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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Gardoki</b></div><div>How exactly is what I'm stating nonsense? Upsets happen is my point and have no bearing what will happen the following year. An upset is a better team losing to a worse team, which is what happened. EDM was not the better team by standards the regular season. CGY's defense is immensely better than EDM's by every single metric you could find and still is, but sometimes teams just get outplayed. I don't blame Markstrom. EDM brought every bit of heart they could muster and CGY walked into that series like they had it won before it started.

My whole point is that you can't say what will happen THIS year because of what happened LAST year. It just makes no logical sense and removes any real reason from bothering to play. And honestly, if you can't acknowledge that the better team doesn't always win, you should never make another comment on this or any board.

And remember, I have no skin in this game. I have no allegiance to either team. I'm being completely impartial.

I guess this season, a season after MTL made it the cup, they missed the playoffs, but could have still made it to the cup if they actually were allowed to play in the playoffs, right?</div></div>

As I said, Calgary had the least amount of injuries during reg season, besides covid (in which their games were re-scheduled so it didn't have any effect on them) played a massive part in their success during the regular season.

Although Edmonton went on an 11-game skid midway through the season, then fired their coach they were still one win behind Calgary. A full season of woodcroft/kane makes me believe Edmonton was and still is the better team. Calgary also had 11 points from OT losses.. Their regular season was lucky injury wise and was overhyped
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Gardoki</b></div><div>I never understand these arguments. If we used this logic then basically a team that loses in the playoffs would never win again. It's a flawed logic. In this current layout, teams will frequently face the same teams in the first round.

CGY, like more than a few teams, fall on their faces in the playoffs. Upsets happen and teams overachieve. The majorly flawed thing, like you're doing, is using it to suit your side of the argument when it happens and will ignore it when it doesn't. Just because team A beats team B in the playoffs doesn't mean it will happen again. If this logic is applied, the Caps would have never knocked out the Pens the year they won the cup since the Pens beat them every single year in the playoffs before that. They should have just given up and let the Pens have it. The Pens lost to the wings in the cup, so I guess that should have meant they should have lost again the next year, but they didn't.

More than sometimes in sport, the better team doesn't win. Whether they weren't mentally prepared, overconfident, not hungry enough, etc...

CGY is better than EDM in every single way. EDM got on a streak and CGY shat the bed. It happens and that's what is so much fun about the NHL playoffs more than any other sport. Personally, I think CGY was overconfident and could never get themselves level.

You're gonna tell me that MTL team that went to the cup was better than the teams they played? Nope. They got on a streak, they believed and were hungry. It happens.</div></div>

you're kinda just speaking nonsense at this point, I wouldn't say Calgary shat the bed, Markstrom sure did. Edmonton exposed Calgary in every way last playoff series. They have on of the best top sixes in the league, a good 3rd line, and their dcore is underrated. A full year of Woodcroft and kane will do wonders for them. Edmonton was the better team than Calgary last year, Calgary had little to no injuries last year.. their regular season was grossly overrated and they showed their true colors come playoff time.
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