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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.
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Daniel VladarLogo of the Calgary FlamesG264 of 481 2AShowing signs of establishing himself as a more trustworthy option for the Flames Example being the game vs Vegas (November 27th) when he was not scheduled to get the start but Markstrom came down with the flu and he was thrust into action in a huge game. Battling. Pushing laterally more effectively. Improved rebound control. Better focus finding pucks through traffic. Making timely saves in all three periods. Everything about his game looks more confident and focused. Better gloves. Closing his pads to smother pucks on breakaways. Monitor consistency.Nov. 27, 2023Nov. 28, 2023
Daniel VladarLogo of the Calgary FlamesG263 of 477 2AThe Flames are crawling back into the playoff race in the Western Conference and in the beginning stages of a grueling stretch of games versus top flight opponents. The team will need better than average goaltending to maintain momentum. If Vladar starts vs Colorado he brings a 3W-2L - 3.70 GAA - .868 Save % into the game. Big body. Butterfly style. Takes up a ton of net. Crease composure is generally sound but he has had nights he has lost his net on occasion and pucks have ended up behind him. His game, overall, has to go to another level if the Flames are going to trust him to spill Markstrom on occasion. Back to back games for his team, coming off a huge win in Dallas. Monitor first ten minutes. He will need to be uber focused and ready to hold down the fort as the Flames regain their legs. Nov. 24, 2023Nov. 25, 2023
Jonathan HuberdeauLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW302 of 278 L1Huberdeau has certainly gone through more 'downs' than 'ups' to start the season. But the entire Flames team has been unpredictable through their first 16GP. Huberdeau is, incredibly, tied for second in team scoring (3G-6A). All three of his goals have come at ES. He has averaged 17:08 TOI - 13:52 ES - 3:12 PP ... but there have been nights he has seen himself deployed much less than in the past. The team needs him to be more aggressive getting pucks to the net. He only has 23 SOG. His most recent game, vs Vancouver, displayed much more play making / vision / creativity / impact. Monitor if he can use that game as a new 'kick start' to his season.Nov. 16, 2023Nov. 18, 2023
Noah HanifinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD263 of 385 P2Most of the Flames roster has struggled with consistency to start the season. Hanifin is no different. The '2-way D' has averaged nearly 23:00 TOI and been deployed in all situations. He's an excellent skater who's quick to space in the defensive zone and can lead, or join, the rush offensively. Hanifin has an under utilized shot. He can beat NHL goalies clean from range. He needs to get more pucks to the net. Some nights the puck hasn't bounced his way, but his (-8) rating through 14GP is the worst amongst Flames defenceman. His outlets, gap timing, and overall detail has room to improve. A mostly area defender. Active stick. Some bump along the wall. Pending UFA. Only 26 years young. A top four 'D' who can slide into the #1 pairing when needed. Nov. 11, 2023Nov. 14, 2023
Elias LindholmLogo of the Calgary FlamesC283 of 384 L1Lindholm is playing out the final year of his current contract. He's scheduled to become a UFA on July 1st / 2024. The start to his season has been uneven. He's logging first-line minutes and being used in all situations, but his shift to shift impact and detail has room to go to another level. Over his last five games his TOI has consistently hovered around 22:00 per game, with the exception being one game vs Ottawa (18:39). He's used in all situations, but hasn't scored a goal in the segment (2A). Lindholm isn't a physical forward. He's more of an area defender in his zone, and tries to create turnovers in the offensive zone by jumping to space quicker than his opponent / taking away space by pressuring the play with an active stick. Lindholm can push the pace in transition. He's a solid skater who, when attacking with speed, can drive defenders back with his pace / attack. Once settled in the offensive zone he's best described as equal parts shooter / distributor ... but more natural directing pucks on net than making elite plays to line mates. Lindhom is a (+77) over his last three seasons, but off to a (-4) start in 23/24. The entire team is just off in most categories and he is no different. His execution, and detail, has room to go to another level ... especially his responsibilities in the defensive zone and consistency in the face-off circle. He has more to give and would be an attractive target, in trade, for a contending team. He's a mid-range top line player who might be better suited as a 2C.Nov. 11, 2023Nov. 13, 2023
Daniel VladarLogo of the Calgary FlamesG262 of 478 1BVladar, like the entire Flames team, has struggled to start the season. His save percentage has been sub .900 in every one of his four starts. Vladar plays a butterfly / hybrid style. He's big in the net. When his crease composure is 'on' he plays between his posts and takes up a ton of net. His read / react / tracking has been slightly off and resulted in a lack of strong east / west push in his crease and goals above his pads / below his gloves when in the butterfly. He also needs to 'start periods on time' and find a way to make big saves in the first five minutes. Vladar competes. He has enough game to push a pure starter for time in the net, and he's only 26 years young. He's not ready to carry a 55 or 60 game load, but he's on an attractive contract and could definitely provide some stability for a team looking for a reliable #2A / #1B. He's a better goalie than his results have shown early in 23/24.Nov. 11, 2023Nov. 13, 2023
Christopher TanevLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD332 of 281 P2Tanev is best described as a '2-way / Match-up D' He's extremely competitive and willing to do whatever it takes to keep pucks out his net. The bulk of his TOI comes at ES and PK#1. In his last 5 games his ice time has ranged between 18:03 - 22:11. On November 11th Tanev skated 16:10 at ES and an incredible 5:43 on the PK versus Ottawa. He was credited with 4 shot blocks. Tanev arrives on time in all three zones and, occasionally, will skate the play up ice on his own. He's generally responsible with the puck. His outlets are crisp and accurate. Any offense that he produces should be considered a bonus. Tanev is a pending UFA who turns 34 in December, His next contract will likely max out at 2 years, maybe three at the most. He's dealt with his fair share of injuries over the course of his career. It's no coincidence, considering the hard minutes he plays every night and his approach to the game. It's only a matter of time before his body can't take the hard minutes it absorbs, but he would be a nice addition for a team looking to bolster their D-core in hopes of a deep playoff run. Nov. 11, 2023Nov. 13, 2023
Dustin WolfLogo of the Calgary FlamesG222 of 288 1BAre the Flames ready to test out the capabilities of Dustin Wolf at the NHL level? His category scores are based upon his success at the AHL level. Wolf is a, somewhat, undersize goalie but he's extremely athletic and full of secondary battle. He will do whatever is required to keep the puck out of his net. Butterfly style. Plays at the top of his crease in traffic. Agile. Mobile. Focused. Determined. Since turning pro, he has an 82-21-6 record at the AHL level. He's been recognized as an AHL All-Star - AHL MVG - and AHL MVP. He's ready for the next challenge.Nov. 10, 2023Nov. 11, 2023
Nazem KadriLogo of the Calgary FlamesC332 of 273 L2It's difficult to sugarcoat things when analyzing the current state of his overall game. He's struggling to play to an identity. At his best, in the past, when he bordered on impacting the game as a pest who produced offense. At this stage he isn't nearly involved enough or competing hard enough up and down the ice. There's no doubt he's a better player than he is showing. He's slumping. To start the season he's averaging 17:47 TOI - 14:25 ES - 3:17 PP - 0:04 PK He's only produced one assist and he's an early (-10) after ending last season a team worst (-19) Two bright lights are the fact he is winning 54% of his draws and he's directing pucks on net (23 SOG in first 8GP). He's clearly frustrated.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Andrew MangiapaneLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW272 of 280 L2His offense dropped off last year compared to (21/22). He scored half as many goals and produced twelve less points overall. Despite those stats, he finished the season (+12). Off to a solid start in (23/24). Leads the team in scoring. Driving play through the neutral zone. Showing willingness to take the puck to the net. His overall compete has been noticeable and he's attempting to play fast in all three zones. Being deployed in all situations. Averaging 15:51 TOI. One of the bright spots for the Flames to start the season. Involved.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Jordan OesterleLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD311 of 166 MLDepth defenceman who played 97 games, the past two seasons, in Detroit. Not big. Not small. Low maintenance. Simple. '2-way D'. Average skill across the board. His skating/agility allows him to rotate into shooting lanes in the defensive zone and block shots from the perimeter. Net front / down low defending is average. There are times bigger, stronger opponents establish body positioning and he has a hard time moving them away from danger areas. Minor league recall / 7D.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Walker DuehrLogo of the Calgary FlamesRW251 of 171 L4Depth forward who skates well, competes on and off the puck, and does some heavy lifting in the trenches. Occasionally he gets the edge, off the rush, and drives the paint. Scored seven goals in only 27GP last season. If provided more runway he looks like a power body who could score 10+ goals in a depth role. So far this season he's only averaging 9:10 TOI.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Adam RuzickaLogo of the Calgary FlamesC241 of 172 L3Was off to a solid start before going down with injury. Big body. Skilled. Excellent hands. Sturdy/Strong but not punishing physically. He would get more room if he was harder on pucks and leaned on opponents more aggressively in the trenches. Has the skill ... needs more will. Teases but hasn't sustained momentum for an entire season. More detail in the defensive zone required. More determination. Was averaging 13:28 TOI before injury. Deployed ES and PP.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Noah HanifinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD262 of 386 P2'2-way D' who's capable of escaping pressure from his zone and leading the play up ice on occasion. Generally elects to look for an outlet and move pucks, then skate up ice as an added layer offensively. Logs a ton of minutes. Averages 23:00 TOI. Deployed in all situations. Good size. Quick to space. Jumps from his crease areas to the corner boards effectively to kill plays. Has some bump to his game but not bone crushing physically. Pinches down to extend plays. Aggressive directing pucks on net. On the PK his agility stands out. He rotates into shooting lanes and blocks shots. Valuable. 2D / leaning 1D. Matches up against top six forwards. On expiring contract. UFA summer 2024.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
MacKenzie WeegarLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD293 of 383 P2'2-way / Transitional D' who's averaging just shy of 22:00 TOI to start the season. Deployed in all situations. When time and space is available he isn't shy about leading the rush. Generally sound distributor / outlets / and on the PP. Doesn't hesitate to pinch down in the offensive zone to extend plays and direct pucks on goal Good skater. A little long out of the blocks, but once up to speed his pace is sound. Pushes back physically. Blocks shots. There are times he tries to make something out of nothing, resulting in turnovers in key areas of the ice. Sometimes less would equal more. No easy minutes. Matches up against top six forwards.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Dennis GilbertLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD261 of 167 P3A '2-way' depth defenceman who leans 7D more than full time bottom pairing. Good size. Adequate skater. Decent length / reach taking away time and space in his zone. At times he chooses to join the rush, late, as an extra layer. Has also shown more willingness to exit his zone with the puck on his stick and skate it up ice when open space is presented. Overall there's not a ton of 'flash' to his game. Not shy about directing pucks on net. Willing to body up and block shots. Generally speaking, he keeps the game pretty simple / doesn't take a ton of risk / attempts to look after his zone first.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Dillon DubéLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW251 of 179 L3'2-way' forward who plays the game quick and fast. Tracks up and down the ice. Excellent skater. Agile. Great edges. Can be a threat off the rush. Leans shooter more than distributor. Involved in the hard areas ... provides energy with mid-range physicality. Averages 14:20 TOI - Second unit PP and PK. Detail ranges. Room for improvement executing outlets, chipping pucks to space, exiting the defensive zone. Looks like a player who's capable of another level offensively.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Elias LindholmLogo of the Calgary FlamesC282 of 385 L1In the final year of his contract. Pending UFA / summer 2024 The Flames second leading scorer in (22/23) Half of his goals (10) came on the PP. Quick release in tight quarters. Catches pucks between the dots and provides results. Moves well. Can drive play in transition but cannot be described as an elite play maker. Reliable. Competes. Sound hockey sense. Used in all situations. Averaging 20:56 TOI. Wins 58% of his draws. Off to an uneven start, defensively, as the team adopts a new d-zone coverage strategy that will take time for everyone to adjust to. Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Matthew CoronatoLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW204 of 478 L2First full year in the NHL after leaving Harvard in the spring. Learning on the job but playing to an energetic / quick strike offense / identity. To start the year he's averaging 13:37 TOI - 10:54 ES - 2:43 PP Pushing the pace to the best of his ability. A motion player who isn't exceptionally quick out of the blocks. Attacks off the rush and looks for lanes to direct pucks on net. Shoot first mentality on the primary PP unit. Sets up on the weak side flank. Neutral zone and defensive zone detail is a work in progress but his IQ is sound and he's competing. Needs miles. Element is offense.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Blake ColemanLogo of the Calgary FlamesC311 of 182 L3'2-way Forward' Plays quick and fast. Has the speed, and skill, to transition pucks through the neutral zone and back opponents off their blue lines. Leans shooter more than distributor. Secondary layer of offense overall. Competes. Averages 15:19 TOI - Deployed at ES and primary PK. Not physically punishing - but also not shy . Involved. Has moments where he gets a bit too cute with the puck on his zone exits, resulting in turnovers in key areas of the ice, but it's not a regular occurance and he competes to keep the puck out of his net.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
AJ GreerLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW261 of 164 RLDepth '2-Way' forward who leans 13F / Minor League Recall Good size. Pushes back physically. Team guy. Involved when required. Limited offensively Somewhat unusual stride but he generally arrives on time in all three zones. Role player. Averages 9:38 TOI - no special teams. Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Yegor SharangovichLogo of the Calgary FlamesC252 of 276 L3Acquired by Calgary in the Tyler Toffoli trade with New Jersey A 3F who provides some secondary scoring. Better than average skill. Can be deployed in a role on PP#2. At times he pushes the play off the rush. Some net drive but not a heavy player for his stature. So far, in Calgary, he's averaging 13:28 TOI - 10:55 ES - 0:41 PP - 1:51 PK Adjusting to a new team and new system. A work in progress adapting to new defensive zone system. Mixed results to date. (-8) through first 8GP. Needs to improve in the face-off circle (36%Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Dryden HuntLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW271 of 166 RLDepth forward. Leans 13F / Recall more than full time NHL player Competes. Provides energy. Average skater. Has bounced around the last couple seasons between NHL clubs - NYR/COL/CGY - and their AHL affiliates. Proven scorer in the minors. Limited role when he suits up for the Flames. Averages around 11:00 TOI. Mainly at ES - sprinkling of PP time. 4F at most.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Mikael BacklundLogo of the Calgary FlamesC342 of 283 L2Named Captain of the Flames before start of training camp. Signed an extension that kicks in at the start of (24/25) season. Career Flame. 2-way forward who provides better than secondary offense and is deployed in all situations. To start the season he's averaging 18:37 TOI - 13:47 ES - 1:55 PP - 2:55 PK Takes key face-offs in all three zones. Averaging 54%. Good skater. Not overly physical. Responsible. Detailed. One of the top shot producers on the entire roster. Directed 260 SOG last year. Playing to same identity this year - 22 SOG through 8GP.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Jonathan HuberdeauLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW301 of 277 L1Struggled in is first year with the Flames. Didn't play to his strengths / identity as a playmaker. Reset required. Entering first year of new contract.' Off to an uneven start to the (23/24) season. Averaging 17:09 TOI. Deployed at ES and PP#1 Defensive detail has ranged. Puck management, in all three zones, requires more detail. Average plus skater. Not a burner. Elite playmaker when on his game. Fantastic puck touch. Understated shot. Appears 'stuck'. Not comfortable. A much better player than he has displayed to start the year.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Christopher TanevLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD331 of 280 P22-way 'D' who empties the tank every time his number is called. Leads by example. High end compete. Defends with purpose. Battles for pucks. Gets in the shooting lane to block shots. Generally has no issues with the pace of the NHL game. Defends against speed rush when the play is in front of him. When pucks chip past him, when on the offensive blue line, it isn't his area of strength to catch opponents when they have a head start on zone exits. Has struggled with injuries ... due to the way he sacrifices his body ... On an expiring contract.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Rasmus AnderssonLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD261 of 187 P1Attracted unwanted attention with his hit on Patrick Laine that resulted in a four game suspension to start the season. Leading up to that point he had been playing to his identity but struggling, at times (like the entire team) with execution. Minute muncher. Averaging over 23:00 TOI. Deployed in all situations. '2-way - Transitional D' who can lead the rush on his own, join as an extra layer and pinch down to extend offensive zone time. Sneaky shooter from range. QB on one of the PP units. Battles. Competes. Top pairing for the Flames.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Daniel VladarLogo of the Calgary FlamesG261 of 479 1BButterfly / Hybrid style. Big in the net. When square to the play he doesn't provide too many options for shooters. Rebound control is generally sound. When pucks spill off him, to the side, his lateral push is put to the test to make second saves. No issues with his read/react ... but ... his side to side quickness is average plus when plays move east/west off the rush or in tight below the dots in his zone. Competes. Has the ability, overall, to steal games on occasion. Off to a tough start statistically but the group in front of him is struggling with consistency and giving up a ton of grade 'A' chances against. Monitor crease composure and positioning.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Jacob MarkströmLogo of the Calgary FlamesG331 of 182 1AThrough his first 6GP his stats don't tell the entire story. His 2.68 GAA and .906 save % are mid-range for a #1 ... but he's being tasked with making more Grade A stops than most to start the season. Big body. Butterfly. Good athlete for stature. Coming off a down season in (21/22) - he's already allowing .30 goals less per game on average. He would like to have a few pucks back, but overall he's made more big stops than allowed poor goals against. Remains a #1A. Monitor focus at starts of periods / making early saves. Would like to see him read/react/ find pucks in traffic more consistently.Oct. 24, 2023Oct. 27, 2023
Noah HanifinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD261 of 374 P2Averaged over 23 minutes TOI last season. Used in all situations. Takes on the challenge of matching up against opponents top six forwards. Good feet. Closes effectively. Quick to space defensively. Not overly physical for his stature - leans bumper more than punisher. Not elite offensively but capable to produce on the second unit PP. Willing to get in the lane to block shots at ES and the PK. A veteran of over 600 NHL games despite his young age Several years of impact ahead. Middle pairing on contending team. 2-way 'D'Apr. 4, 2023Jun. 22, 2023
Elias LindholmLogo of the Calgary FlamesC281 of 374 T6His average TOI, historically, hovers between 18 - 20 minutes per game. Used in all situations. Wins over 55% of his draws. Goal scoring dropped off from a career high (47) last season to (22) this season. Directed less shots on goal. Didn't find pucks in scoring areas as consistently. Playmaking remained constant (42 assists). A reliable three zone forward with top tier scoring ability. Competes. Some bump to his game (98hits). Can play quick and fast in transition.Apr. 4, 2023Jun. 22, 2023
Mikael BacklundLogo of the Calgary FlamesC341 of 271 M6Despite the team having a difficult year, full of distractions, he managed to post a career high in points. Used in all situations. Won over 50% of his draws. Aggressive directing pucks on net (260 SOG). and defensively responsible - his (+24) rating led the team. A 'glue guy' in the middle of the lineup. Aging veteran who still plays the game quick and fast enough. Not elite offensively - historically - but remains a 'secondary scorer' at this stage of his career. Averages between 17 - 19 minutes per game TOI. Durable. Has had a mostly healthy career to date.Apr. 4, 2023Jun. 22, 2023
Yegor SharangovichLogo of the Calgary FlamesC241 of 264 M6An enigma. His, year over year, stats have fallen off substantially. His role has diminished in New Jersey. He was used, in his 24 goal season, higher in the lineup and skated along side Jack Hughes on many nights. He was also used on the PP in 21/22, This past season he was deployed at ES and PK but his role on the PP was taken away and his role trended down to a middle six forward. He has size, skill, goes to the crease looking for tips and rebounds BUT he's not a heavy/physical player. He can be a threat to score on the PK and burst up ice when time and space evolve. Change of scenery might be required. Young. Still has upside.Apr. 6, 2023Jun. 22, 2023
Samuel HonzekLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW181 of 169 T3A big, strong forward who gives opponents all they can handle in the offensive zone - below the goal line - coming off the boards and going to the net - and setting up around the crease looking for tips and screens Real good puck touch Equal parts goal scorer and playmaker. Sound hockey IQ - understands how to play responsible in all three zones - Skating will need to improve another 10% for NHL game.Feb. 5, 2023Jun. 13, 2023
Aydar SunievLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW181 of 164 M6Easy to identify his element - His read/react game in the offensive zone - or off the rush as plays develop - is upper tier for this draft class A massive threat to create on the PP - Leans shooter more than distributor Paces his game his own way - more attention to detail required in his zone as he matures Good size - bumps opponents off the play without making a ton of effort Going to college - should round out his game - offensive element is very appealing - makes plays forehand and backhand - great puck touchMar. 24, 2023Jun. 13, 2023
Étienne MorinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD183 of 376 P2Leans Transitional defenceman / PP QB / Effortless skater who can play big minutes Continues to show deception on the offensive blue line - directs pucks on goal OR distributes - equal parts a threat on both side. Some defending concerns down the stretch and into the U18 Worlds. An area defender who will bump opponents on occasion - but his timing taking away space and containing the play to the perimeter / winning second pucks in the trenches ranges.Apr. 30, 2023-
Axel HurtigLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD171 of 159 MLBig body defender Average skater Not flash to his game. Deployed at ES and PK. Skating is average plus for his stature - will have to improve for the North American ice surface Leans Defensive 'D' on projection Depth prospect / late round consideration for the draft in 2023Apr. 30, 2023-
Étienne MorinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD182 of 373 P2Effortless skater who leans 2-way / transitional 'D' on projection Quarterbacks the PP at the junior level. Style of player who can eat heavy minutes. Sees the ice, responsible distributing in the offensive zone, has some deception walking the line and directing pucks on goal from range. Can lead or join the rush at even strength. An area defender. Not punishing. Gets in the lane. Uses his agility and quickness to arrive ahead of opponents. Defending is average plus overall - some nights trending higher. Under pressure his outlets can be more crisp at times, and he can play with more urgency in his zoneMar. 24, 2023Mar. 29, 2023
Jake BoltmannLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD213 of 360 P3As he continues to mature as a college player, his identity is easily defined. Boltmann is a right-shot defender who is used on his off-side at Notre Dame. Although he is showing he is capable in the role, his best shifts come when he's in motion and making outlets from his natural / strong side. Boltmann is a, mostly simple, 2-way 'D'. He absorbs contact to make outlets in his zone. He doesn't provide a ton offensively. He is deployed at even strength and the primary PK. He's a very competitive defender who isn't shy physically. He finishes his checks with authority regularly. Boltmann is a good skater but does have room for more paceMar. 3, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
Topi RönniLogo of the Calgary FlamesC184 of 469 M6Over a ten game segment from (February 2nd - March 3rd / 2023) he split time with Tappara in Liiga and the U20 team. In the five games he played within his age group he produced (2G - 8A) and was used in all situations. At the pro level he scored (1G - 2A) in five games. Overall it's been a positive stretch. He is competing, handling the puck more, showing more confidence overall. His compete, pace, and three zone detail has been reliable. The fact he is showing more offensive upside towards the end of the season is a positive.Mar. 8, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
Cade LittlerLogo of the Calgary FlamesC181 of 163 RLA big, long, right-shot, 2-way leaning, forward with better than average power. He bumps up against opponents and doesn't shy away from contact to extend a play or make sure pucks get deep in the offensive zone off the rush. Used in all situations at the BCHL level. When pucks come to him, on the weak side flank, on the the power-play he has a shoot first approach. Long reach is an asset when directing pucks on net, finding rebounds, extending plays. Sound hockey IQ overall. His skating needs to improve at the college level, in order to give him a chance as a depth organizational piece.Mar. 4, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
Parker BellLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW191 of 162 L4A bit of a late bloomer. Big body. Power forward presence. Finishes his checks as F1. Has the battle, and length, to extend plays in the offensive zone. Surprises with good puck touch in small areas / coming off the half wall and cycle. Net front presence on the power-play. A sound three zone player who competes. He has a chance to contribute some depth / secondary offense. Being used in all situations at the WHL level. Skating is sound once up to speed. First three steps and quick turns have room for improvement.Mar. 5, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
William StrömgrenLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW191 of 155 RLStromgren has had difficulty establishing himself in the upper half of the line-up at his own age group (WJC) and has a limited role playing in the SHL with 'Brynas'. All of his ice time comes at even strength. He has not been deployed on the penalty kill or power-play. He has good size with plenty of room for more strength. His stride is sound but lacks explosiveness out of the gate. Once up to speed he has no issues with the pace of the SHL game in Sweden. His handles are limited and he's not a natural playmaker. On projection he looks like a depth checking forward. He's smart in all three zones and rarely caught out of position.Feb. 28, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
Matthew CoronatoLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW203 of 469 M6Having another solid year at Harvard and being used in all situations. He's trending up. His element is offense but small details have improved in his game. He's averaging (54%) in the face-off circle and winning draws on both sides of the ice. He gets low to the ice / leverages well vs. bigger opponents on draws. His read/react game continues to evolve. He anticipates very well off the puck and pressures the play defensively. Coronato's skating has room to go to another level. He's best described as an average plus NHL skater on projection. HIs quick stick and equally accurate release creates scoring chances and goals for at ES and PP.Feb. 24, 2023Mar. 11, 2023
Étienne MorinLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD171 of 375 P2On the rise - 2-way Transitional 'D' Showed very well in January at the Prospects Game vs his peer group Excellent skater - agile Room for more upper body strength - he shows up along the wall and battles out front his net but added strength required for more positive results Manages the puck - transitional element - shooter and distributor as PP QBJan. 25, 2023Feb. 7, 2023
Topi RönniLogo of the Calgary FlamesC183 of 467 M6Middle six role versus Team Swiss to start WJC in Moncton Some pursuit / bump as F1 on the forecheck trying to create turnovers Limited number of handles. Almost no opportunity to make plays offensively. Deployed at ES and PK. Good detail on the defensive side of the puck. Three zone compete was reliable.Dec. 26, 2022-
Topi RönniLogo of the Calgary FlamesC182 of 470 M6When skating with his peers in his age group he is creating more offense The results have been slow to materialize when he gets a chance to play for the men's team in Liiga Good size. Moves well. Has shown he can manage pucks on the power play from his weak side flank. A sound 200ft game overall. He competes. Potential to create secondary offense, in time, at the NHL levelNov. 24, 2022Nov. 30, 2022
Jake BoltmannLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD212 of 361 P3Last year he spiked offensively compared to his historical production A competitive player who moves well and has some bump to his game physically. He can be used in key match ups and on the penalty kill His skating is sound. At times he will skate pucks up ice or join as an extra layer. There was a time, last season, that it appeared he would take his game to another level offensively but he has resorted to being 2-way / match up defender in 2022-2023Nov. 25, 2022Nov. 30, 2022
Matthew CoronatoLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW202 of 467 M6Element is offense Continues to play to his identity at the college level Dangerous on the power play. Ability to make plays through seams and find pucks around the crease. His read/react game in the offensive zone is NHL worthy. Needs to play fast more often / maintain his pace for a full shift. More pace will lead to more threat off the rush. Used in all situations at college. Not likely a penalty killer as a pro.Nov. 25, 2022Nov. 30, 2022
Arsenii SergeevLogo of the Calgary FlamesG191 of 175 BUSergeev is an interesting prospect. He's big in his net. He squares up well and tracks the play on time. There are occasions he gets too aggressive in his crease and over anticipates the play. He will get too far outside the blue paint challenging shooters. Plenty athletic. Wirery. Needs coaching / and time. There is much more to like than dislike at this stage of his development. Never quits on a puck. Increased composure required.Oct. 21, 2022Oct. 31, 2022
Jakob PelletierLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW211 of 173 M6Undersize forward who brings compete and skill Doesn't back down. Gets involved. Creates turnovers when he doesn't have the puck Quick and fast. Uses his speed as an asset when on the penalty kill.. A candidate for the second power play unit at worst. Has already proven he is capable of scoring at the AHL level.Oct. 21, 2022Oct. 27, 2022
Matthew CoronatoLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW191 of 468 M6Element is offense. High end hockey IQ in the offensive zone. His patience waiting out pressure is a skill attribute he uses to his advantage to make plays Extremely dangerous on the power play. Makes plays through seams. Skating is going to have to improve for the NHL game. He gets hunched over, taking away some of his glide in the process. At this stage he isn't a transition threat. Responsible enough in his zone at even strength. Not likely to PK.Oct. 22, 2022Oct. 26, 2022
Dustin WolfLogo of the Calgary FlamesG211 of 279 1BSize will always be the discussion but he is a very efficient goalie who's ultra competitive. He displays patience in his crease. His composure waits out opponents. He rarely drops first or over-anticipates. Lateral quickness is NHL caliber. When moving side to side he will angle out on the shooter to take away the top of the net. If he does get caught too deep in his crease, and low in his butterfly, he relies on any kind of desperation stop required. Wolf has quick gloves. There aren't any significant weaknesses in his game.Oct. 22, 2022Oct. 26, 2022
MacKenzie WeegarLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD282 of 371 P1Has proven he can log big minutes in both regular season and playoffs. His AVG TOI has ranged from 20:00 - 25:00 depending on game scenarios. His 8g-36a-44pts is even more impressive considering he only scored 1g-2a on the PP. A competitive defender who isn't shy about getting involved physically. Never backs down from a challenge. Over his first 5 full years in the NHL he's an impressive (+77) GF/GA. Ability to play his off-side is a bonus. At times he could keep things more simple with outlets. A high end #3 / Capable #2.May 17, 2022Jul. 27, 2022
Cole SchwindtLogo of the Calgary FlamesC201 of 171 M6Played to his identity in his first full year of pro with Charlotte in the AHL Big body. Right Shot. A center who can also play the wing. Excellent in the face-off circle. His ability to win draws allows his team to start with the puck in all three zones. His 19g-21a-40 pts in the AHL projects as a middle of the lineup / secondary scoring option in the NHL. Although he tied for 2nd in Charlotte scoring its his full 200ft game that is most impressive. He led the Checkers with a (+22) rating. Trustworthy. Reliable. Character.Mar. 25, 2022Jul. 27, 2022
Mark PysykLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD301 of 153 P3AVG TOI ranged from 15:00 - 19:00 in 21/22.A 2-way 'D' who can skates pucks / join rush A veteran depth defender. He will bump opponents but he's not a punishing player. Generally makes responsible decisions with the puck. On occasion, especially under duress in his zone, he tends to chip/move pucks into areas that result in scoring chances against. Not the type of 'D' that will play heavy match up minutes vs top 6 forwards but he is capable defending middle 6. Some secondary offense at ES is a bonus.Mar. 2, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Andrew MangiapaneLogo of the Calgary FlamesLW251 of 262 T6Goal scorer His element is his offense Produces on the PP. At times he is a transition threat. Generally speaking his creativity is set in motion when the team has possession of the puck in the offensive zone. Defensive detail has improved. He is more aware in his zone and more engaged. Top 6 NHL scoring forward on most teams in the league.Mar. 3, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Oliver KylingtonLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD241 of 172 P2Took his game to another level in 21/22 Averaged over 18:00 TOI. By end of the season he was being used in all situations. Excellent skater who can lead the rush on his own, escape pressure down low in his zone, and join the rush late as an extra layer. More engaged physically. Also more confident with the puck on his stick / making plays. Settling in to a top 4 role.Mar. 3, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Nazem KadriLogo of the Calgary FlamesC311 of 279 T6Stanley Cup Champion who brought energy, offense, high end compete, and determination to the Colorado Avalanche Career high in points. Elevated his game when team had key injuries. Can be used in all situations. Averaged over 19:00 TOI in 2021-2022. Hard to play against. Creates distraction and produces offense while playing on the edge. Leads by example.Mar. 3, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
MacKenzie WeegarLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD281 of 370 P1Has matured into a reliable top pairing option who can play his off-side. Averaged a career high 23:35 TOI in 2021/2022. Can be trusted in key defensive zone starts / match-ups and on the PK. Has sneaky bite. Battles. Not shy. Will lean on opponents. Aggressive compete. Sees the ice. Makes sound decisions and outlets. If he does get into trouble its usually due to the fact he looked off his first option and exposed the puck in the middle of the ice. Overall there are no real holes in his game at this stage of his career. More than secondary scorer.Jan. 18, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Jérémie PoirierLogo of the Calgary FlamesLD201 of 169 P3Jeremie has come a long way with his approach to the game. A transitional threat who can produce offense from the back end. Poirier has the ability to distribute and direct pucks on net on the PP. As a pro he has potential to be a bottom pairing 'D' at even strength but elevate to run one of the power play units. His element is his puck skill and ability to make plays but defending has improved a great dealJun. 29, 2022Jun. 30, 2022
Topi RönniLogo of the Calgary FlamesC171 of 466 L4A useful 2-way forward who can be used in a variety of roles He brings size and length. At times he shows the ability to make small area plays and create offense. The kind of player who causes turnovers and extends plays. He never goes away. He wants the puck back when he doesn't have it and works to protect it and try to make plays when he does. Teams value these kind of players. Competes and plays to a reliable identity. More strength, in time, will add to his game. Skates well. Has sound hockey IQ.Apr. 28, 2022Jun. 26, 2022
Jake BoltmannLogo of the Calgary FlamesRD201 of 361 P2Contributes in a variety of ways Makes sound decisions without the puck and away from the play on both sides of the puck Ability to add an extra layer offensively joining the play off the rush Doesn't take unnecessary risk. Thoughtful. Manages the game and reads the situation in front of him. Being used RS and on PP#2. Has ability and IQ to PK as well. Leans 2-way D who will bring better than secondary offense.Dec. 3, 2021Jan. 2, 2022