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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SmugTkachuk</b></div><div>If you can't figure out that I meant defensive forward, you should have more concerns about your glass house than mine.

Zucker is younger quicker, scores more, fits our style better, is all around better and is a guaranteed contract long term. Replacing Frolik with him makes our team better. At the deadline it was Frolik and a pick, now that there are more buyers they have inquired about Bennett and Frolik, that's it. In now way does it diminish the point that Frolik is far from a cap dump. you're literally arguing against your own point.</div></div>

I just found it funny you couldn't even get Frolik's position right .... made me giggle.

You got a source for the "now that there are more buyers that have inquired about Bennett and Frolik"? I'm sure teams are inquiring about Bennet. He's cheap, still under team control and has more upside.

Frolik.... at 15 goals .... $4.3MM.... and a UFA at the end of the season ....... my guess is he would only be of interest to teams looking to hit the cap floor or move out a bad contract of there own (Eriksson?).
A team could go get Pominville, Chaisson, Vanek, Panik, Filppula, Eberle, Wilson and a half dozen more without giving up a pick. Some would be cheaper, some would be more expensive. But you wouldn't have to give up an asset. My guess is unless hes a throw-in/cap dump/salary equalizer you don't see Frolik moved until after teams have struck out the first week of July and even then he's a cap dump/salary equalizer/throw-in. No one is looking to help the Flames get better by taking salary off their hands so they can add a better player.
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Starret will definitely be resigned after his season in Bakersfield.

Some Oiler media is now saying expect 8 or 9 new players. Trades are going to be hard &amp; salary cap won't help. They will need to chase underappreciated players.

They're not going to spend $10M on goalies. Look for a vet like Niemi, Elliot, Kinkaid or Nilsson to be signed. They might take a flyer on a Jack Campbell/Jake Allen type.

After Ken Hollands comments yesterday, there's no way Bouchard plays more than a handful of NHL games this year. Bear, Persson or Jones will play before EB. They might go out for a guy like Pionk or Colin Miller.
Manning will be buried in the AHL, traded or bought out. Trading will be hard but packaging a mid round pick with BM for a pick a round or 2 lower might do for a team like the Rangers or Ottawa.

The wingers, outside of Leon &amp; Dzingel will be challenged to score as you have. That would be a huge fail in summer #1.
The bottom 6 has too many slow skaters, especially down the middle.

I realize they aren't going to be able to add a bunch of high profile UFAs like Nyquist, Johansson &amp; Ferland, but they can add one, whether its Dzingel (like you have) or Donskoi or Nyquist. They need to add couple/few bottom six that could surprise (like Chaisson). They pass on Rattie to sign a couple of guys like Aggostino, Pirri, Tyler Ennis or Ryan Carpenter. Maybe they pick up one or 2 guys like Connor Brown and/or Erik Haula from teams that have to cut payroll. I like Gelndenning in Detroit to find his way to Edmonton.