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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JmoneyTalk</b></div><div>You're an angry little elf. Boston's not winning the cup anytime soon so you can throw that little idea out of your head. Marody is better then half the Bruins roster he pushes for a top 6 spot now. Same with Laggeson. Bruins get instantly better while also getting a 3rdhanded to then for hardly retaining anything for a couple years. Debrusk is playing on the 4th line. The Bruins have failed him. Let him play for a team he'll actually get minutes on and enjoy playing on, seeing that he's from Edmonton.</div></div>

Lol, lay off the weed. Marody and Lagesson don’t even make the roster much less push for top 6 and top 4. The idea that Marody would push for top 6 in Boston where Craig Smith, a proven 20 goal scorer, is their worst in the top 6, meanwhile he cannot break into a lineup that plays stiffs like Haas, Archibald, Kahun, Shore, Chiasson, Kharia regularly is obscenely laughable.. Lagesson would be 12th on the depth chart. Lol.

Debrusk has not been playing on the 4th line. I believe he’s done it 3 or 4 times this year total. He’s had 2 injuries, 2 positive covid tests, mentally drained, and playing his off wing which he struggles mightily with. He is better off playing 4th line LW than middle 6 RW, at least he is on his natural and comfortable side. He was moved there to try to get him jumpstarted.

There is fairly high chance he’s moved in the offseason. But it won’t be for spare parts. They’ll just hold him if that’s the case. You want Debrusk in the offseason. Try Lavoie and either Kemp/Jones/2nd as the 2nd piece.
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