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The Vancouver Canucks would like to announce a trade, to commemorate this special day.
Brock Boeser has been dealt to Buffalo in exchange for Rasmus Dahlin.

Ever since I drafted Brock, back in 2015 from Waterloo, we knew we had a special talent. Brock has played with his heart on his sleeve for this organization and has been the ideal Canuck. With multiple twenty plus goal campaigns Brock has ignited the fan base with the iconic goal scoring ability and the “flow”.
We, the Vancouver Canucks, want to personally thank Brock Boeser for his time in Vancouver.

In addition, to Boeser we have also moved Justin Schultz. Justin joined our team earlier this year and has played admirably. Justin, a Kelowna native, was a fixture on our blue line for the short time he had here. We would like to thank Justin, for his time as a Canuck.

Furthermore, I would like to take the time to welcome Rasmus to the great city of Vancouver. I hope you will grow and thrive with Oliver and Quinn on the blue line. We believe Rasmus has the potential to become an elite defenseman in this league, and we look forward to seeing him on the ice.

I would like to thank the General Manager of Buffalo, Jake, for his participation in this trade.
The negotiations were tough, especially regarding the conditions on the draft capital being exchanged, but I am glad to say that we have both agreed on the deal. As I believe this deal improves our ability to achieve our ultimate goal, to bring the Stanley Cup back to Vancouver, Canada.

Rasmus Dahlin
2023 2nd round pick (PHI)

Brock Boeser
Justin Schultz
Rights to Ty Voit
2022 1st round pick (VAN)
2022 7th round pick (VAN)
2022 7th round pick (NSH)

Lastly, I just want to acknowledge our fans in British Columbia, notable the Fraser Valley Prairies, who are currently undergoing a torrential flood. I want to wish you all the best and would like to announce that the Vancouver Canucks will commit to the rebuilding and cleaning up of your community, as well as provide ongoing assistance throughout this disaster.

Thank you,
Vancouver Management