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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MelonVK</b></div><div>Unpopular opinion: Eichel is in his prime, he'll be exiting it in 5 years.

I think this is down to team building ideology though, I personally still think teams are too invested in their own prospects and young players. I'd give up a high scoring Jake DeBrusk if it meant getting Tarasenko. I just think Buffalo can win as early as this year, and in my mind at least you're doing yourself a disservice by shortening your window!</div></div>

only reason i could see agreeing with this is because of Huttons age. though hes played far less career minutes over his career than goalies of similar age hes bound to decline in the next few years. ofher than that im not trading a dynamic future #2center for a pretty one dimensional winger that will be past his prime in 3 years. Yeah Tarasenko is a great player but I beleive Botterill has a vision of this team having sustainable success for many years. just because the team has surprised everyone with such a quick turnaround from last year i dont see him abandoning his vision of the future for a chance at a playoff run while our D still needs a couple peices( or wait for Dahlin, Pilut, Borgen Samuelsson to develop further) and also while there are a few powerhouses like tampa, nashville, toronto that we have very little chance at beating in a 7 game series tarasenko or no tarasenko. to add to that, i dont see boston giving up a 3rd rounder for pominville which would give us like 25 mil tied up in RW’s. Just dont see it happening, Tarasenko is a shooter who wants the puck, while Eichel does have a lot of shots so
far this season, theres a general consensus he still should be shooting a bit more. Its going to require patience but Buffalos time will come as one of the powerhouses of the league even if the roster remains close to the same it is now just need for the “Dahlin Effect” to go into full effect of ya know what I mean.
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