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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>Slight problem as your already 760k over the cap and you have no extra's</div></div>

2019-2020. It allows Tavares to be UFA (next summer), and Doughty (the summer after) while allowing the cherry on top to be drafting Rasmus Dahlin.

Technically possible, but we never see one team sign the biggest UFA 2 years in a row.

Minor suggestions: Granlund will get a bigger payday. Canucks will want to lock up Virtanen for some UFA years. Dahlen plays RW with Pettersson, Goldobin back to LW. Don't know where Gaunce ends up, but somebody good is going to win some bottom 6 spots in the next couple years with all the people we're trying. You could have added trade returns for Gudbranson and Edler, or Vanek/Burmistrov/etc. If everything is looking as smooth as this, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sedins sign another contract with the Canucks but the team is better with Tavares+Doughty who ought to provide similar leadership/mentoring.

Realistically there will be more guys in the system winning jobs, we just don't know who yet and it's even harder to guess what would be coming back for any bodies shipped out. I don't know what they'll do with Subban and Pedan, but Brisebois and Chatfield will definitely play in the NHL.

The team you posted is a great cup contender on paper, and the real thing won't be too far from it. But I know the Canucks aren't 2 years away from the finals because there's so much trial and error getting the chemistry right. In light of that, I'm happy taking sure steps of letting guys internally win their spots and knowing we have the right chemistry and balance as a whole team. An idiot making direct comparisons of results is smarter than a genius trying to guess them.

I think if you're signing Tavares and Doughty, you should have a complete team first. It's like how Ryan Miller was too good of a goaltender for the Canucks and got them wins they didn't deserve, stopped them learning from the pain.
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Kassian was great, when he played for Vancouver. The question was always if he could cut the drugs out of his life. The time he wasn't playing in Vancouver, he was in a rehab and the team was doing their best to keep it out of the media which would just pile on more problems for him to deal with. I'm glad that he cleaned up and hopefully it sticks.

It was funny when Edmonton signed him and dumped Gagner. By the time Kassian moves on to a new team Edmonton will forget about how they used to call him the devil incarnate for the slash that was more boneheaded than malicious.

The biggest losers were Buffalo. Not only did they get Hodgson and his dad, they signed him to a big contract they almost immediately bought out. I don't know if the Toronto media fooled them (they got Gary Roberts to blame the Canucks before he knew the facts and caused him to apologize), or if GM Mike Gillis was a genius by inflating Hodgson's stats with easy matchups. Hodgson had a bad back which is what cut his career short (knock on wood that Roberts doesn't do the same to McDavid), so the Canucks were looking to trade him before papa Hodgson forced their hand... I wonder what the other offers were for Hodgson and Kassian, because there was disclosure about past back problems for Hodgson or substance abuse issues with Kassian.

Maybe if Kassian didn't make the local news with his car crash, Montreal would have sent him to the AHL instead. Still, it might have needed to be Bakersfield where hockey doesn't impress anyone, the town is a boring wasteland, and there's plenty of sunshine.
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<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Since 2009, Colorado has drafted nobody past 10th overall</a>
54 draft picks, and their haul is Landeskog, MacKinnon, Rantanen, Jost, Makar

In 2013, they could have drafted local boy and top D prospect Seth Jones instead of Mackinnon. It would have done more for the team and they could have added a nice piece for trading down to 2nd or 3rd overall. Granted in 2011 they could have drafted Adam Larsson instead of Landeskog, or in 2017 they were forced by the new lottery to draft Makar instead of Nico Hischier.

Their biggest win was getting Kyle Wood in the 3rd round of 2013, but they traded him in February 2016 to the Coyotes in a package that returned Mikkel Boedker. The Avalanche missed the playoffs by 6 points, a weak 82 pts to Minnesota's lucky 87 pts, in Patrick Roy's last season as coach. Boedker immediately left for San jose, something Paul Stastny had done 2 years earlier when Colorado was at the top with 112 pts or 3rd in the whole league (Stastny left because there wasn't room enough for him, Duchene, O'Reilly, Landeskog, and Mackinnon. So he got paid elsewhere)

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wikipedia</b></div><div>The 2010 off-season proved limited activity on the Avs' part. Stan Kroenke bought full ownership in the St. Louis Rams of the NFL in 2010. Since the NFL does not allow its owners to hold majority control of major-league teams in other NFL cities, Kroenke turned over day-to-day control of the Denver Nuggets and Avalanche to his son Josh toward the end of 2010, and must sell his controlling interest in both teams by 2014.[80] ...former Avalanche great Joe Sakic served his first duties as new alternate governor and adviser of hockey operations of the club.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wikipedia</b></div><div>Greg Sherman (born March 30, 1970 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States) is the former general manager of the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League,[1] a post he has held from June 3, 2009 to September 19, 2014. Sherman stepped into the role following seven years as a special assistant to general manager François Giguère and was later replaced by Joe Sakic.</div></div>

Sounds like a real Mike Milbury hockey genius, I'm surprised I haven't heard his name before.
<em> **edit: this was wrong **
Greg Sherman is still around as GM until summer 2014. He was the one who traded Shattenkirk and Chris Stewart for Eric Johnson. He was the one who let Stastny go for nothing.</em> Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic took over the roster summer 2013.
I don't have any insight into the management or scouting. I just have an open question because there has been nothing positive since 2009 in terms of drafting/trading/signing

The problems were there before Sakic, Colorado was still coasting off their good '05, '07, '09 drafts. Come 2014, they had lost Stastny and Shattenkirk and were relying on the last above-average draft from '09 with Duchene and O'Reilly.

They've been bringing in about 1 NHL player per draft, nothing past their first pick. Good NHL players have been leaving at increasing rates because everyone hates losing. Now Colorado can't/didn't even bring any free agents in. It's going to be a disaster, maybe no as bad as last season, but there's no hope for the future. They'll still be a losing team, so the pressure will increase to squeeze more wins out, and the players will crack eventually.

2014 was definitely a turning point. Sakic's failure was not immediately overhauling and improving scouting, and then trying to squeeze wins out now at the expense of the future.

If you want an example of a team going from few poorly made draft picks to more draft picks and better selections, the Canucks are a good example under Benning. There have been some questionable choices under Benning, but his scouting team is a real strength. I consider 200 NHL GP as the threshhold between a hit or a miss.
2014: His first year was 5/7 (2 1st, no 4th)
2015: 3/7 (no 2nd, 2x5th)
2016: 2/6 (no 2nd, no 4th, 2x7th)
2017: 5/8 (2x2nd)

Take the 1st + 2nd round picks out, and A GOOD draft is hitting 1/4 or 1/3 on the other picks. This just reflects what I'm confident in today, but you get the point that in 4 years that's 15 prospects. For the slowest of them to develop, you need to add 4-5 years before the NHL. That's just for 200 GP, not saying whether they'll be mediocre or great.
19 play every night, plus the spares, plus the farm team. It takes a long time to build a team when you are only adding 2-3 players per year.

Sure you have some veterans, sure you acquire some older guys who can play in the NHL but who won't be getting any better.
The point is it can be 5 years to start rising in the standings, and 5 more years to hit your stride with a pipeline full of good prospects.
Unless Sakic is super intelligent and a an excellent communicator, he won't be given the trust and confidence necessary for a 10 year project.
If he's savvy and bold, maybe he blows up the team and gets it done in a total of 6 years. Good luck trying to sell fans on trading everyone older than Mackinnon who is 22.

This is much bigger than being just about Duchene now -- whether he stays or goes changes nothing about what led to the tire fire of the modern Colorado Avalanche. I won't be surprised if Duchene is traded before the season, I won't be surprised if he holds out, I won't be surprised if he plays and is dealt at the trade deadline. It all changes nothing for the Avalanche, no one is going to trade an entire winning team to them.\

The worst part for Avalanche fans is they're bound to be better this season with Eric Johnson healthy and a coach who can be expected to take no chances, it'll be a false hope because there's nowhere to continue up from there.
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