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Miss the Thrashers
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May 1, 2018
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Site expert CardiacCane. Yes, I have more inside info on the Canes than you do.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>1. No, you really don't understand.

After getting wrecked for making TDA a 1st pairing defenceman, you're now mad and wanting to lash out at the guy that wrecked you.

2. Send any forward of your choosing to the AHL to make room for Kampf.

Spend a 4th or 5th round pick on a Top 6 D man capable of playing top 4 minutes and PK time and that is making less than 2 million because they are a dime a dozen.

Recognize that Gardiner is out for the season on LTIR, giving the Canes 1.7 million in cap relief.

You're welcome.

3. So, we've gone from TDA being a top pairing D-man to now being a Top 4 D-man??

Your hedging is pathetic.

4. At least one of the four players you listed will be leaving in the off-season and Kampf's cap hit is only 1.5 million.

Circle of life.

5. So, you've watched the Canes since the late '90s.

As if what happened with the Canes back then is somehow relevant in the year 2021.

If you watched them for another 24 years, you might get up to speed.

But even then ...</div></div>

1) TDA IS FIRST PAIRING, he's played 92.5% of his ES minutes with Slavin!

2) There's no extra forwards on the roster that have a buriable cap hit. Lorentz is the only one and he's go too much upside to send down. Jarvis would have to go to the WHL and couldn't be recalled.

3) HE'S TOP PAIRING, Pesce is always the 2RD, because they always split him and Slavo up!

4) Two are RFA's and 2 are top-six forwards. They'll attempt to bring them all back, even if Nino goes, you still have to pay Kotkaniemi.

5) I've watched them my entire life and you're acting like you know the organization you've only started watching this season forever. Like you own them, it's funny. Maybe just leave it to people that watch EVERY single Canes game.
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