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Thread: Jake
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>DeBrusk last 2 seasons : 10 goals, 24 points in 72 games (0.33 PPG)... He plays 14-15 minutes per game so I don't think it's a lack of opportunity. Even his possession metrics are not very good. His QO is quite high so unless he'd want to sign for much lower... I'd much rather have Thomas Chabot best friend Colin White who is still very useful when not scoring by being solid defensively and having good possession stats. He had a pretty solid rookie season offensively but hasn't had the same role since (he's not a top-6 forward) but stil has produced more than DeBrusk (~0.4 PPG)

Foligno 3.8 AAV next season vs Del Zotto 2.0 AAV next season : Who would you rather have? MDZ has 17 pts in 18 NHL/AHL games this season, maybe if sheltered in a strong system, he could even be a bit useful. We love Nick but he's going to be 35 y/o next season, he's getting too old/slow for the NHL

Parker Kelly is a short term 4th liner, maybe could be useful for a season or two. But yeah I think we'd take the 5th here

Sens have even less reason to do that, unless they think that DeBrusk would turn it around in a big way in Ottawa? TOI would become hard to get too

Tkachuk, Formenton, Stutzle (?), Paul, Greig, Crookshank, Sokolov, Jarventie, Lodin

Sens would rather have White and not have Foligno's contract. But everything is possible as Dorion makes a lot of bad decisions.</div></div>

White is a 3rd liner with bad contract…keep him.

Much rather have Foligno than Del Zotto, thanks for asking. It’s not even close. Nick’s contract sucks too but come playoffs he’s the type of player they have been lacking. Del Zotto is just a depth d and not a very good one.
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