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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 3:26 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>Yeah, when 32% of the league is coming out of the NCAA. A large portion out of Europe, +30%.
You get 30 some percent of the players from the CHL. And that number is shrinking. I think the last I saw it was 32%.
"71 CHL Players Selected in 2019 NHL Draft. Vancouver, B.C. – The Canadian Hockey League today announced that 71 CHL players were selected in the seven rounds of the 2019 NHL Draft held in Vancouver, accounting for more than 32% of all 217 players chosen by all 31 NHL clubs"

You got 60 teams in the CHL. Each got like what 28 guys on them. That's almost 1700 players.
It's not even close to college level. And because it's drafted instead of recruited you can't have major programs like at the NCAA level.
Which is why the level of play is so much lower.
You don't have Ohio States, or Alabama teams. You don't have Duke or Kentucky teams.
And you don't get to see that competition level play it out.
So don't come tell me about the level of play there. I Know what the level of play is there. It's not even close to on par.
The CHL was the power house out the NHL, because other places didn't get noticed. That has changed drastically.
The percentage of players out the CHL has been in decline for years.
It's a set up from highschool. It's not close to NCAA level. And until they either shrink the teams, or let teams recruit to have stiffer competition it never will be.
It's the equivalent of D1 highschool football. I know you don't get that. But it is. You have teams in Highschool football who are power house teams.
St. John Bosco , Saint Ignatius, North Shore etc....
Most are private schools. They heavily recruit players. They aren't quite college level teams but they aren't exactly highschool teams either.
That is the state of the CHL. So yes. It is indeed like highschool sports.</div></div>

You are an absolutely clown. Yes CHL draft in the NHL has been declining but it is still the vast majority of where players are selected from and it’s because hockey is becoming more of an international game. Most of the best players in the NHL have all played in the CHL. Hell even Europeans like Kucherov and Drai have came over to play in the CHL because it’s the highest level of talent.
CHL players by default are younger than college players but the skill level is much higher. How on earth could you compare it to high school sports? The best players in the NHL come from the CHL: Crosby, mackinnon, Mcdavid, etc... (I’m not going to name every CHL star because it would take too much time).

You are out to lunch on this one. One of the worst takes I’ve seen on here. Just because the average age of a CHL team is younger doesn’t mean it’s a worst league. It produces by far the highest end talent and it isn’t even close
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 6:25 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>your comment makes no sense.
Stutzle is a natural center, he's not a winger.
Yes he played there frequently in an adult league still learning to play away from the puck. Like most guys do, even when they enter the NHL.
But the ice there is also wider, more space, allowing him to use his speed more. That won't be the case in the NHL. Most people realize he's probably going to play C, because it's the best way to use his speed.
He's also a play maker. So putting him in the center of the ice is frankly the best decision. He's not a kane or a Panarin type player. He's much faster. Like a Barzal or McDavid level speed. You don't bury that on the wing.

As for Byfield having elite 1C potential...spare me. Every year they talk guys up.
But you can make judgement on guys based on competition level and how they play. The CHL is a joke competition wise. Yes there are a hand full of really good players there. But a lot of these guys are beating up on guys that don't even have AHL level talent, some are kids, 16 years old. Given they are the best of the 16 year olds, but they are still 16.
Mean while when you go to a WJC, you are looking at a nice jump. Most of those guys are going to be NHL bound. Have an opportunity.
Which is why people put so much weight on them. Like it matters when Byfield scores against 3rd and 4th line players in the CHL. Those guys aren't really good hockey players. More like bodies to fill out a team. But when you go to WJC and you look slow, don't play well, and struggle against the higher level competition. You have a problem. It's not like it was 1 game. It was 7.

There are realities. No one is saying Byfield won't be an NHL player, or a good player. But his ceiling is not what you keep making it out to be, and there is real bust potential there.
The NHL isn't the CHL. Where 80% of the players lack NHL level speed, 30% of it lacks NHL level size, and the vast majority of it lacks NHL level talent.
It's why guys go bust. So when you don't play well when you actually get on the ice with a whole bunch of other players who do. Everyone takes notice.</div></div>

Your takes are actually so bad lol. I’m not even gonna waste my time arguing with you. I quit reading when you said the CHL is a joke lmfao