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Forum: NHL58 minutes ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>Taking the BOTTOM 6 teams:

Philly (6th last)
Montreal (Last)

I think its quite interesting for the Shane Wright sweepstakes because - there are some REALLY good situations for him to join. But.. there's also some pretty bad situations he could join.

Best Situations Ranked (going with my gut, not really thinking):

1. Ottawa
Shane Wright, in the capital, would be a insane fit.

Tkachuk - Norris - Batherson (an actual top line)
Stutzle - WRIGHT - Formenton
White - Pinto - CBrown

Thats a lethal lineup for the Sens (hoping they keep CBrown). Stutzle not only stays at LW (which I prefer for him) - but more importantly Timmy gets some real help and it looks like hes developing some chemistry with Formenton which is a lethal duo. The Sens then add a healthy, TOP prospect in Pinto - on 3C. I mean the Sens immediately become a playoff team imo. Adding Sanderson (on D) and having a full clean slate next year with Shane Wright (and Pinto). Thats heaven for the Sens.

2. Buffalo
Ima keep this short and sweet. Take a look at the Sabres prospect pool/ AHL team - add Shane Wright. THATS A WRAP.
Seriously would make losing Eichel water off their back (now just don't make Wright the next Eichel situation lol).

3. Montreal
Montreal just saying "Shane Wright" at the draft (with fans) will probably wipe the memories of 2021 for the Habs fanbase. Adding Shane Wright makes the Habs some flexiblity in terms of movie some money out and loading up with Suzuki, Caufield, Wright and mixing them in with the veterans they keep. But its not a easy solve, they need to move SOME money out and we'll see AL and Chiarot leave soon - probably go..?

Toffoli -Suzuki - CC
Gallagher - Dvorak - Hoffman
Armia - Wright - Anderson
(Idk habs lines sue me)
I mean a healthy lineup and some fixes on defence and Montreal will have a super annoying forward depth (and they have a literal ton of prospects lying around to join the team soon)

4. Seattle
Poverty franchise. But Beniers and Wright are a future to be excited over.

5. Arizona
Wright is gonna play infront of, AT MAX CAPACITY, 5000 fans at home games lmfao. What a NHL experience.

6. Philly
I have no idea what this team is. Or is gonna be.</div></div>

I feel the Coyotes (despite the issues) are in desperate need of Wright to make their franchise relevant

Would also shift media focus from small arena and bad finances to oh look at Wright go

As when was the last time we heard any good news surrounding the organization

Cause so far its cheating GMS, Loss of Picks, Poor Finances, and being forced to play in a University Arena with a capacity of 5000 among other things.
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