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Forum: Armchair-GM4 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leaflet</b></div><div>1. ".. he doesn't play to the Leafs skills. The leafs are a fast and skilled team and yet are playing a defensive style game."

I've heard that line many times on social media. I don't know where that idea comes from. The Leafs don't play defensively. We are among the very worst teams in goals allowed. And we have been for years. Yesterday against the Isles, the Leafs were playing offensively during the first two periods, and dominating. They lost because they make fatal mistakes in their own zone. Defensive play is their weakness.

What I don't like about Babcock is line/TOI usage. Matthews didn't play enough last year, and should have more time this year. Maybe that's what you mean by "playing defensively", but that's not the same.

2. PPs around the league score on one-timers, or because of the threat of one-timers. We have only one player on the team who can take one timers: Barrie. Aside from Matthews who has been developing it but doesn't use it consistently. The solution is simple.

3. Glad that Dubas spoke on the Ceci case. Leaf fans' subjective appreciation of our D has become preposterous. Holl is doing great, but placing him against top opposition is not going to help him, or the team. Meanwhile, Ceci has proven to be very reliable, and plays above expectations. He's not elite, and not great at zone exits. But he's the best defensive player on the roster this year. Can't afford to lose him.</div></div>

You hear about players not being used right because that really is the case.

Before even getting into D pairing talk, how about we talk about Babcock and his unwillingness to change?

Knowing the team doesn't have strong backup goaltending, why not play the backup at least some of the time when the team is fresh (first night of a back-to-back)? That imo is mismanaging the roster.

Power play has struggled so why not use Rielly and Barrie on the power play? These are just two quick things I thought of..I'm sure there's more.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I just watch it.
It happened it a split second. but he played that puck across the front of the net trying to get it out of there. You can't do that as a defenseman high danger way to clear the puck. I think most people would agree with that. It's got to go to the corner, even if it's a blind pass. It's the safer play. Always away from the net. Even if you might lose it in the scrum, it's better than playing it across the goaltender like that.
I'm not going to knock him for it. It was a split second thing, he just whacked it instinctively, panic mode play. Shiznit happens. But you would never teach a young defenseman to do that.
If a team gave up 1 goal on defense, that's not bad. You can't blame the goaltender or the defense for games where you give up 1 goal. I think their frustration is 12 goals in 17 games in 5v5 play. I admit I have not seen them all. So I'm not going to judge.
Even if it was a kind of bone head move. There is 60 minutes in a game. 1 goal is never why a team loses. Toronto won, so it shows they capitalized on some of those other moments.
Now if they coughed up 4 goals or something. That's a different story. Like that 8 minute melt down the Avs exposed last night. That was some chitty defense.</div></div>

You are overanalyzing one play. This game and the LA game were played well defensively and far better than the games prior to these two games.

If the Leafs continue to be better defensively like they have here then they will be in the playoffs.
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