Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha: Offer Sheet Targets?

Jul 6, 2018 at 9:43
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I know offer sheets never happen anymore, but I can't resist thinking that the timing may be too perfect for these two players.

Stats from 2017-18
Dylan Larkin: 16G, 47A, 63P, 19:51 AvgTOI, 49.9 FO%, 50.7 CF% (+2.9rel)
Anthony Mantha: 24G, 24A, 48P, 17:18 AvgTOI, 51.8 CF% (+4.1rel)

Both players have shown themselves to be remarkable contributors on the upswing. Mantha is just 23, Larkin only 21.

Meanwhile, here are some key Detroit salary cap figures
Remaining 18-19 Cap Room: $6.127 million
Remaining players to add: 1 defenseman
Moveable contracts > $1mil:
- Luke Glendening (1.85)
- Tyler Bertuzzi (1.4)
- Martin Frk (1.05)
- Johan Franzen (~4, LTIR)
- Frans Nielsen (5.25, 10 team no-trade)
- Niklas Kronwall (4.75, 10 team trade)
- Jonathan Ericcson (4.25, 19 team no-trade)
- Jimmy Howard (5.291)

As you can see, it would be a magic act for the Red Wings to fit both of these players into that $6mil window. Almost all of those moveable players are near-negative assets or worse.

Is there an opportunity for one savvy team to go after Mantha or Larkin here, or am I just dreaming?
Jul 6, 2018 at 10:27
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They will not be offer-sheeted. At least you mentioned at the start that offer sheets never happen anymore. You're the first one to remember! applaud

All joking aside, i doubt anyone will get offer-sheeted this year. That's because teams may need to give up quite a bit to get them. I don't understand all the rules of offer sheets. There may be a bit more to them than i and a lot of others know. But i guess if someone were to get offer sheeted this year it could be them.
Jul 6, 2018 at 3:29
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Ya you are just dreaming man, every year there are players where the situation seems too perfect for a offer sheet but it never happens, it's too problematic because it results in the loss of draft picks as well as completely losing your reputation with that GM and burning the opportunity of a future trade with that GM
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