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Waivers open on Monday and here is a rundown of how everything works…


<em>Monday - Wednesday : Placements</em>
- Players will be placed on waivers in this period. There will be no claims on anybody yet. Once you place a player on waivers, you can NOT ‘unplace’ them. They must clear before you can bring them back up. The deadline for placements is every Wednesday through 11:59pm EST. Players with a NMC can NOT be placed on waivers at any time.
<em>Thursday - Saturday : Claims</em>
- Claims on players can be made in this period. A team can claim multiple players but you must have them listed in order of priority since you only get a set amount of claims per month (more on that later). Players that can be claimed include; players placed on waivers, undrafted UFDAs from the 2022 class (can’t claim UFDA players that are eligible for next year’s UFDA draft, meaning anyone signed after September 17th, 2022), and unsigned UFAs (players that weren’t given contracts in our game but have IRL contracts. One last note about claiming a player is that you must have cap space AND roster spots available.
<em>Sunday : Results</em>
- Waiver awards will be posted on Sundays by a BOG member

<strong>WAIVER CLAIM LIMITS</strong>

There is a set max of players you can claim per month:
Oct (this period goes from when waivers open through the end of October) - 2 claims
All other months - 1 claim

<strong>WAIVER PRIORITY</strong>

Waiver priority will be arranged from worst to best team based off points. Last year’s standings will be used until the regular season begins. When you claim a player, that player must be on your NHL squad. Waiver claims can’t be traded for 3 months after being claimed without the original team being able to veto the trade and get the player back. The original team may then put that player in the AHL. Same thing if you put a recently claimed player back on waivers, the original team has first dibs and that player may be placed in the AHL by the original team if claimed.

For undrafted UFDAs and claimable UFAs (see above) there is no priority and instead there is a random draw between all teams that put in a claim that week for that player. This is to make it more realistic and fair.

<strong>NEW TO THIS YEAR</strong>

Last year, multiple GMs got away with not putting players on waivers before the season began. This year that will change as on October 6th the BOG will check every team and put any player that is in the minors that requires waivers that wasn’t placed on them on waivers. So in other words get your 23 man roster set waiver wise by October 5th or we’ll do it for you.

If you have any questions, reach out to a BOG member.