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Dec 7, 2019
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Nov 20, 1991
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Forum: Armchair-GM14 minutes ago
Forum: Edmonton OilersFri at 12:15 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChampEddy</b></div><div>I think Connor McDavid is overrated. I don`t think he deserves the praise he often gets. Offensively, nobody touches him right now. His speed is nuts. His ability to stickhandle and make plays at that speed is even more nuts. He is probably the most offensively gifted player ever.

BUT, I think that is because he does not play a winning type of hockey and is not great defensively or in any other aspect of the game he is quite overrated.

I also think his dominance is going to be short lived compared to 87. Once he ages into his late 20s and 30s and his speed goes from #1 in the league to even just elite then I think his numbers also fall into the same category. Not to mention by that time I still don`t think he has any playoff success because of his inability to play an all around game and I do honestly think he is inept as a leader. I know people that have been in his circle and have also met him on two occasions and from the response I have from people as well as my own opinion I don`t think he is a good leader or someone a team can rally behind.

Until he shows he is capable of doing more than scoring at an all time pace and is able to win when it counts I don`t think he deserves the praise he often receives. Also, don`t give me he doesn`t have elite talent around him.

I respect him as a player and hope he proves me wrong but as of now I completely disagree with how he is thought of as "McJesus". Until he proves he is able to lead a team to success and play an all around game he shouldn`t be considered on the same level as other all timers. If he committed to playing a more defensive role his offensive numbers would take a hit. We`ll see how long it takes as the Oilers continue to have 0 playoff success for him to make that change. Again, I think it will likely be forced upon him anyways because once his speed advantage diminishes I don`t think he can come close to continuing his offensive output.

I honestly find it crazy that this is going to be controversial. For some reason McDavid is held to a different standard than others and can`t understand why other than the NHL was desperate to have a young, new toy after years and years of 87.</div></div>

not wasting my time reading this.
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