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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.

Most Recent Report Summary

Talent Type: Professional
Position scouted: Goaltender
Age when scouted: 28
Projection: #2A
Trending: Under NHL Contract
Birthday: Jul. 6, 1995
Height: 6' 0 | 185 cm
Weight: 174 lbs | 79 kg
Drafted: 59 overall, 2013 round 2 (Logo of the Winnipeg Jets WPG)


Report #1

Oct. 21, 2023 (Updated Oct. 23, 2023)
Contract: $3,600,000 over 2 years (Cap hit: $1,800,000)
Position scouted: Goaltender
Age when scouted: 28
Projection: #2A
Trending: Under NHL Contract
Has only played one game this season but he was solid versus NYI / allowing only one goal on twenty-five shots against.
A butterfly goalie who looks like he's capable of playing more than he does. Has battled to earn respect throughout his career. He tends to run out of gas / focus if he plays too many games in a short period of time / at the NHL level.
Works. Competes. Generally sound crease composure. Good feet. Tracks well laterally. Found pucks in traffic vs NYI.
Time will tell. His ratings could trend a variety of directions based on volume of games and results.
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2023-24Rochester AmericansAHL42.250.934
2023-24Buffalo SabresNHL93.910.864
2022-23Rochester AmericansAHL33.030.898
2022-23Buffalo SabresNHL193.670.886
2021-22Winnipeg JetsNHL192.580.92
  • Blocker: 77
  • Compete/Consistency: 84
  • Glove: 77
  • High Net Coverage: 78
  • Lateral Quickness: 82
  • Low Net Coverage: 80
  • Positioning: 80
  • Puck Play: 72
  • Rebound Control: 79
  • Stops in Traffic: 72
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency
  • 10%: Blocker, Glove, High Net Coverage, Lateral Quickness, Low Net Coverage, Positioning, Stops in Traffic,
  • 8%: Rebound Control
  • 2%: Puck Play