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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daredevil514</b></div><div>Not a bad trade coming from a habs fan. For the previous comments tho, its definitly a 2020 first or nothing, we are not in a five years rebuild mode.

As a whole, the value is definitly there and its true that the scouting staff had some love for Jost in 2016 but now, he doesnt fit any real need. I dont see him tossing anyone of Suzuki KK or Danault in the depth chart, there is no real place for him even less with Domi still at center. I would see this happening if one of those guys is traded tho.

Personnally, if we are to trade Tuna, I would prefer getting a real propsect with probably more uncertity but also more potential, I just dont see Jost ever becoming more than a 3rd line player. There is a reason he gets shipped in most avs thread hehe.</div></div>

It's pretty uncommon for rental players to be traded at the previous year's draft. Unless the order of the offseason is changed so that the draft is after free agency I would expect that trend to continue. It's more likely that this type of trade happens after free agency once teams get a chance to evaluate their teams before the season starts. Like if Sakic was looking to add a forward he would probably check in on Dadonov (and others) in UFA before giving away assets for Tatar (not saying Dadonov is better, just that they would both fill a similar role in COL and it would be smart for Sakic to explore all options before committing to one). I think the time has come and gone for Tatar to return picks in the 2020 draft, that would've been at the TDL if anything imo