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Forum: Toronto Maple Leafs3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trickster</b></div><div>I don't think this team is an add or two before being pushed over through top.
That's when that type of move is warranted.

At most we should do is cost effective add, anything else seems silly.

Adding a Hanifin or Tanev will not be cheap, and they are pending UFAs... just seems that we are gonna pay high price to only move the needle a bit.</div></div>

Disagree as if we look at this team the majority of problems can be warranted to defense

Their blue line offense is almost dead last in the league

And their defense has been god awful leaving the goalies to dry in most cases and coupled with all the injuries is getting exposed. Only Rielly has been for the most part the consistent bright spot

We know Woll can be good lets get him a competent Dcore to push things

As now the forward group is done with 4 useable lines (especially since rotating Reaves) but the Dcore is a mess

This team needs 2 additions to that blue line to really push em over the top

Like lets look at VGK


As we learned good Dcore's help win championships

Rn when healthy this was the Leafs Dcore


Thats not good enough as while top 4 is fine

You need someone to push Liligren down and give Gio a rest either by moving McCabe down or just being a nice third pair option

If the Leafs went and added Hanafin and someone to play with Rielly pushing Brodie to the 2nd pair that would improve things


Rielly-new guy (Lybushkin, Bear, Fabbro, etc)

Thats pretty dam good

Brad can then extend Hanafin like Boston did with Lindholm (Wanted a deal in the 6.6m range) and still has room to keep Willy even at 10m and address some areas for 2024-2025
Forum: Toronto Maple Leafs3 hours ago
Forum: Toronto Maple Leafs17 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juice</b></div><div>There’s an incredibly significant gap between the confidence those other teams had in their superstar players returning for the playoffs vs the confidence anyone would have in tossing klingberg into the lineup for game 1 after 5 months away.

I get that logistically it makes sense, but practically that’s way too risky for a guy that’s been playing the way klingberg has the past few seasons</div></div>

Maybe but if he has surgery the timeline fits the picture as Kane got hip surgery end of June and is coming back this week for Det. If Klingberg wants to play without risking further dmg to his hip that might be the road he has to take. Or like Backstrom he may just be done

I think based on everything we have heard from reporters to his interview in Sweden there is a possibility we dont see him for a while. As man Mike Johnsson's report seems to suggest that hip aint right and we know hes had double hip surgery before. The concern probs is k we know he got it OCT 19 how bad did he make it by skating on it from then till Nov 11. Maybe doctor recommends surgery or long rehab idk hips be tricky.

Gonna be interesting as to me I think he could be done for the remainder of regular season or at the very least like Muzzin back after the TDL but who knows. Leafs management probs going can you just stay on LTIR till playoffs so we get 4.15m freed to add pls. As even if hes healthy come then probs wont use him unless something happens or they need some offense back there (I swear if they dont address it). But its up to him just dont ruin your career playing through it.

Maybe if he stays on LTIR or is an IR candidate someone will take to reach the floor or something as these deals seem to be like candy to bottom feeders look at Arizona

Just feel for the guy as his final game he looked fine than missed the 2 Sweden games and for him that had to be hard.

Anyways should find out by Friday what is the plan
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