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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.
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Nino NiederreiterLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW313 of 378 L2Second line skill - but playing on the 3rd line with the Jets. Contributing some of the most detailed three zone efforts of his career. Big body. Skilled. Average plus skater in open ice. Using his weight / leverage / puck touch to his advantage in the offensive zone. Compliments his line mates (Appleton and Lowry). Each bring something to their line. Niederreiter is the most skilled of the three. Averages 15:20 TOI - 13:11 ES - 2:07 PP - Very rarely sees the ice on the PK. Credited with 27 hits and 16 shot blocks. Scored 6G-8A in 22GP Impressively 5G-8A at even strength and a (+9) overall.Nov. 28, 2023Dec. 2, 2023
Adam LowryLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC302 of 282 L3The Jets third line is one of the tops in the NHL and Lowry is playing center on the line. Captain. Leads by example. Consistent compete. Huge frame. Physical. Extends plays along the wall and creates a distraction around the opponents crease. Being used in all situations. Averages 15:58 ES - 13:34 ES - 0:09 PP - 2:14 PK 22GP - 4G - 9A - 13pts with (3G-8A) at even strength and (1G) short handed. Credited with 42 hits and 18 shot blocks. Ability to match up against top six forwards and wear down the opponent is attractive element.Nov. 28, 2023Dec. 2, 2023
Mason AppletonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW272 of 282 L3Appleton's entire game has gone to another level, so far, in 23/24. Appleton usually plays along side Niederreiter and Lowry. His defensive detail and commitment is excellent. He uses his size and reach to his advantage in all three zones. He's willing to bump opponents off the play and gets in shooting lanes to block shots. His statistics tell don't' lie: 22 GP - Avg TOI 16:36 - 14:24 ES - 0:08 PP - 2:03 PK - 6G-9A - 15PTS - Five goals at ES - One short-handed goal - One short-handed assist - Credited with 21 hits and 14 shot blocks. He's a (+10). Reliable. Competitive. Matches up against top forwards. Playing the best hockey of his career.Nov. 28, 2023Dec. 1, 2023
Cole PerfettiLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC213 of 380 L2Perfetti is riding a hot stick. His most recent 10 game segment shows he has contributed 5G-6A He's scored 6G-8A in 16GP overall. He's also a (+6). Perfetti averages 13:54 TOI - 11:08 ES - 2:45 PP. He's starting to come into his own offensively at the NHL level. He has excellent puck touch, and can make creative plays off the rush and on the PP. The fact he is tracking back the entire 200ft and playing with better than average defensive detail is an important observation. Monitor if his ice time starts creeping up as he continues to produce offense and he's trusted defensively.Nov. 17, 2023Nov. 18, 2023
Connor HellebuyckLogo of the Winnipeg JetsG302 of 288 1ABy his standard, Hellebuyck is off to an average start to the 23/24 season. Through his first ten starts he has posted a 2.98 GAA and .892 Save % Compared to last year - 2.49 / .920% - in 64GP The good news is the Jets are playing hard in front of him and outscoring their team mistakes so far this season. They have a 7-4-2 record and have outscored opponents 47-44. Hellebuyck has time to get his game back on track. There's nothing alarmingly different about his approach or style. He needs to be more crisp and find a way to make more second saves when required. The Jets won't be a playoff team without improved play from their #1 netminder. Monitor his first five minutes of every period. Needs to start on time. Big body goalie who takes up a ton of net. Leans positional / butterfly. Not a superior athlete. Requires calm and composure.Nov. 7, 2023Nov. 11, 2023
Mark ScheifeleLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC302 of 280 L1It goes without saying the Jets need Scheifele to contribute offensively. He's a massive part of their offense and has the skill to win games off his stick on any given night. What the Jets also need from Scheifele is more effort off the puck. More commitment defensively. They aren't asking him to morf into a shut-down forward. They simply need him to provide average detail and assist with keeping pucks out of their net at even strength. So far this season Scheifele is providing better three zone detail and effort, without sacrificing offense. He was a (-16) last season and only won 47% of his face-offs. So far this season his stats look like this: 7GP - 4G-3A-7PTS (+0) 50% F/O It's early. The season is a marathon. But he gets credit for his early season body of work.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 28, 2023
Jacob JulienLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC192 of 278 L4More responsibility this year, than last, playing for London (OHL) Continues to add more strength to his frame. Solid skater. Has a gear in open ice. Pressures the puck up ice as F1 on the forecheck. Secondary offense on projection. Attempting to play with more power / push back / net front presence this year than last. Needs time to fully define his overall game. Being deployed in all situations in London. Long reach / range is a positive intercepting and disrupting the play in defensive zoneOct. 27, 2023Oct. 28, 2023
Cole PerfettiLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC212 of 380 L2Through his first four games in (23/24) Perfetti has averaged 13:16 TOI His ice time breaks down as follows : 11:04 at ES / 2:12 on the PP He doesn't have a role on the penalty kill. When the Jets run into penalty issues his ice time drops off dramatically and it's more difficult for him to establish himself in game. Element is offense. Wants the puck on his stick. A motion player who sees the ice very well. Has the vision to distribute plays through seems at full speed. When he gets the edge on a zone entry, or off the half wall, he takes advantage of the space and drives to the net Excellent release. Snaps pucks quickly and accurately. Pace has improved as he added strength. Good quickness out of the blocks. Some areas that need to improve include his face-off winning percentage. He's only winning 33% of his draws. Another area with room for more detail is his zone entries leading the PP breakout. Needs to be more crisp distributing the puck - or make a decision sooner that he is going to skate pucks in on his own and establish zone control for the Jets.Oct. 17, 2023Oct. 21, 2023
Vladislav NamestnikovLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC301 of 176 L4Came in to the NHL as a potential top six skilled forward but he's bounced around over the years and found himself being deployed in a variety of roles. In 20GP for the Jets in (22/23) - after being acquired in trade from San Jose - he averaged 14:52 TOI - deployed at ES and PP#2 - Despite his stature he has shown willingness to get involved along the wall / shield pucks with his body / battle to regain possession - off the rush he has the quickness to get to the edge and potentially drive to the net / take the play deep into the offensive zone Secondary offense - competes - can play up and down the lineup - 3F / 4F / 2F in a pinchSep. 29, 2023Oct. 10, 2023
Cole PerfettiLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC211 of 380 L2Limited to 51GP in (22/23) due to injury but still managed to produce better than secondary offense Just starting to scratch the surface with his offensive ability Pace has improved as me matures - more of a threat in small areas and open ice Shows deception / spatial awareness / with and without the puck / anticipates how the play is developing / makes plays distributing and has an outstanding release Defensive detail is sound - assists down low in his zone and doesn't cheat exits Limited physically - but involved in his own way - young - still developing - 2F is possible for (23/24) - could be a 1F in timeSep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Axel Jonsson-FjällbyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW251 of 172 L4Depth forward - leans 4F - Plays with energy - consistent compete Sneaks up on opponents, at times, offensively - has a better than average release from distance - also has the pace to create space going to the net / driving through the middle seem Not overly physical - some bump to him but generally more of an energy / active stick battle game Played 50 games in Winnipeg (22/23) Averaged 10:27 TOI - ES and PK - 43 hits - 18 shot blocksSep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Nino NiederreiterLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW312 of 376 L2After arriving in Winnipeg - via trade from Nashville - he dressed in 22 regular season games and averaged 16:54 TOI - ES and PP - does not kill penalties Good size - skates fine on straight lines - has to manage shift length or his pace falls off / especially when having to track back from the o-zone to d-zone towards end of shifts Has some bump to his game along the wall - can be a load to handle out front the net Good release - can play the middle bumper on the PP - quick catch and release Veteran player who has average detail defensively but makes up for it with better than secondary scoring - scored 24 total goals in (22/23) - A mid-range 2FSep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Mark ScheifeleLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC301 of 276 L2A 2F - with 1F potential when fully engaged and playing with better all round detail Pure offense - shooter more than distributor - can be a threat off the rush with his quickness - also peels off the half wall and steps to open ice before ripping pucks on net Issues - especially in (22/23) - included his numbers in the face-off circle (47.97%) - and lack of on and off the puck detail defensively (-16) - despite his stature he was only credited with 50 hits and 38 shot blocks in 81GP Averaged 20:28 TOI - ES and PP#1 - very rarely used on the PK A combined (-37) the past three years combined - if he elevates his defensive effort to average his value increases exponentially due to his high end skill.Sep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Morgan BarronLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW241 of 177 L4Reliable depth forward - big body - surprisingly quick and fast for his stature - competes - Averaged 13:15 TOI in (22/23) - deployed at ES and PK - 118 hits - 44 shot blocks Signed through (24/25) Provides some secondary scoring Responsible three zone detail Team first Coaches know what to expect when he spills over the boardsSep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Nikolaj EhlersLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW271 of 182 L1Easily defined - high end skill / threat off the rush / elite thinker in the offensive zone / deceptive in tight quarters Missed time with injury in (22/23) - dresses for 45 games - produced 12G-26A (-2) - averaged 15:38 TOI - ES and PP#1 Can lead the PP breakout / zone entries / push opponents off with his speed Same can be said at ES when he is transitioning the play 'Baits' opponents into a check before dishing and moving to open space Especially skilled at finding open space and using his quickness to his advantage Competes - Can play more minutes - Average plus on the defensive sideSep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Mason AppletonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW271 of 279 L4Some players are 'fits' for certain teams and that is the scenario with Appleton in WPG Good size - strong skater - can be deployed as a 3F or 4F Averaged 16:01 TOI in (22/23) - ES and PK Pressures the play up ice as F1 on the PK - rotates well into shooting lanes - stature plays a part in 'getting in the way' when defending his net Has a sneaky release - when he pounces on pucks he has the ability to score goals Secondary / depth offense / Match-up players at ES / Kills penalties / competes/ trustworthySep. 29, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
David GustafssonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC231 of 174 RLHas proven he can provide better than secondary scoring at the AHL level but is has not translated to the NHL Skated in 46 games for the Jets in (21/22) - provides depth energy - averaged 10:05 TOI - ES and PK - 25 hits 18 shot blocks More quick than fast - somewhat of a short / choppy stride Competes up ice - attempts to create turnovers via tenacity Leans 13F / Recall more than pure NHL regular but still relatively young Looks more like a checker than a secondary offense providerSep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Adam LowryLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW301 of 281 L3Named Jets captain in the summer of 2023 Power forward - huge frame - provides push back and plays heavy in the trenches Played every game in (22/23) - averaged 15:38 TOI - all situations - 2nd unit PP 161 hits - 46 shot blocks On the PK he isn't exceptionally quick rotating or jumping to space / but his long reach and big frame make it difficult on opponents to direct pucks around him On the PP he is best suited between the hash marks / around the crease / compared to making plays from the flank Can match up versus top six opponents on the road Competes - Cares - Plays to his maximum ability every night - average plus skill overall but finds a way to contribute secondary scoring Face-off percentage has room to improve - won half his draws last seasonSep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Rasmus KupariLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC231 of 178 L3Playing in LA (22/23) he was used primarily in a 4th line depth role - averaged 10:05 TOI - ES and PK - did not have a role on the PP - provides some push back - had 80 hits and 34 shot blocks in limited minutes Sneaky pace in open ice - has a good release / can sneak pucks past goalies from distance Good size / when he establishes himself around the crease he can shield defenders / not easy to defend - wins the majority of his face-offs (54.59%) Brings character - compete - he's low maintenance and just scratching the surface of what he can provide overall Could end up surprising with more offense if given more opportunity - monitor his detail at times on the defensive side of the play / there are instances he ends up above his man in his zone / making it difficult to regain positioning and defend properlySep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Gabriel VilardiLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC241 of 177 L2After a slow start to his NHL career - due to some injury setbacks - he ramped up his game in (22/23) playing for the LA Kings - Averaged 15:36 TOI - ES and PP - scored 23G-18A - and finished the season (+10) Big body but not overly physical - uses his long reach as an advantage Skating has improved but he's not a burner between the blue lines Once he does get a head of steam he is difficult to defend driving the middle lane off the puck and has well above average skill with the play on his stick in scoring areas Ready for more responsibility - could be a 30 goal scorer on current trajectorySep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Alex IafalloLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC291 of 180 L3The kind of player who can skate on the third line at ES but slides into one of the PP units and contributes offense In LA last season he dressed for 59 games and contributed 14G-22A - 27hits- 33 shot blocks - (+14) - seven of his goals were scored on the PP Well above average in several categories - not elite in any one category - can play quick - he's tenacious trying to win pucks along the boards with an active stick - can play the middle bumper on the PP - has a quick catch and release - on the PK he fronts the play and pressures the puck trying to disrupt flow - competes - team player - empties the tank - plays with emotionSep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Kyle ConnorLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW261 of 179 L1Connor played all 82 games for the Jets in (22/23) - averaged TOI 20:31 - majority of his ice time coming at ES and PP - some secondary PK - scored 31G-49A but ended the season (-11). His element is easy to identify - all offense - Skilled / light / can play quick and fast / threat off the rush / can beat opponents 1vs1 Credited with only 43 hits and 24 shot blocks A difference maker offensively who needs to clean up his detail defensively There are nights he produces offense but also lacks commitment in his zone and fails to win enough secondary puck battles or stay with his assignment defensively - Elite offense - average defensivelySep. 29, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Brenden DillonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD321 of 178 P2A durable / physical / heavy lifter for the Jets. Averaged 19:35 TOI in (22/23) - all of his ice time comes at ES and PK - no easy shifts - matches up against top end opponents and rolls over the boards as one of the primary penalty-killers - credited with 198 hits and 108 shot blocks - Big body - 2-way / leaning Defensive 'D' - provides some secondary offense / mostly by moving pucks - not by leading the rush or joining as a second layer - generally low risk overall - there are times his small area quickness is challenged (e.g. net - corner - return in his zoneOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Neal PionkLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRD281 of 182 P2An argument could be made that he logs too much ice time for the Jets - but he's a competitive player who gives all he has In (22/23) he averaged 21:56 TOI and was deployed in all situations. Second unit PP. Has the speed and skill to escape pressure in his zone and lead the rush on his own. Distributes / QB's the PP from the middle of the ice - equal parts shooter and distributor Down low in his zone he isn't shy about engaging physically but due to his stature there are times bigger / power bodies push him off the wall and gain position out front his net Spatial awareness is reliable - Gaps versus zone entries range - Some nights he is effective killing plays - other nights his timing is off when he runs out of his lane to try for a big hitOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Nate SchmidtLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD321 of 175 P3Veteran defenceman who is thrust in to a variety of roles In (22/23) he averaged 18:28 TOI - deployed in all situations ... but second unit special teams On the PP he is capable of making plays off the weak side flank - equal parts distributor / direct pucks on goal Area defender - average plus on the PK - not overly physical - relies on active stick and spatial awareness / containing opponents to an area in his zone - had 45 hits and 85 shot blocks - can slide into top four role if required but trending 5D more than every night top fourOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Kyle CapobiancoLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD261 of 173 MLDepth defenceman - A 7D or minor league recall - '2-way / Transitional D' who has the puck skill to be deployed on the PP if required - sees the ice in the offensive zone - will step to open space at times and direct pucks on net Average defender - rarely physical - area defender - active stick - attempts to jump to plays quicker than opponents to take away time and space Dressed for 14 games in (22/23) - averaged 12:19 TOI at ES and PP - 12 hits and 6 shots blocks over that time - has the skating ability to join as an extra layer off the rushOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Logan StanleyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD251 of 172 P3Another Jets big body defenceman Limited to only 19GP in (22/23) Averaged 13:42 TOI - deployed at ES and PK Plenty of push back - credited with 44 hits in the 19GP Long reach is an asset - large frame hard to direct pucks around when he times his gaps appropriately - skating on straight lines is not an issue for the NHL speed - quick turns and quick bursts are average - executing with the puck ranges on any given night A '2-way / Defensive D'Oct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Dylan SambergLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD241 of 172 P3Bottom pairing 'D' with size and length Not a ton of flash to his game overall Moves well in open ice - his small area agility ranges some nights and can result in some issues containing opponents below the hash marks in his zone Brings some bump and push back - gets in the lane to block shots Reliable in his role Averaged 14:55 TOI in (22/23) - deployed at ES and PK - finished the year (+10) No issues matching up against middle six opponentsOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Joshua MorrisseyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD281 of 191 P1Arguably the Jets most valuable all-round player. Logs a ton of ice time in all situations. Averaged 24:13 TOI in (22/23) - 89 hits - 119 shot blocks QB's the first PP unit - excellent distributor - outstanding spatial awareness - when he sees an opportunity to shoot the puck through a seem he can beat NHL goalies from distance - fantastic release - No holes in his game overall - coming off a big year offensively - but also defensively aware '2-way / Transitional' defenceman - leader - competes - reliable in all three zones - sneaks up on opponents physically / occasionally catches them with a surprise hit when gapping upOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Ville HeinolaLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLD221 of 176 MLA difficult prospect to rate based on minimal number of games played at the NHL level. In his draft year he projected as a 'Transitional / 2-way ' defenceman who had the skill set to QB one of the PP units - mostly as a distributor In (22/23) he played 10 games for the Jets - averaged 13:16 TOI - and was deployed at ES and PP - Credited with 7 hits and 7 shot blocks Undersize defenceman who relies on 'outthinking' opponents on and off the puck - area defender without much bump - active stick - good spatial awareness - still a prospect.Oct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Dylan DeMeloLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRD301 of 179 P2A reliable player who's a consistent competitor. Right shot 4D who logged an average of 19:33 TOI in (22/23) - deployed primarily at ES and PK - credited with 120 hits and 102 shot blocks Sound spatial awareness in all three zones Sees the ice in the offensive zone - will occasionally make plays through seems - Battles defensively - on and off the puck Matches up versus opponents top six forwards There are nights he has a tough time defending against the neutral zone speed rush / regroup against - and gives away some space off the edge - but overall / very valuable for the Jets - reliableOct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Laurent BrossoitLogo of the Winnipeg JetsG301 of 171 2BNine year veteran NHL backup goalie who has played in 117 games over the course of his career. Return to Winnipeg on a one year - $1.75M contract. Good size. Butterfly style. Average / average plus in almost every category. Gloves / feet / lateral quickness / high and low net coverage. Crease composure ranges - there are nights he loses his posts and has a tough time tracking the play through traffic. A #2B NHL back up who isn't going to push a starter for the net overall - but can get hot enough for stretches and produce positive results. Case in point the 11GP in regular season for Vegas last season - 2.17 GAA and .927%.Oct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Connor HellebuyckLogo of the Winnipeg JetsG301 of 287 1APlays a positional / butterfly style - huge in the net - big body goalie who doesn't have to venture far to be in line with making stops Carries a heavy work load for the Jets - in (22/23) he was a Vezina finalist - in 64GP he posted a 2.49 GAA and .920% Ability to steal games on any given night - not overly athletic - average plus feet - relies heavily on crease composure and positioning - both glove hands are solid / not elite - difficult to beat in tight due to stature - there are nights he can be better 'starting on time' - making stops in the first five minutes of periods. Not the kind of goalie who scrambles a lot moving laterally. One of the top goalies in the NHL overall - on an expiring contract - Free agent summer 2024Oct. 2, 2023Oct. 7, 2023
Jacob JulienLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC181 of 263 RLScratching the surface - somewhat of a late bloomer Good size - very lean - excellent skater - has a gear in open ice - long/fluid stride In transition he can be a threat off the rush Has to find a way to take pucks to the net when he gets the edge More bump required at times Stats are reasonable considering the limited role he was provided Should score more next season - added weight and strength will assist his game overallApr. 13, 2023Jun. 13, 2023
Colby BarlowLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW182 of 276 L1Goal scorer - elite release - doesn't require much room to rip pucks on net - threat off the half wall and net front at even strength and the power-play His ability to find quiet ice speaks to his hockey IQ An average plus skater who does show 'bursts' of speed in open ice and up ice pressure at times. Leverages very well. Can take a hit to make a play. Difficult to defend 1vs1 Leader - Potential Captain - Has scored 76 goals in his first two OHL seasons.Apr. 30, 2023-
Brad LambertLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC193 of 370 T6His game has taken off since arriving in Seattle. Exceptionally dangerous on the power-play walking off the wall on his strong side - equal parts distributor and shooter. His quickness to open space is above the Major Junior level in the offensive zone. Defensively he has been average plus overall. He doesn't penalty-kill for Seattle (WHL). The team is deep. They don't require him in the role. He's playing to his strengths - quick, fast, energy, threat off the rush, offense, power-play point producer.Mar. 10, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Dmitri RashevskyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW223 of 370 T6Not much has changed with his game. He continues to produce offensively at the KHL level. Great puck touch on the power-play. His catch and release is very quick. He sees the play ahead of the puck arriving on his stick - resulting in him either directing the play on net or distributing effectively. Plays with good pace. His three zone detail is average plus / not an area of concern. Looks like a player who is ready to challenge for a role in the NHL and could end up being a top six contributor. Element is offense. Competes.Mar. 2, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Nikita ChibrikovLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW201 of 162 T6Chibrikov is spending most of his time playing at the VHL level in Russia (their version of the AHL). He has also had some games at the KHL level. Chibrikov is a talented player who produces offense. He's dangerous off the rush, can beat goaltenders from the flank, and back opponents off with his playmaking. On the PP he rotates on his weak side and is best described as equal parts distributor/shooter. There is not secret to his potential upside at the NHL level. His off the puck detail and awareness has room to improve. He's never going to be used in a defensive role. His offense wins out - he only needs to be average defensively.Mar. 2, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Rutger McGroartyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC183 of 369 M63G-7A in ten game segment from end of January - Big Ten playoffs in March (2023). Used primarily at even strength and the power-play. He showed he is capable of penalty-killing at the college level this season as well - but has not been used as much in the role in the second half of the season. Big body net front. Finds quiet ice in the deep slot and around opponents net. Hard to defend when he leverages for space / creates screens (etc). His pace is average plus. He rarely transports the puck between the blue lines in transition but has the high end hockey sense to know how to make himself open for his line mates. 2-Way / Power / Top 6 possibleMar. 11, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Chaz LuciusLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC192 of 272 M6Lucius was thriving in Portland (WHL) before suffering a season ending injury. It has been a bit of a slow burn for Chaz since he turned pro. Before his injury he was playing with a great deal of confidence. His pace, strength, and impact offensively overall was (at times) above the WHL level. Continues to display good puck touch in the offensive zone. He has a quick release and rarely holds onto the puck too long before making a decision. On the power-play the puck went through him from the weak side flank and middle bumper. A streaky kind of scorer overall. Middle six prospect trending up before injury - had look of potential top (6) in timeMar. 11, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Elias SalomonssonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRD183 of 377 P2Has split time with the J20 team and the men's team down the stretch of the season. When playing amongst his peer group he stands out with his pace and skill. He's a threat off the rush on the power-play breakout and also at even strength joining as an extra layer. Excellent skater. Will have no issues with NHL pace. Reliable defender overall. Uses his long reach to intercept plays. At times he arrives too aggressively when gapping up and loses his angle on opponents. It's not an area of weakness. It's a timing issue. Nice combination of size, speed, skill, and hockey intelligence. Continues to impress. Potential top 4 NHL 'D' on projection.Feb. 28, 2023Mar. 16, 2023
Colby BarlowLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW171 of 273 T3Goal scorer - difference maker offensively Quick release - excellent in tight quarters - finds pucks down low along the wall and drives to the net High end IQ - reads the ice - has the ability to be deployed in a variety of roles Room for more explosiveness and open ice pace Leader - Captain of team in OHL Owen SoundJan. 25, 2023Feb. 7, 2023
Thomas MilicLogo of the Winnipeg JetsG191 of 171 MLA proven winner at the Major Junior level playing in the WHL Year over year he has posted exceptional stats Butterfly goalie. Not real big in the net. When down he does open up space over his shoulders. Fights to find pucks in traffic / see through screens and bodies Moves well laterally. Good gloves. Can move pucks on his own Potential minor league upside to start his pro career and see how he handles pro shootersDec. 29, 2022Jan. 4, 2023
Brad LambertLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC192 of 361 T6Uneven start to the WJC. Deployed at ES and PP#1 Leads the power play breakout through the neutral zone / zone entries Takes advantage of the extra space when on the PP - plays to his speed / skill identity in the process. His 5vs5 game left much to be desired. Didn't have the puck enough / Didn't battle enoughDec. 26, 2022-
Elias SalomonssonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRD182 of 372 P2Trending up. Producing offense at even strength. Plays quick. Isn't intimidated playing pro in the SHL. Defending is reliable but he isn't being used on the PK at Skelleftea Brings a wide ranging skill set. Can transition pucks and join as an extra layer offensively ... or sit back and concentrate on defensive responsibilities / get to pucks ahead of opponentsDec. 1, 2022Dec. 4, 2022
Dmitri RashevskyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW222 of 372 T6Continues to impress His game has gone to another level Plays quick and fast. A threat off the rush. Takes pucks to the middle of the ice coming off the cycle or half wall. Quick release. A difference maker offensively Could be a top two line NHL player sooner than later Tracks the full 200ft and has good detail away from the puck. Doesn't PK in the KHLDec. 2, 2022Dec. 4, 2022
Rutger McGroartyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC182 of 367 M6Has transitioned nicely to the college game. Playing to his identity offensively as a big, strong forward who can beat goalies from in close and distance. Skating has been a bit of a concern in the past but he is showing he can play quick and fast enough against older opponents in the NCAA. Three zone detail has impressed. Willing to sacrifice his body on the PK / block shotsDec. 2, 2022Dec. 4, 2022
Dmitri RashevskyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW221 of 365 T6His year over year production continues to trend upwards. He is used ES and PP in the KHL. Rashevsky has fantastic hands. His hand / eye coordination is excellent. He reads plays as they develop in the offensive zone and finds time and space to make plays. Leans more shooter than distributor but he is capable of both. Added leg strength would lead to more stability in the hard areas and separation off the rush. Although offense is his element he isn't a liability on the defensive side.Oct. 20, 2022Oct. 24, 2022
Nino NiederreiterLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRW291 of 353 T6Average TOI for 21/22 was just shy of 15:00 per game Deployed at ES and on the PP. On the PP he works the 1/2 wall, middle bumper, and goes to the crease looking for tips and rebounds. At even strength he has the size and puck skill to make plays coming off the boards. Not overly physical. Skating is average plus. His stops and starts take up a lot of energy and reduce the lengths of his shifts. Defensive detail is average. Does not PK.Mar. 1, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Brad LambertLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC181 of 361 T6A quick, fast, streaky, skilled, energy forward who suffered through a roller coaster of a season in 2021-2022 AVG TOI hovered around (15:00) per night in Liiga and he was deployed at ES and on the PP. Struggled to produce offense at the pro level. Appeared poised to have impact at the shortened World Juniors at Christmas (1g-4a -5pts) Significant upside to his game if he regains his confidence overall.Mar. 6, 2022Jul. 3, 2022
Danil ZhilkinLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW181 of 170 M6Projects to be a reliable 2-way / at times better than secondary scoring option as a pro Used in all situations at the Major Junior level On the (PP) he has a role as a distributor playing 'D' at the top of the zone This player brings skill, can be creative, produces his share of offense, and knows his responsibilities without the puck on the defensive side. A sound skater with a powerful stride. Not elite in any one category.Apr. 3, 2022Jul. 2, 2022
Rutger McGroartyLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW171 of 362 T6The Captain of Team USA 'U18'. There is much to like but also areas of his game that NI He has a good stick and can make plays in the hard areas (coming off the boards and net front). Rutger brings a combination of power and playmaking. When physically engaged he gives opponents all they can handle. His skating will need to improve for the NHL game. He gets places but has to be pushing full throttle at all times to be effective. His off the puck play and overall 3 zone detail ranges. Projects to be a top 6 NHL point producing power forwardMar. 27, 2022Jul. 2, 2022
Fabian WagnerLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC171 of 154 RLThe kind of forward who upon first glance looks like a threat to create offense and contribute on the PP. He has the ability to play quick and fast. At times he's around the play offensively and scoring chances develop. Unfortunately there are long stretches, in games, that he blends in and provides little impact. A bit of an enigma overall. He appears to have a foundation of skill that projects to be a potential secondary scoring threat but his consistency is a concern.May 1, 2022Jun. 24, 2022
Elias SalomonssonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsRD171 of 363 P2Easily defined. He's a 2-way 'D' who moves pucks efficiently but isn't a transitional threat or a prospect who will run a PP at the pro level. A solid skater. He's agile and capable in small areas versus skilled opponents. The fact he isn't a transitional threat is his choice. It's the way he approaches the game. He prefers distributing over leading the play on his own. The kind of defender who can be matched up against top flight opponents at home and on the road. Salomonsson brings a physical element. He gaps up and takes away space.May 1, 2022Jun. 24, 2022
Logan NeatonLogo of the Winnipeg JetsG221 of 137 MLSmall in his net when he drops to the butterfly Tends to get beat high over both gloves Average crease composure , rebound control, and big stop ability Appears to lack confidence at this stage of his development Below average playing the puck One more year to figure it out at the college level Not a prospect at this timeDec. 3, 2021Jan. 12, 2022
Harrison BlaisdellLogo of the Winnipeg JetsLW201 of 149 DPEffort player at the college level Quick to space Competes / empties the tank A depth minor league prospect who can bring energy / match up / potential PK element Not naturally gifted with the puck on his stick Plays to the net are a result of hard work Honest, hard working, team player with very limited offensive upsideOct. 24, 2021Jan. 1, 2022
Chaz LuciusLogo of the Winnipeg JetsC181 of 261 M6The kind of player who doesn't need a lot of space in the offensive zone to score goals Quick release. Shoots the puck accurately. Streaky Has sense to find open / quiet ice in the offensive zone. Has some grind to his game. Not shy about battling along the boards down low. 200 ft detail has room to improve but not an area of extreme concern Does not penalty kill at the college level Used regular shift and on the power playNov. 26, 2021Dec. 15, 2021