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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>See I think this is the real hang up. I think the number isn't the issue, they can figure that out and probably already have.
You have players signing this 5 year deals, like AM did. You look at AM deal and he expires UFA.
I think Marner wants the same thing. He wants to expire a UFA. He does not want to go through RFA again. I don't see him signing a 6 year deal, without Toronto paying a premium for him, because he knows that's taking years off his UFA.
For Marner the minimum deal is 4 years. Anything above that he probably wants paid for it.
My guess is this team is going to meet in the middle. 5 year deal, 10.2 to 10.5 range.</div></div>

Heres the thing, not all RFA's are signing 5 year deals. The main thing is that Dubas is totally steering the boat and from the Nylander holdout shows that Dubas will have tons of patience trying to get his number. Now im not saying Dubas will get the number leafs fans dream of but lets look at the facts, no one has said Marner wants a 5-year deal, he wants to be a leaf we know this because he wouldnt agree to some offer sheets just because the marner camp thought the leafs wouldn't match. Marner also appears to not want a longer term deal (7 or 8). The leafs wont sign 4 years simply for UFA reasons, 5 years means signing Matthews, Nylander, AND Marner on the same offseason. Another thing is that Darren Ferris does this EVERY time and suddenly signs near camp, asking outragous numbers (take Johnny Gaudreau for example). My guess is a 6 year deal at 9.56, the leafs will not sign anywhere NEAR 10 if thats what they were offering for 8 years.