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Grading 10 of the Devils Key Players

Oct 26, 2019 at 7:50
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1. Hall: C-. Hall looks a step slower so far. He has 1 goal on 36 shots. Something is not quite right.
2. Nico: D. Nico has been totally invisible in a number of games this season. He's not creating offense and he's not shooting the puck.
3. Subban: C+. He's been a disappointment offensively, especially on the PP, but his overall play has been fairly solid. But the jury is still out.
4. Hughes: B. 5 points in his last 3 games. He's been getting chances and making plays all season so far, but he def. looks more comfortable lately.
5. Blackwood: C. He's the best option the team has right now. Which is not saying much!
6. Palmieri: C- 3 goals in 9 games might not look terrible, but Palms has been a non factor in most of the Devils games thus far.
7. Vatanen: B+. He's been the most consistent Devil this season. Last night's game was his best performance in well over a year. He's a pending UFA.
8. Coleman: C+. I thought he was gonna really break out after the 1st game against WPG when he scored twice. He has only posted 2 points since.
9. Zacha: B. I've always believed in Zacha. He has so m much natural talent and he's big and he can skate. There's no reason why the can't be a 50 point 2-way player for many years to come.
10. Schneider: D. The only reason I didn't give him an F was because the team's defense in the first few games was abysmal. But, I have very little confidence in Cory these days.
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