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If Adams does pay at the deadline, I’d much rather see them spend the currency for a guy like Timo Meier.

That Cozens line at even strength is going to need to be better for the Sabres to make it and right now, Quinn and Peterka are ice cold, and that’s to be expected with young players. Cozens has arrived but his linemates are just not there yet. The Mitts-Olafsson-Jost line however has picked up the slack in that department for the secondary scoring.

If you add Meier to that line with Cozens, you put a power forward who is on pace for 40+ goals this year and plays physical with a Cozens and can roll out two lethal scoring lines to compliment the Thompson line.

If they’re paying, that’s who id like to see them target, and San Jose likely wants to keep him if they can.

Right now, I don’t think Chychrun alone gets them into the playoffs. I’m very concerned about his availability and durability issues. He’s had a ton of injuries in his career and a lot of wear for a young D, and as much as they need to add a D, Scoring on all cylinders, play driving and pick possession is going to be their way into the playoffs, and a Lot of their defensive issues won’t be solved just by Chychrun alone.

The best defense for this team, ultimately is going to be becoming impossible to take the puck away from, playing high risk high reward hockey, and being aggressive and free. Being tight and defensively stout is just not who they are. If it was, guys like Olafsson and Mittelstadt would be long gone in favor of better two way forwards, but scoring and being aggressive is what this team is about right now.
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