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Forum: Armchair-GM5 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>StoneFan</b></div><div>I dought Buff goes to Toronto And why?
Also where’s the source, or are you trying to make yourself look look like an idiot witch you are</div></div>

Byfuglien is a great hockey player who has been suspended without pay and is rehabing an injury and there appears to be some sort of highly confidential disagreement between the player and team. It may be very difficult and uncomfortable for Byfuglien to continue to play for the Jets in the future or the Jets may be very uncomfortable with him playing for them in the future.

As a result, Byfuglien may need a new team to play for in the NHL if he wants to resume his playing career and the Winnipeg Jets may need to replace him with some othe players of value in a trade so the team can move on into the future. Tyson Barrie is a potential UFA who will be looking for a big contract and the Winnipeg Jets without Byfulglien may be a good fit for him.

The Leafs are looking for a top pairing right handed defenceman and if the Jets are willing to retain $3,600,000 of his salary so he drops to a cap hit of $4,600,000 per year for the remainder of this year and next then yes I think there might be a fit for him in Toronto even though you may not agree.

Not sure why you are asking where's the source as if you think every potential trade has to have a media source or it can not happen. I find most trades are completed without any media reports ahead of time of the actual trade being negotiated. The reality of the situation is that every team in the NHL is probably kicking tires with the Jets on the potental availiabilty of Dustin Byfuglien and that is not rocket science even though that might be hard for you to understand.
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsThu at 11:03 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leaf_fan_74</b></div><div>Hello, fellow Leafs fans my name is Paul.

I have created this thread because I feel our collective voices should be heard, and a poll is the simplest way for that.

Dubis is in the stream cooker now with massive decisions to make. This season has been a rough one to be a leaf fan, no doubt! I blame the hope carrot dangling before our noses, and we can smell it! However, even though the Babcock thing was unpleasant and necessary, he had value to this team and was doing his best to cope with certain defects our team has. Now the Keefe honeymoon is over; we can see that something is wrong. What that is, is debatable and subjective, and even more blurred is what to do about it. For instance, I think we cut-short the rebuild a bit! Others think topline right-handed defenders with fall from the sky or can be swapped for a bag of pucks.

Anyhow for this thread, let's forget the details of the who-for-who and decide together on the what first.

What should our strategy be heading into the trade deadline?</div></div>

I actually think the Leafs strategy heading into the trade deadline should be to stay committed with their players and have all the players buy in to playing a stronger team defence and team offense game rather than just a team offense game. All teams in the NHL are going to tighten up and focus on playing a stronger team defence game for the rest of the season and playoffs. Sheldon Keefe hinted to this before the break by saying the team had been playing a very immature game which is normal for a team with so many young players. Do not want to see Leafs blow up team as this is a very young and inexperienced team and is realistically a few years away from being at their best.

Like to see the Leafs add a back-up goalie to the team heading into the trade deadline and also bring back Marchment to add some sandpaper to a 4rst line energy line.
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