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Feb 21, 2021
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Jan 1, 1934
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I dont have a second favourite team per se, but Im willing to help out teams that are going through a rough patch.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Im_islesforthecup</b></div><div>Ok so first if you want to bring andy greene into things, that was a special circumstance as pelech was out for the season and we desperately needed a defensive LHD.

As for the difference in return i said they were similar not the same but either way youre asking for a kings ransom for a 4th liner. You want for a 4th line rental a 2nd round pick plus a prospect picked in the 2nd round a week ago that has a really high ceiling. The islanders counter with cal clurltterbuck for 2 2nds (not interested in doan). Thats literally what youre telling me to pay. Youre out of your mind if you think thats fair.

As for not judging everything by points, thay was the wrong direction to go for you. Paul a top pker, well ill take jg over him on the pk, and the pp, and even strength by a long shot.

I love how you think since we havent won the cup we are gonna massively overpay for someone. Why dont you trade paul to COL for byram and newhook, bc they obviously need him bc they cant get past the 2nd round. Thats literally your logic.

Its actually funny bc i did an acgm where i signed paul (it was a 22-23) and i do like him as a player. But if you think you get anywhere close to this youre delusional.

And when you say the islanders dont value raty as highly as me you have no idea about that. In fact lamoriello said (and im paraphrasing) "i thought there was no way he'd still be there at 52". That means he felt hed go significantly earlier than 52.</div></div>

If Andy Greene is a "special circumstance", then I guess that makes Nick Paul a glorious opportunity.

I'm not asking for a king's ransom for Nick Paul if worse players got similar returns for teams that were trading them.

I'm not "out of my mind" for trying to illustrate what a trade for Nick Paul might look like.

I do think you shouldn't judge everything by point production and I stand by that point.

I'm not the one painting the return for Pageau as the same as the return for Paul in this post.

You are.

A steep payment at the trade deadline for a shot at winning the cup happens all the time.

It's not my logic that Paul should be traded to Colorado for Byram and Newhook.

That's you putting words in my mouth.

Also, if you think Raty + a late 2nd = Byram + Newhook, then Barzal + a late 2nd = McDavid + Broberg.

If there was anything delusional, this would be it.

If the Islanders really wanted Raty, they wouldn't have allowed over 50 draft picks to pass by.

They would have traded up to get him or traded an asset to get him at an earlier pick.

Instead, they just went with Best Player Available at 52.

That's a sign that the Islanders don't value Raty like a 1st round pick, as you're doing right now.

Whenever a Coach or GM is proud of a certain player becoming a member of the team, they tend to grossly exaggerate what they say in public.

After Pageau's very 1st game as a New York Islander, Barry Trotz said that the picks that were sent to Ottawa for Pageau are worth nothing.


If that's the case, why doesn't Trotz ask Lamoriello to spend 2 seconds on future considerations?

I take whatever someone with the Senators says publicly with a huge grain of salt.

You'd be better served if you did the same thing with the Islanders.
Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Im_islesforthecup</b></div><div>Lmao 1 season ago raty was the consensus 1 OA pick hes not going anywhere till we see another season at least from him.

As for pageaus return it was a late 1st and a 2nd. The 3rd was only given if we won the cup. This return for paul is a 2nd and a guy who was projected to go in the 1st round. Very similar returns. Not to mention paul is a 4th liner, pageau was on pace for 32-21-53 that year. I mean really come on.

We also have no need for paul as all signs point to cizikas coming back. We are certainly not giving anything close to that for paul.</div></div>

Raty being the "consensus" 1st OA pick a year ago is less relevant than getting passed over 51 times before finally being picked at 52nd OA.

Every scouting staff in the NHL, including that of the Islanders, doesn't seem to value Raty as highly as you.

Being projected to go in the first round is not the same as actually being picked in the first round.

You should know that.

For that reason, the return for Pageau is not the same as what Ottawa is getting in this post.

Nick Paul is one of the top penalty killers in the NHL and the type of player that Lou Lamoriello would want on his team.

Lamoriello is the same GM that spent a 2nd on pending UFA and aging pylon in chief Andy Greene.

There are many other things to what makes a solid player than just point production.

Having Cizikas come back every year has proven to not be enough to get past Tampa and win the Cup.

If the Islanders can't get by, then giving something close to what is seen here for Paul increasingly becomes a necessity.
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