Rūdolfs Balcers Trade History

Sep. 13, 2018
Ottawa Senators Acquire:
Logo of the Ottawa Senators
Dylan DeMelo · $900,000$900,000$900,000
Chris Tierney · $2,937,500$2,937,500$2,900,000
Rūdolfs Balcers · $0$759,167$742,500 (AHL/JR)
Joshua Norris · $0$0$0 (Signing Rights)
2020 1st round pick (SJS - #3 - Tim Stützle) [Conditional]*
2021 2nd round pick (SJS - #39 - Zack Ostapchuk) [Conditional]**
2019 2nd round pick (FLA - #44 - Jamieson Rees) [Conditional]***
Conditional 1st round pick****

****Sens receive a 1st round pick from the Sharks (no later than 2022) if Karlsson is on an Eastern Conference roster (reserve list) during the 2018-19 season.
****Result: Condition not met, no pick is transferred.
*Conditions: Ottawa receives Sharks 2019 1st round pick if Sharks do not make the playoffs. If Sharks make the playoffs, Ottawa receives Sharks 2020 1st.
*Result: Sharks made the 2019 playoffs, Ottawa receives Sharks 2020 1st round pick
**Conditions: Sens receive Sharks 2021 2nd round pick if Karlsson is re-signed. The selection upgrades to a 2021 1st if Sharks reach the Stanley Cup final in 2019.
**Result: Sharks re-signed Karlsson but did not advance to the Stanley Cup final. Ottawa receives Sharks 2021 2nd round pick.
***Conditions: 2019 2nd round pick is the higher of the two picks the Sharks currently own: Panthers and their own.
***Result: Ottawa will receive Panthers 2019 2nd round pick.
Sum: $3,837,500$4,596,667$4,542,500
Change: -$2,662,500
Change: -$2,606,666
Change: +$4,542,500
San Jose Sharks Acquire:
Logo of the San Jose Sharks
Erik Karlsson · $6,500,000$6,500,000$7,500,000
Francis Perron · $0$703,333$730,000 (AHL/JR)
Sum: $6,500,000$7,203,333$8,230,000
Change: +$2,662,500
Change: +$2,606,666
Change: +$8,230,000