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Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 31 at 3:43 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bluspy88</b></div><div>Don't know too much about the prospects you have them drafting, but do you think that guys ready to be a NHL 3rd line guy? I think they should draft the best player available but I also kinda hope they target RHD and C.

I think Hayes deal is good. Foudy not in the NHL though? Feels like the kind of player they would want Torts to try to "fix" like Frost. Honestly, other than the cap space, I'm not a fan of that return for Laughton. Dude has almost 50 points this year, if they trade him they could definitely get something better than that with his cap hit and term. Those prospects numbers didn't blow me away when I looked here. TDA, the sooner he is gone the better. TK, I really really doubt they trade him, but if they do this return is "ok" to me. Lucius is rated highly but when I looked him I saw his skating is not the best. If he's going to the Hurricanes, I would push to get one of their top RHD prospects personally. Provorov deal, I think its "ok" also. I like Spence, Turcotte if he can have the same Torts effect would look like a good pick up since he's struggled a lot. Kinda wish you could squeeze a bit more out for Petersen since that's a lot of dead cap but overall I like it and want Provorov outta here. Seeler is a good TDL deal I think.</div></div>

I don't think the Flyers move TK, however if there is a year to do it, it would be now. I really hate the idea that Hart is on the market because I want him here for when this team starts going up because you don't get a franchise goalie on your team all the time and when you do get them you hold on. If the rebuild is done right it will be probably 3-4 years until the team is playing for a chance in the playoffs and Hart would be the reason we can get over the edge. If we can get value for Errson I would take a deal just because I rather have Hart start 60-65 games a year then a equal share in starts. Foudy I would say plays in the main roster only if the Flyers don't sign Lemeiux but with the way he has turned it around I think there is a chance of a one year deal.

Thanks, for the response though because it gives me something to think about for next time.