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Oct 22, 2017
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Forum: Armchair-GMMar 19 at 10:05
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trevorchef</b></div><div>I will add to that....

If Hyman does indeed get to UFA status after the expansion draft is over and the Leafs have not offered him a contract.... There will be a team that offers him a multi-year deal at 6+ million.

You can take that to the bank.</div></div>

this was made under the assumption that Hyman takes a hometown discount. This is why I hate leafs fans/media with contract talks. DO you think Blake Coleman should make 6+ million? Because Coleman and Hyman seem like pretty good comprables to me.

- both are versatile gritty wingers who drive possesion
- Hyman past 2 seasons and this season: 0.34g/gp ; .64p/gp
- coleman past 2 seasons including this one: 0.31g/gp ; 0.5 p/gp

Goal scoring they are about the same, Hyman gets points at a higher rate but He's played with the big 4 for a lot of it. Coleman played 2 yrs in NJ, I doubt he spent as much time with talented player.

not to mention a flat cap where term contracts won't account for a rising cap and teams flat out don't have money to spend. we saw ufa's take a significant haircut last summer, a year where owners burned cash and most term deals have money loaded for next season and beyond, I don't see most Owners willing to dish out that kind of money. If covid never happend sure I could see Hyman getting 6 in free agency. but look at some of last years deals with some good wingers (Granlund - 3.75, Duclair - 1.7, Hoffman 4, Namesnikov 2).

IMO Hyman gets max 4.75 x 5

if I was Dubas I would wnt this term based on the cost:

under 3.75; 7-8 years. frontload, make it easy to buyout at yr 5+ or trade
3.75 - 4; 6 years, still frontload
4 - 4.5; 4-5 years
4.5 - 5; max 4 years, i'd push hard for 3
above 5: have a nice life Zach