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Forum: Armchair-GM12 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM12 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SuckMyAvs</b></div><div>I get why you may have concerns, but I'm not on the same page here. Scoring a ton of goals can make up for injuries on defense for a while. Hall is also very good defensively, so he helps in more than just the scoring department. The team would also gain cap space via LTIR if things are bad. so it's not like there is no flexibility. In the end though, if injuries are that significant, then you're probably screwed either way.

I don't get the one year thing either, unless you are timid that it might not be a success. But even then I don't get it. If the team signs him to a 6 year deal and it doesn't work out, I guarantee someone wants to trade for him. The bigger issue is what you do if it's a success. They aren't just going to let him walk and will end up having to pay him more to stay.</div></div>

Players like hall usually don't age well. He relies on speed and offensive ability more than anything else which is usually the first thing to go as he gets older. Also look at the injury history - that doesn't look like a bet I want to take long term. With a flat cap we have to be super careful of how we use cap space, if we can make it work for 1 year then it minimizes the risk and we won't be screwed for the next 7 years.

Also I'm not convinced that another team would trade for him if he doesn't work out in COL. How many teams would want to give up assets to bring in a guy being paid a ton of money during a flat cap who has underperformed the past 2 seasons and gets injured a lot? My guess is none.

Maybe he would work out in COL, but the downside is ruining a good situation the Avs already have. They have a very good young team with a great cap situation. There's no need to risk their future to try to add one guy long term
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Mikheyev is big, skates fast, plays physical, and has great vision, which make him a great fit on a line with two shooters in Kadri and Burakovsky. He also has great analytics and possession stats (around 55% CF% and FF%) and is also an excellent PKer as well which we need. And he's also relatively cheap. Not much not to like there, apart from perhaps the limited sample size so far.

I agree on Dermott, but I just went with the trade that was proposed by the TML fan. I'm not sure what value Dermott has, but if he can fetch a 2nd + 4th like in this AGM, then we're effectively acquiring Mikheyev for the price of moving down from a late-1st to a late-2nd and from a late-2nd to a mid-3rd, which seems like pretty good business to me. Especially if we could get a couple of reasonably high 2nd's from Zadorov/Jost trades (which may be able to be packaged to trade back up to a late 1st...).

That said, I don't think TML would do that Mikheyev + Dermott trade. Mikheyev in particular is too valuable to them given his low caphit. Him and Dubas seem to have a pretty close relationship too so I'm not sure he'd entertain an offersheet though I would certainly be open to throwing one his way.</div></div>

Im not against getting Mikheyev, I just would rather give lesser pieces for him alone instead of giving up more valuable assets in a bigger deal. I dont see why TOR would trade him instead of Johnsson or Kerfoot though, they would save more cap by keeping Mikheyev and signing him cheap