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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Klara</b></div><div>where do I start on whats wrong with this:
- Labanc gets more
- Meier with Couture over Labanc
- Gregor is not 3C
- Noesen is not 3RW
- Melker Karlsson is not coming back, especially for anything more than league min
- Doubt Bergmann ever gets an NHL game again.
- Goal tending is atrocious, #1 priority is to bring in a 1A/B type goalie who can split games
- Middleton is not NHL material, and I doubt he is coming back (brother already left)
- Dahlen is staying in Sweden
- Simek is absolutely not playing with Karlsson, it would be Vlasic or Ferraro.

- Sharks need a better player than Johnsson, and preference is not a LW.
- Sharks need much more forward depth.
- 500k could very much be the difference between Talbot, Greiss and Khudobin. No way SJ is retaining any sort of cap unless its on a player like Burns.</div></div>


Labanc had 33 points in this previous season, 56 the year prior, and 40 the year prior to that. Being conservative, and looking at comparables (mainly Johnsson), I think 3x3 is fair, could maybe go to 3.4 x 3, if its life or death. I personally don't think he is a 4-5M guy, but that is coming from a Canadian, who watches very little Sharks hockey.

Meier can be with Couture, thats fine. Was just using daily faceoff to get a rough outline of the team.

Gregor was listed as the 1C with injuries to Hertl/Couture, so I just stuck him at 3C, Jumbo could be there, but he would need some help.

Noesen was listed as 3RW, not sure what other injuries there were to move him up/down the lineup.

Melker Karlsson can get 700K. He is a bottom line guy for sure.

Bergmann was on the roster with all of those injuries, could likely bring up True or someone like that.

The Goal Tandem is pretty bad.

I kinda like Middleton from an outside Canadian perspective. But again that could be anyone making 700-900K

Sad that Dahlen is staying in Sweden, he could be a real stud for you

The D can be shuffled to fit needs, again, outside perspective and using Daily Faceoff for lines.

Sharks could use a 2LW. I don't see Noesen/Karlsson/Thornton filling that slot. Johnsson isn't as bad as everyone on here is making him out to be. He had a bad injury, but had a decent season up until that point. If he played a full 82, he was at 40 points.

I agree with the forward depth part... The bottom 6 is atrocious. But hey, if you are in the bottom 10, you get a nice draft pick.

500k could be a difference. Take 2M (Dell + Melker lower salary) and add it to the 3M of current space and sign Khudobin/Greiss at 4M x 4 years, and the Sorenson retention still fits.

Edit: Changed the team to address your concerns. Is this any better?
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