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Forum: GM Game 2019-20Jan 2 at 4:45


In light of some recent injury issues the team has experienced, and a drop in the standing team management (ME)
has decided it would be in the best interest of the organization to look forward towards 2020/21

That said the Calgary Flames will be moving toward a slight re-tool to be in a better position for the start of next season.
What that means is virtually everyone could be available via trade. There are a handful of players that are absolutely NOT
in consideration to be moved as I see them as the core group being re-tooled around for the future.
Be respectful and just don't even ask about them unless you are fully prepared to make a large overpayment (and IF that happens the BOG can just keep quiet)

Obviously we still need to ice a full NHL caliber roster, so the returns being considered would include the following....
-2020 draft picks
-replacement roster players
-AHL depth that lean toward NHL readiness

If you feel there is someone from my team who can help you down the stretch and into the playoffs, please let me know who
your target would be and either present a reasonable offer OR at least tell me what you're willing to give up from your end so I can look over your team.
Most important in all this for anyone whose taken any amount of time to try and understand me is this...BE RESPECTFUL
Put yourself in my place and ask yourself if you'd want people coming to you with garbage offers just because you're open to re-tooling.
Or try this, if you're asking me for player x, consider what kind of return you would be asking for that same player if he were on your team
Yes I may be a bit greedy in this, but I certainly won't be unreasonable. This is not about me trying to rip anyone off, but I also won't just give away players.

Just being honest, some of you have been less than ideal trying to work with in the past so this won't be any easier.
There's a few who've been a pleasure to deal with and some I've never dealt with. So just keep in mind I'm not doing this without
a great deal of thought and it's also not out of "need", I am currently still a playoff team.

To end this announcement, here is the list of players I will NOT consider moving (Kings ransom required if you even bother asking)

-Matthew Tkachuk (really just save your breath because you all know it will never happen)
-Elias Lindholm
-Sean Monahan
-Rasmus Andersson
-Noah Hanifin
-Jusso Valimaki (currently on LTIR)
-Matt Grzelyk