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Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsMay 18 at 8:48 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trickster</b></div><div>I have been saying 4 to 5 seasons that Rielly is not #1 D man.
Hes really good #2, that's it.

Now whether to trade Nylander for D man, that is debatable.
It is easy to point to Nylander, the second you trade him guess what your gonna be looking for? It will Nylander level talent.

To me that best way to address the issue is look at was the problem.
Yes we had depth issues, who doesnt?
I think one glaring problem that is only gonna get worse is the injuries that plagued the Leafs this season.
I know you might say something to effect... injuries? Which team NHl doesn't have those??

The issue to me directly at key pieces that getting injured more than once hampered us.
Mzraek, this signing I was never happy with... yes it had potential to go well but what really happened should have been in the back on your mind considering Mzraek's track record.
Muzzin, this man is getting older and slower... and yes more prone to injuries.
I was never a fan of extending him.
Praying and hoping he would stay healthy is and was foolish and stupid.

Both of these two to me are big question marks for next season, I don't have magic pill to fix this but addressing this has to be priority 1 or 2 to me.

What do you think?</div></div>

You make some good points and fair questions that have to be asked. I personally don't have any answers because nobody could/should be mad about the effort in this series so last year's playoff collapse feels so much more frustrating right now.
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