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(OTT / SJS) - Boedker, Bergman for Hoffman, Donaghey

Who won the trade?
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Nov. 5, 2021 at 12:19 a.m.
Lets go Avalance
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Quoting: ProfessorFuzzymuffins
From a hockey standpoint, San Jose wins easily. From a locker room standpoint, San Jose now has Evander Kane and the Hoffman/Karlsson saga to deal with. Nobody wins!

Edit: And now he's gone. Turn that plane around, chief!

Quoting: palhal
Who wins? Erik Karlsson. Only has to see Hoffman twice a year. Nice trade to a Western Conference team from Karlsson's view. I don't think EK will be traded this summer, but it would be nice for him if it was done.

The ironic part about that whole thing is that they were BOTH traded to San Jose lol (even if one didn't even stay for a day).
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