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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 18, 2019 at 8:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Talking_Senators</b></div><div>Come back to this thread when Leddy gets traded.. He isn't the only LHD on the market lol.

Dude I now Nashville was trying to free up cap space to sign Duchene, but there's a big difference between a cap dump and trying to free up cap space... Poile isn't an idiot, his "better" deals were most likely the addition of a 1st instead of a 2nd or a slightly better player in return. If the return was substantially better, Poile would have retained a bit of salary on the Subban deal and figured something else out.

Clearly you're not worth arguing against as it looks like it's your way or the highway.</div></div>

LOL, it's not my way, it's the way things actually work. It's been reported SEVERAL times that Nashvilles goal was to DUMP Subbans salary because they wanted to sign Duchene and it was the only way they could. They specifically LEFT better deals (better players and picks) on the table because THEIR GOAL WAS TO DUMP HIS SALARY, not maximize their return. Not entirely sure why you can't get that this is a TOTALLY different scenario than Leddy.

Also, name me one better LHD that is ACTUALLY on the market? Ghost from Philly? Not actually on the market, Philly has been getting calls, but don't appear to be actively shopping him... anyone else?? Don't think so....

But you are right about one thing, it's pointless to keep arguing with you, when you CLEARLY have NO IDEA how trades work in the NHL... So, this will be my last reply to you.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 17, 2019 at 7:37
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Talking_Senators</b></div><div>Left shot defenders are way more common than right shot D's. Maybe two 2nds for Leddy max.. Or a late first. Please stop saying Leddy is a #1 Dman, you're clearly biased.

Now for the Subban trade... I wouldn't say it's a cap dump lol. Subban is still a very good defenseman... Another return would have probably included a 1st instead of a 2nd if Nashville would have retained 2 mil on the deal.

you're clearly the one who knows little about the NHL trade market..</div></div>

My God man, just stop, these takes are just getting worse.... lets try this one more time shall we...

I'm not biased on Leddy, I've been watching him play for the past 5 season on the Isles, for whom he has been the #1 defenseman. And while he may be more of a 2 or 3 now, he is still capable of being a #1 defenseman. But regardless, he is still an excellent skating, puck moving, Top 4 LHD and by all accounts there are two of those available right now.. Gardiner as a FA and Leddy as a trade. Meaning, whichever teams miss out on Gardiner, are going to turn to Leddy, meaning bidding war, meaning price goes up... simple logic and normal workings of trades.

Also, Leddy doesn't NEED to be moved, which means the Isles would have to get back what they deem fair value for him to be traded. He is our most valuable chip AND we are stacked on the Left side, with 2 players NHL ready that can step into Leddy's role. The current speculated return for Leddy, by legit analysts, is one of the following scenarios... 1) A Top 6 Winger, 2) An "A" prospect plus or 3) A 1st round pick plus. And, again, once Gardiner goes off the board, Leddy becomes the #1 LHD D on the market.. meaning his value goes up.

Now, as for the Subban deal, below is a link to where the Nashville GM says it was a CAP dump to free up CAP space. He also says it was the Devils willingness to absorb the entire 9m of Subbans salary that they went with that trade, even though better offers were on the table. They wanted to go after Duchene and needed Subban's salary gone to do so... that is the very definition of a CAP dump. Which means, the return was diminished, even though Subban is still a good player, and therefore the comparison can NOT be used in determining the value in other trades... again, the basics of logic and how trades work.

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