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Thread: Is this fair
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>qc14</b></div><div>yea I think that despite what the perception is around the league and even among caps fans themselves the defensive corps and team defense in general is actually very solid (they put up defensive results comparable to colorado last year), and Kuemper has been consistently one of the league's best goalies the past 5 years. Their forward depth looks really good with probably 9 or 10 (6 in the lineup + 3 or 4 scratches) guys who would be legitimately good bottom 6 players. Their big problem is that the only truly elite talent they have is Ovi, Kuzy, and Carlson and while I truly think Carlson is underrated as a top 5-10 defenseman in the league, Ovi and Kuzy are at the lower end of elite.

Like you said I think to make a real run to the conference or cup finals absent a shesterkin/lundquist type heater from Kuemper they are going to need at least one of their complementary players to take a step towards actual elite territory. Wilson sort of did for half of last season, but at least one of Wilson, Strome, Mantha, Orlov, Fehervary, Brown, and McMichael will need to become true game-breakers rather than just very good players to take that next step. The good thing is that I think Strome, Fehervary, and McMichael especially all <em>could</em> make that jump.

I guess a long way of saying 4 20+ goal scorers doesn't concern me when they have 15 10+ goal scorers. More concerned about only ovi breaking 30 goals and only ovi and kuzy breaking 70 points.</div></div>

Very good points all around. Totally agree. Thanks for the feedback!!
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