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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ICantHaveFunWithMyUsername</b></div><div>Why would the Rangers go after Demko and Boeser? This group is already set for both forwards and goalies.</div></div>

Simply put: the deal fits the needs of the other teams. Detroit has been looking at Demko for a while; this deal facilitates the Red Wings getting the goalie, second line center (once Strome is signed) and the extra cap hit they need to reach the cap floor.

For Vancouver, teams don't love the idea of trading a first round pick for Boeser; but rather than get a prospect they'll wait for, solely, Benning can get both a solid, young D prospect and a second round pick as well as the top 4 D he wants, in DeAngelo.

For the Rangers: by facilitating this deal, they reverse a deal that never should've been made (Smith for a '15 3rd and '16 2nd). As well, they use Strome as an asset and allow Detroit to get a player who can keep them from rushing youth for a year or two; also gives a playmaker to Robby Fabbri. Gives DeAngelo a very good team to play for, while allowing Fox to be a top-4 D, uninhibited.

The Wings are still three years away from contention; giving them a top six to build from isn't a bad thing. Giving them a young goalie to continue building with, is not a bad thing; and grabbing a top six forward in the process doesn't hurt.

The Canucks are a solid young team; they are using assets to fill out an even better team.

The Rangers matching the needs of another team, while balancing their own IS asset management. That includes Hronek, whom even if you took him out of the deal, the proposal still works.

No team got blown out in this deal. EVERYONE got a fit to their team, given their current roster.

Also, some of you will be tempted to wonder why I've only responded to one of you.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stan_Bowman</b></div><div>The trade value isn't there for Chicago in this one man. Were giving up Strome and De Hann while not getting anything we can use back… we don't have room for Risto on the right sight with Seabrook, Boqvist, Mithell, Murphy all being right handed shots. (this is not to mention that I don't think Risto is very good, but I digress)

Carter Hutton isn't an upgrade on our Goaltending and can't be viewed as a future option, hard pass on him.

NGL the picks are kinda garbage when you consider what we have to give up to get them being a top 6 center and a Top 4 D-man.

My original post was kinda reactionary and mostly a joke, but the only way this works is if we move Seabrooks deal in this and can flip Risto for picks.

Edit: Also 0 chance a CBO happens</div></div>

One: a CBO will be provided to all teams in the upcoming offseason. Using it on Brent Seabrook puts an end to the consistent outcry.

Two: Mitchell is not ready for full-time play, no more than Boqvist. It matters that putting young players in good positions to succeed stabilizes their future. Thus, a two-year flyer on Ristolainen (who is eight years younger than Seabrook) is more palatable given the fact that if the Hawks play it right, can expose him to the expansion draft next season.

So, within two years (which will likely be the right amount of time for the two above defensemen to develop) Chicago can move over $17 million dollars in contracts (DeHaan, Seabrook and Ristolainen) and move towards roster spots opening up without tearing up the payroll and team chemistry to move forward.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nighthawk</b></div><div>It’s a creative 3-way no doubt. No matter what trading Eichel the optics will look risky. Very difficult time trading a superstar &amp; fitting in the $10m contract.

Realistically the Sabres need a Starter in net. Next Kreuger has to get them to play a system that they buy into &amp; gets results. Time to move out of ignominy.

Stability &amp; confidence are the biggest hurdles the Sabres face.</div></div>

I appreciate your sound reply. I was hoping to achieve the stability your team desperately needs in a few ways:

1. By dealing the two draft picks, the Sabres can grab Askarov now, which sets up a future tandem with Georgiev. (As a Ranger fan, I think the Rangers knock off the Hurricanes, and places them as the higher draft slot).

2. Filling in the top two center spots is more cost-effective than having a cantankerous lone center and hoping someone will come along to fill in the other. Plus, if a CBO does arise, it's not hard to imagine that Okposo/Skinner is that candidate.

2a. With a bit more cash to work with, a certain defenseman currently in St. Louis and a left winger in Arizona could be in your locker room by the start of next season. And there will be something left over for Dahlin when his deal expiries, as more money can be freed up following the expansion draft.

It's important that stability does come to the Sabre organization.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>reelkena</b></div><div>This is a big boy swing.

So first thing, I don't hate it. It's got balls, it's a lot of things, but it has logic. My only shot on it is Chicago. I Like De Haan and I don't like Risto. (underlying numbers yadda yadda) Hutton helps but those picks don't get me there for them.

I want Chicago to get the worse of the two firsts going to Buffalo instead of the third and that third turn into Buffalo keeping their second. I'd need to pull it apart to see if that even makes sense but something like that. Anyways nice swing.</div></div>

Thank you. I didn't want to undercut my second favorite team. But, with a stud like Dach ready to go, the Hawks would be foolish to give Strome cash and keep Dach down.

That said, both Strome brothers being close to home in a place where minutes can be theirs, is just sense, IMO. They won't break the bank; they can continue to refine their careers. Stabilizing the Sabres' top six can reenergize them and the fan base. And as I mentioned, with money to spend, who knows what else they can do to balance out the team.

It seems to me that Eichel will want both a high-profile opportunity and a shot at winning. This isn't to sell Zibanejad short, but hey, Eichel is a franchise player. And, being reunited with David Quinn can only bring stability to this frustrated player.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>Honestly, this is the end of your sentence; your misguided statement of Strome being a product of Panarin can be met with evidence of his previous season (his first) with the Rangers.

Producing at an equally high level without Panarin in '18-'19, with a rebuilding team, made Strome marketable, again, with one year left on his contract. You are not getting a useless player. Two solid seasons here makes Strome attractive; not one "Panarin" shared season.</div></div>

Then why does nearly ever Rangers post involve trading him?

This graph paints a different picture, Strome was definitely a beneficiary of Panarin. The shots are about the same, but the defensive side of things is pretty stark with Panarin on his wing.

<img class="for_img" src="" alt="stromry93">[/quote]

Having a skilled wing settles the parts of the forecheck a talented center best utilizes. Again, draw your conclusion based on the previous season. Reference Filip Chytil when you are researching the numbers.

By the way, my fellow Ranger fans are somewhat stupid. Otherwise, they feel justified in trade proposals, still thinking in terms of the rebuilding process. Some do feel that Strome being signed to a deal that will set the tone for a future Zibanejad deal, could set up too big a deal for Zibanejad. Also, some are still working to get out from the rubble of Glen Sather's past mishaps. This is John Davidson's/Jeff Gorton's baby; thus, a plan with real structure is in place.
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