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Oct 6, 2020
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Diehard Habs fan also a casual Colorado, Toronto, Kraken fan, Ontarian, Bilingual ( French and English )
Forum: NHL21 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ConservativeLightningFan91</b></div><div>The Blackhawks story is the worst of the worst. The more I dig into it, the more credible it seems. Here's the rundown for those who don't know:
-A player (John Doe 1) who was assaulted/raped in 2010 by then Chicago Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich sued the Blackhawks in court, alleging that the organization knew about it and hushed it up to avoid bad press.
-TSN reported that John Doe 1 had first told of the assault to Blackhawks assistant coach Paul Vincent in 2010, whom he trusted, Vincent then brought the story to the front office, who fired Aldrich after 2010, but did not heed Vincent's advice to call the police. Vincent and others would continue to warn players to stay away from Aldrich.
-It is true that the Blackhawks fired Aldrich after 2010 (nobody knew why up until now), however, due to their alleged failure to report him to the police, he was able to get a new job coaching a boys high school team in Michigan. He subsequently assaulted/raped one of the boys there (John Doe 2, who filed another lawsuit against the Blackhawks) , was arrested and convicted, and is rotting away in prison today (IMO, rapists should get the death penalty).
-The Blackhawks have denied the charges of knowing about this and covering it up, and have filed to dismiss the charges in court.
-Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly said that there is NO ongoing investigation by the league into the matter.
-An anonymous player who was on the team in 2010 (not John Doe 1 or 2) claimed that "every guy on the team knew about it", and that "they (the front office of the Blackhawks) let him go to work with minors. They let this happen."
-Brent Sopel, another player on the 2010 team, tweeted "The front office should be in jail", while Daniel Carcillo, who was on the Flyers team that lost to the Blackhawks in the 2010 Cup Final said "WE heard the whispers of what Aldrich did. Hard to believe that most people in the organization didn't know."
- If what the anonymous player (who spoke to The Athletic saying "Every guy on the team knew about it") said is true, and the front office (John McDonough, Al MacIssac, James Gary and possibly even Stan Bowman) knew about this through Vincent's reporting and did nothing, that is beyond horrific. Admittedly, it would be hard for the league to do much about it now, but that's still no reason to not at least start an investigation into the matter.</div></div>

Well the NHL isn’t doing an investigation because a I think it’s a public investigator that is doing it
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