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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PaulieWalnuts</b></div><div>Both teams decline the Tkachuk trade, doesn't make any sense for either party. (and honestly, a top 6 forward with center capabilities, one of the leagues better top 4 D and 6OVA pick is probably an overpayment for Tkachuk).
Bratt gets at least 2m more AAV and preferably some more term to go with that contract.
Marchment gets way more than that in FA, at least 4m AAV I'd think. I think he's a good player to target though, I'm a fan of his game.
I don't mind trading Johnsson for that return, though maybe Montreal isn't the best fit for him.
Nor do I mind trading Zacha for a late 1st rd pick either, but I fail to see the point in including Kuokkanen here.
Kuokkanen has some unrealized upside but also provides very solid forward depth in the short term, there's always gonna be someone that's injured and Kuokkanen provides great cover for that.
Signing Manson is probably a mistake, his game's fallen off and I don't think it's gonna improve in the future, likely the opposite.
You should probably have looked into getting another goalie, Zacha would've been great to use as basis for a trade involving Samsonov or Vanecek imo.
Daws probably needs at least one more year in the minors before truly being ready to take on NHL responsibilities.

I really like the lines though, overall not the worst AGM I've seen, thumbs up.</div></div>

I admit I'm not the best when it comes to doing the contracts and prices. I definitely feel with Wood and Kuokkanen returning, and with Holtz (and possibly Foote and few other minor leaguers coming up) definitely see some trades coming, but not sure who would the odd person/people out. I would wait on Blackwood with his status, though Samsonov or Vanecek would not be a bad idea. I have been happy with Daws and everything he has tried to do thus far. Appreciate the feedback and everyone else's.
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