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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Saskleaf</b></div><div>They could also very easily get something better than Xhekaj with that pick. Also what bad contract lol, the only ones the leafs have that are bad enough that you’d need to pay to dump are all on LTIR</div></div>

The Habs simply arent interested in late picks. They have had over 13 picks on average the last 3 draft years. This is the last team that needs more iffy picks. They have rn a widely acknowledged deepest prospect pool right now according to pundits like Wheeler and Pronman, what they lack is elite talent and the odds a pick that late becomes elite are virtually nil and the last they want to be is Anaheim who felt they had to dump Montour and Theodore for pennies on the dollar with too much backlog on the back end. If anything they will use a Xhekaj as a piece in a package to go after a big fish like Draisaitl.

Xhekaj isnt more than a 3rd pair right now that is true but is he has offensive upside with size and that tenacity. No one is saying that he can be Big Buff but the possibility is there and that is a zero sum game to think some pick in the late 20s will amount to that same potential.

If the Leafs think they are better off using that pick as trade capital then so be it but the Habs right now are in that same position where their own picks will be used as trade capital. Fans are already getting impatient with this ongoing rebuild whether that is this coming offseason or the next, expect Hughes to try to be even more aggressive as he was trading draft capital to acquire Dach and Newhook with multiple 1sts. Xhekaj is a Bergevin acquire, Hughes will almost certainly see what's out there and a late 1st from a contender wont cut it unless he's intending to flip it for something else to a team that doesnt have a need for Xhekaj but lets face it 90% of teams want a Xhekaj, he makes a lot of room out there.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Affectionate_Side_64</b></div><div>So what do you think they should do, resign him at 8 x 8 when he's 30 years old and Askarov is just entering his prime as arguably the most highly touted goalie prospect of his generation? Rather than getting a boatload of assets for him while they're retooling?

I already noted that this is an overpay from the Oilers, which is the obvious reason NSH would have to accept this offer. I'm making the point that almost anything is worth paying to fit their window, before guys like Kane, McDavid, Draisatl and Ekholm expire.

You act as if you're saying something intelligent when you're actually just spewing a bunch of nonsense. First of all, this isn't a trade where the Oilers are spending 3 1sts to dump Campbell. He's part of a trade that would see them acquiring Saros and McDonagh, a pretty important part of this trade, no? Also, you talk as though the Oilers could easily go out and acquire a legit starter for $3 mil without assets. Saros is literally the best goaltender the Oilers could conceivably target, and they'd be getting him at $3 mil for the next 2 years. McDonagh would be an upgrade on Ceci and would give the Oilers a top tier backend, to go along with the best forward core in the league and an elite goaltender.

If the Oilers make this trade, they are cup favourites for the 2 years. If they don't and are unable to acquire a legit starter, they miss out on their window and could potentially see McDavid and Drai walk.</div></div>

I'd easily give up Broberg and 2 1sts for Saros with retention. The rest is needless filler with a few cap dumps that is confusing a few ppl including me at first lol The more I think about it, the retention really makes all the difference. This is actually a very very good trade for the Oilers. Indeed. I doubt youll get many to change their minds though. This placed is filled with tribalist mouthbreathers.