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trust me. i know what's best for the buffalo sabres.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shootica</b></div><div>Well ****ing done. Best Sabres concept I've seen recently by a country mile. Just a couple thoughts...

Larsson isn't mentioned in the entire post - Are you assuming that he's headed back to Sweden as some people have reported? Those reports have been refuted by his agent from what it's worth. If he is back next year, I think he's their best 4C option with Girgs pushed to the LW.

You touched on it briefly, but I definitely like the second line more with Olofsson on the right side. He's a pure shooter and the right wing positions him to be a constant threat of a quick one timer. Johansson, as far as I know, has little history of playing RW and only mentioned ever playing LW or C in his media conference the other day. His game as a playmaker is also probably better suited for his natural side.

Another good option for the first line RW spot is Vesey in my opinion. I haven't seen him play all too much, but from what I've read he's a guy with a nose for the net that likes to hang around the netmouth and clean up the garbage. That could compliment Eichel and Skinner well as neither of them are best suited for that sort of game, and Sheary is a little small for that role. Vesey has enough goalscoring touch to finish the chances that Eichel creates - He'd be a dangerous passing option at all times when the puck is on Jack's stick in the offensive zone.

Again, really well thought out post and I enjoyed reading it!</div></div>

My thought on Larsson, is that he doesn't make it out of arbitration as a Buffalo Sabre. Admittedly I don't know much about salary abritraion hearings in the NHL, but what I gather is that if he is awarded a salary the Sabres don't like, that they can walk away. Or a tleast there is some mechanism where they can part ways. If the number comes in to be resonable and they can get other RFAs they want, like McCabe and Rodrigues in under the cap then I could see him being the 4th line center and the Sabres roll with Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo again. It's definitely not out of the question at all.

It's a weird concept but I think this notion of postion-less hockey is going to start creeping into the NHL. With D-men and Forwards cycling and covering, always moving to set up a great shot. I see that 2nd line as fluid. Reinhart taking D-Zone draws, Johansson taking O-Zone draws. I think its better for players to enter the zone on their natural wing (easier to accept a pass on the forehand). Once in the offensive zone I see Reinhart going to the left side and Olofsson skating towards the right to set up one-timers for either. something like that.

I can see Vesey getting a shot a top RW. I think intially a lot of Sabres fans would groan at the thought but I can see it working. I mean 35 year old Jason Pominville looked great with Jack and Jeff last season, so I'm very open to anything working over there.
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