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Thread: Chychrun
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Cannon</b></div><div>I really hope Olivier is out of the top12 forwards to start the season. I gotta think danforth has passed up Robinson on the depth chart. Robby looks like he has gotten worse since last year while danforth has gotten much better.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>Marchenko is mildly surprising, but it always felt like at least one of him or KJ was going to spend some time in CLE. Chinny's strong training camp likely played a part there, though I could see those guys swapping if their seasons go in opposite directions once the games start.

KJ is going to be interesting...he had a great start to camp, but has been kept off the scoreboard since the second game. Portzline said he has generally looked great, but hasn't been able to finish. I could see him moving to the 3LW spot, with Boone moving up the C lineup.

I'm surprised Bems is still there. Dude has not had a good camp. I'd swap him out with Danforth, send him down waivers. Keep Olivier on as the 13th F. Bring him out when you play MIN or whatever.

Does the NHL still do conditioning assignments? I could see that as a path for Foudy once the season starts. Guy is coming off shoulder surgery, so it would buy some time to see how he plays after healing up. I think he's been largely absent during camp, still recovering.</div></div>

Larson had positive comments about Olivier. I think he brings more than you can measure. His presence is a physical deterrent to other teams. Bemstrom could really benefit from some AHL time. Danforth should absolutely be starting on the 4th line and I think Cason Meyer will be the extra forward with Olivier. Blanks&gt;Bean 100%

For sure, Chinakov stole the job from Marchenko. Not that March looked bad, but Chinny was a big time standout. He could also use the time in Cleveland to refine his defensive game and get used to the physicality.

EDIT: I just saw that Meyer went down too. That sucks. He was having a really nice camp. I wish they would have at least kept him until the final cut. I know he'll be back up soon though.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EpLightTheLamp</b></div><div>Sorry I'm just frustrated with the very poor pre-season we've seen so far from Bean and Boqvist in particular. Chychrun is very good player, top pairing guy on quite a few teams but ideally a top 4 guy on a stanley cup contending team. 24 years old, good contract but man I'm worried about the injury history.. I think at this point we're probably going to roll with the D that we have.. I'm excited to see what Peeke and Blankenburg can do... Really hoping Boqvist figures it out. I'm less then hopefull regarding Bean.. Hpoefully we get Gavrikov resigned.. Just worried about this D-core.</div></div>

Same here. I still think Chychrun could be a good fit though and could happen anytime between now and the TDL, though I would think if it does happen it will be at the deadline and if we are in the playoff hunt and if the defense is still too soft because of Boqvist and Bean - which all could very reasonably happen.

IMO Blankenburg has beat both of them out between last season and this preseason. A deal for Chychrun boils down to 'what is the right price?' Which is what I'm sure Jarmo and Co. are going through right now - negotiating with ARZ for the best price withboth sides knowing they have almost six months to get a deal done. Hopefully another team doesn't swoop in and outbid everyone at the last minute, but that is probably what ARZ is praying for. Right now it is between us and Detroit, and Steve Y doesn't like to trade his prospects, but both DET and CBj have deep pools to pick from so who knows?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewPawlack</b></div><div>Bjorkstrand was one of the Jackets best defensive coverage forward, and on a terribly defensive team... he got traded. And somehow managed the worst +/- while being one of the best defensive forwards on the team, not sure how that turned about. I feel though that was the only deal Jarmo could do to get pieces back and not have to give up more away if he say traded Nyquist instead. I hope Bjorkstrand thrives in Seattle, he was loyal here and underrated since he was here. I could see him and Beniers being good for their future, maybe 60+ point seasons for both of them this year.
Gudbranson was a helping hand in Johnny coming here so I can ignore the contract. And if he's hurt LTIR, or the cap is projected to rise :sleepy</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jake4leafs</b></div><div>He might of been inconsistent I don’t really follow him. but he’s a very solid player. His TK vs giveaway are extremely similar to nylander who’s a star.</div></div>

Had a good TO diff because he doesn't give the puck away. He had a pretty good shot too, but aside from that he was just okay. Average skating, not able to make plays aside from the odd one here and there. He did have some big moments for the CBJ, he worked hard and re-signed there long-term, so I get why he will be missed, but he is also easily replaceable. The money had to go. They have guys who can score and make plays now, they needed someone who hits people.
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