about a top 6 wing group of: Fiala, Boeser, Kaprizov, and Boldy... like i said elsewhere, Sid Hartman and i (52 y/o and 30lbs overweight) could center this group and be successful.

One last thing: someone smarter than me needs to figure out if the Wild could keep all these wingers long-term with the cap...</div></div>

I'm glad we are like minded on Boeser. I guess I figured signing Chucky was kinda insurance on Bjugstads injury history along with Praise and Staal being 36 and Sturm being unproven. Possibly if he Galchenyuk is protected enough and allowed to regain his confidence Wild could flip him at the deadline I'm hoping. Didn't good old Sid just turn 100? You could center the top line but I'm going to say Sid is out, but maybe Rask.
Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>You have $12m tied up in bottom-6 centers (Rask, Chucky, Bjustad, Strum) and none of them are a solution to the top-6C need the Wild have. Taking a gamble is fine, but just take one of Bjustad/Chucky, not both of them. I don't mind the Pit trade, it's a garbage in / garbage out deal.

The best trade chip (Dumba) MN has was just used on a wing position that MN is already stacked for. The RHS is a need, but adding more wings just isn't needed.

I want 4 years of Jones less than I want 4 years of Zucc (and I can't stand his contract). Why does Zucc waive his NTC to go to SJS? He chased the money with his deal, why would he take a paycut (CA taxes are worse than MN)?</div></div>

I should start by saying I don't believe this team to be anything but a bubble team.

I don't really consider it taking a gamble on Bjugstad or Galchenyuk. They are both place holders, with no term, both should be motivated to play for their next payday. With Bjugstad injury history, Sturm being unproven and Staal and Parise being 36 next year. I think Galchenyuk will get his playing time and if protected and allowed to build his confidence he may even be a tradeable asset at the deadline mostly to aquire prospects and or draft picks.

Dumba for Boeser to me makes sense as we have ready, albeit not as good as Dumba, RHD in the AHL and when considering we have to pay Brodin soon, it makes sense. I also don't have a lot of confidence that a top 6 center is going to become available. I do think being on a line with Fiala and Boeser will allow Staal to remain as a 1c for the remainder of his contract. I'm hoping Khovanov or a first round center will be ready to play the following year. If not Wild should have the cap space needed to get one if one becomes available in FA.

Not sure how to convince Zuccarello to except the trade, but Minnesota, though not taxed as high as California, is a pretty tax heavy state. Perhaps he looks at the wings and decides he may not have a position here long. Jones I expect a bounce back from he is only 30 so he really shouldn't have hit steep decline yet, he has played more games than any goalie the last 4 years I believe, so maybe rest and a platoon situation helps him out. Wild are a better defensive team than the Sharks so that at minimum should help.
Forum: Armchair-GM16 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM16 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>Where is this Insert your Favorite center here guy? Seems like he deserves a spot in the lineup ;)

I don't like Dumba for Boeser. Boeser is a very talented player and he's the type of goal scoring right shot RW we've been wanting for years, but we have a far bigger need for a center and Dumba or Brodin have to be the chips we use to get one. Plus we finally have talented wingers in our system with Fiala emerging as a potential star, Kaprizov should be a very good player, and guys like Boldy and Beckman have been promising in their draft+1 years. I guess I just don't think Boeser is as much of a need as he would have been a couple years ago and trading a talented player who plays a premium position (RD) for someone who plays the least valuable position in the NHL (W) isn't smart imo. Just my 2 cents.</div></div>

Insert favorite center is in a development yet. I'm think Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, or Lundell depending how the draft shakes out. So I'm thinking Wild won't find a deal for a center that they like. Boeser does atleast give the Wild a right hand shot. If Wild did make a deal for Bjugstad and re-sign Galchenyuk I think the combination of them can hold down the 3C. With Addison making strides toward a NHL job, Soucy being a likely group 6 rfa and Menell and Belpedio both being NHL ready, not to mention Brodin due for a nice pay increase, I just think something has to give. I do 100 percent agree Wild need centers but from what I'm seeing nothing worth having will shake loose.