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People acting like this one decision is the cause for every single thing that happens in Toronto.

John Tavares is not responsible for Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews scoring a combined one goal in seven games against a team that finished 19th in the regular season. John Tavares is not responsible for Alex Galchenyuk blindly throwing a puck in the middle of the ice that immediately lead to a Suzuki GWOTG. John Tavares is not responsible for him being injured and hospitalized 10 minutes into Game 1 of that series. John Tavares is not responsible for Jake Muzzin getting hurt at the end of that series. John Tavares is not responsible for Sheldon Keefe not adjusting to how the Canadiens were defending them in the neutral zone.

As currently constructed, that roster was good enough to beat the Montreal Canadiens. It went to seven games. Two of their four losses went to overtime. There are reasons why they didn't win, yes. Maybe if they had Tavares's $11M to spend, they could have gotten some more depth scoring and players who are tougher to play against. Or, John Tavares could have been healthy. Do I believe that having John Tavares in the lineup would have made a difference in a series decided by three one goal games, including two in overtime? Yes. Absolutely.

And let's not forget, Montreal is now in the Stanley Cup Finals. Toronto came closer to beating them than Vegas did. It's not a perfect comparison by any means, but it's not out of the question that a healthy Tavares (and Muzzin) are taking the Leafs to at least the semi finals. That's not to take away anything from Montreal, because they've certainly earned it. And if they've earned it as much as we all say they have, does it really look that bad on Toronto for losing to them without two of their key pieces? Nothing that happened to Toronto in the postseason has anything to do with John Tavares's play or this contract.