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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>oooook, so I see that I'll have to walk you through it (italics is what I wrote)

- <em>Brannstrom is younger</em> : FACT (23 vs 24)

- <em>has a better PPG</em> : I meant to wrote "the last 3 years" to compare the same ages (FACT : 0.29 vs 0.27)

- <em>better defensive metrics</em> : I didn't realize I had to be extremely precise so here you go. I was talking on-ice last season at ES of course (FACT : CA/60, FA/60, SA/60, xGA/60)

- <em>more untapped potential</em> : this one is more of an opinion but was pretty standard among the hockey community. Brannstrom has higher pedigree, used to be ranked very high as a prospect

I don't know where you get your "<em>whole lot of inaccurate lol</em>" from. How could I know that I had to walk you through every little thing?

What I find funny is you calling for inaccuracy while the facts you brought are all around pts (I mean, I'm pretty informed in advanced stats so it made me chuckle a little) from last season and this :

Brannstrom mainly played with a declined Nick Holden who completely fell off a cliff last season, so much that he is without a contract now. POJ played with Ruhwedel, Petry, Rutta and Letang. Much better players than Holden.</div></div>

Again Brannstrom is younger by like 60 days. It’s still weak and grasping at straws. If you really had a legit argument you wouldn’t need to use age for players that are literally 2 months apart in age lol.

Ppg over the last 3 years. 1. Yes you should explain that as how would anyone assume that’s what you’re talking about since POJ has only played 1 full season (last year). 2. Again cherry picking stats is a weak argument. Idc and no GM is going to take what a player did 3 years ago over what they did last year. Hockey is a what have you done for me lately business. That’s just a fact and POJ had a better year than Brannstrom last year.

Wait you took offensive stats over the last 3 years but only took certain defensive stats over last year at ES. Talk about proving you are cherry picking stats. Have you ever heard of “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”? If not you should look it up.

It’s funny to me how you named half of the pens d that POJ played at least a few minutes with yet refused to acknowledge that Brannstrom also played with Chabot, Zub, Zaitsev also.
By the way, POJ’s most common parter was Ruhwedel, who is a 7th dman. His next most common partner was Petry who fell off a cliff and had a bad season. His 3rd most common partner was Rutta who was injured and just looked like a 6/7 d last year. He also played time with Dumo who was extreme hot garbage, Friedman who spent the majority of time in the AHL, Smith who also spent most of the time in the AHL, Kulikov who was injured most of the time he was here and was a cap dump.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>You really have to question who wins a competition between Buchnevich and Rust? Playing 1st line doesn’t necessarily matter. Playing top 6 and getting minutes does. Meier is younger yes, but he also probably commanded 500k more AAV to sign because of that. Meier was an RFA correct, but he also had a 10m qualifying offer attached to that which essentially negates the QO unless things go so south you’re tanking the next season. The general outcome is you’re planning on extending both players to term.

The penguins have their core signed for the most part. Crosby shouldn’t increase in AAV on his next contract if he doesn’t retire, same with Malkin. Guentzel will but him and Buchnevich are completely different players.

They most likely can fit both players in long term. It negates the need to go through an extended period of being awful while having Guentzel signed if they do extend him. Buchnevich also plays all 3 forward positions. He probably shouldn’t be counted on as a center but he has extensive time on both wings.

The comparison to Meier is a top line winger. Which Buchnevich has been since he came to STL. I don’t see a large discrepancy in age given they both have at least 5+ good years in them. Meier isn’t exactly brand new to the league. You know what you’re getting with him as you do with Buchnevich</div></div>

Well Rust plays so well with Crosby and Malkin. While he would also play well as a 3rd liner, he’d be a very expensive one. Meier having a 10 million QO didn’t disqualify him as an RFA or getting QO’d. The devils had the cap to do that. That’s the point. Next season the pens only have 18 million in cap space if the cap goes up the projected 4 million. Almost half of that should go to Guentzel. Now add to the fact that following year when Buch, Reilly Smith, Crosby, MP are all free agents on top of now needing another 3C and signing/re-signing some other lesser players like Ty Smith, DOC, Nylander, etc. The 4 big players I mentioned for the following year should take up about half of the expected cap room that year and gives the pens only 12 players signed with roughly 20 million in cap space. It’s just not really feasible unless they know for a fact Crosby will take a huge discount.