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Apr 29, 2020
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Why do all my favourite teams always have to suck.
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsSun at 3:03 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lanny_McJagrBomb</b></div><div>Losing Hyman hurts but we were able to get Kampf + Kase + Ritchie at a combined AAV of $5.25 compared to Hyman's $5.5 and without having to commit to more than 2 years in term</div></div>

Oh wow I didn't realize Kampf+Kase+Ritchie is cheaper than Hyman.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>It's not over yet. Still a couple of questions before the season:

-The big one is the future of Morgan Rielly. Speculation from reporters has indicated the Leafs are looking at two options: sign an extension this offseason or trade this offseason. Dubas has seemed to hitch his wagon to the four forwards, so that makes Rielly the only real major trading piece Toronto has to work with. If neither an extension or trade happens before the season begins, it would be a disappointment.
-Who will be shipped out in the bottom six, if anyone. Currently, the options the Leafs have are: Mikheyev, Kampf, Kase, Engvall, Simmonds, Spezza, Gabriel, Brooks, Semyonov, Robertson, Anderson, Amadio, Seney, Malgin and possibly Ho-Sang has candidates for those six positions. Some of these guys didn't sign to play for the Marlies so the Leafs may be looking at trading away a few of them, possibly to Detroit to the ire of their obnoxious ACGM fans.

As for what's already been done, I think this offseason so far has been entirely average. Losing Hyman sucks, but a 29 year old player with 2 knee injures for 8 years just isn't a wise investment of money. Same goes for Foligno and Andersen. Bunting is a fantastic signing, Mzraek is a decent goaltender, Kampf and Richite are great bottom-six options and Kase is an interesting signing; essentially a gamble on someone who can produce with low minutes.

The Leafs have their work cut out for them this season. They decided getting through the playoffs the easy way wasn't palatable so I hope they enjoy doing it the hard way.</div></div>

Forgot about the Rielly scenario. That could make things tricky for the leafs. At this point I honestly dont know if Id rather trade or resign him.
Forum: NHL SigningsSat at 10:17 am