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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zanerax</b></div><div>Hypothetically, what would be your plan for Burakovsky's contract next year? A QO is $3.25 mil for him (prior year's base salary). If he is signed for one year he will be an RFA, two and he becomes a UFA. I am assuming you would be willing to sign him to that QO (1 year x $3.25 mil), and make a catch or release decision the following year?

Also, McEneny is not an NHL defensemen. I'd suggest Chatfield, even though that makes 5 RD's. Sautner would likely be preferred if he was healthy, but no dice. You might want to get a warm body on defense from somewhere, if you aren't comfortable with putting Stanley there.</div></div>

With Burakovsky his contract is dependant on how he plays for the rest of the season with Vancouver. If he plays so-so or not the greatest then it would probably be a one year deal to see if he does fit in, which I'm sure he will. So I would say the most probable contract would be a 2-3 year deal at 2-4 million dollars.

McEneny has been having a good season with Utica and I've heard his name tossed around as the potential next d man up. I'm not sure where Chatfield went, whether he is healthy scratched or long term injured, as he only has like 14 games and hasn't been all that great in his sophomore season. This is a situation where the Canucks are selling their best d man and acquiring futures and a young, inconsistent winger, therefore I'd be fine with icing schenn and mceney for the remainder of the season, with hughes coming in for the final 10 games or so, as the Canucks would be trying to pad there lottery pick percentages and be less of a wild card chaser. You're right though, the defence looks quite thin but I wouldn't trade one of our picks just for a 7th defenceman for the remainder of the season. Maybe if someone were dropped on waivers, the nucks could snag them up.
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