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Thread: Beauviller
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>You just described every habs fan trying to over hype Drouin's Value .

Given Beau's stats actually are damn near identical to Armia's head to head
While Drouin head to head Drouins out paced him
Corsi and Fenwick % are a mile apart in favor of Drouin.

Where Beauviller(24%) stands out over Armia(18%) and Drouin(18%) is his Goal Scoring only
Beauvillier unlike them also has no injury issues playing as many games as possible each season(big upside if they're young and health Goal scorer's for sure)

But we're not talking 1st line guy here unless you're running a system with no true #1 line like MTL does

All im saying is Beavuillier isnt some elite 1st line Wing player.
He's a middle 6 guy with the potential to mature into that role on a team with no true #1 winger prospect for that role.

He's good but he's smaller , less experienced and 22 career Power Play Points (drouin had 34 by age 21 (2 years younger)
We're not talking about a 50+ point player in Beauvillier
Similar to a Andrew Shaw he might get close enough to touch it once but thats it



Youre kidding me. A middle 6 guy?

1. He was on pace for 50 points this year
2. He is above average in every category, is an elite skater, and is really smart. Hes also very young.
3. Its not really fair to compare points when a guy is playing for trotz. I mean barzy averages 60-65 points a season when hes a ppg player with any other coach (besides torts). Point being beauvillier is a 60 point player on a team where hes allowed to take a few chances and that focuses a little on offense.
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