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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>I love compher but he's a mini version of what saad does. He doesn't have the offensive ability of Saad. Compher would be a great 3rd liner but trading Saad leaves a gaping hole in our first line and there is nobody else on the roster that can step up and play the first line RW position...and please don't suggest Suter</div></div>

I'm for trading Strome at this point so we could use him to bring back a quality winger that better fits Colliton system. I've been with Strome fo so long but the emergence of Dach these playoffs as well as Strome's sub par play has opened my eyes. He doesn't fit our system at all. the hawks like to score of the rush, play fast, and like centers that play a 2 way game. Strome is none of that. If i'mStan I'm calling Winnipeg and trying to build a package around Strome for one of their wingers. I was talking to a WPG fan earlier and proposed Conner and Perrault for Strome, Dehaan, Nylander, and a 2nd. He was interested. If we can pull something off for Conner or Ehlers that's a home run move IMO. Obviously it gets tricky making a big trade within the division, but the hawks have the pieces to fulfill WPG's needs. We have a @C in strome and they are looking for a 2nd pair defender which dehaan could be. dehaan has looked strong these playoffs which could boost his value as well.