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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Isles777</b></div><div>trotz is mismatching skillsets and playing too many guys that can't move the puck or generate offense. How can you expect to win when Coburn, greene, mayfield, zajac , Martin, and clutterbuck are in the lineup at the same time?

Barzal + Eberle have been one of the best duo's in the league this season in terms of sustaining pressure in the ozone and generating high danger scoring chances. Trotz putting zajac with them killed their momentum and they haven't been the same in weeks. Bailey was with them tonight and they had one good scoring chance. It's a problem. The 2nd line was zajac-nelson-palmieri, which was the worst line tonight. Way too slow of a line, they had the worst xGA and zajac made multiple errors. The 4th line has bad the entire year...

He put in Coburn for Dobson despite the fact that dobson played a role in both PP goals last game. Isles went 4v4 in the 3rd, who did trotz put out? The 4th line.Shortly after the isles went 4v3 and trotz kept barzal on the bench...I mean cmon lol - I was listening to the caps broadcast and they were laughing , they couldn't believe it.</div></div>

Also you saw last game on the pp dobson moved the puck, there was great puck movement, tonight it was pulockholding the puck at the point. Also pulock should not be quaterbacking the pp. If you want to put him in bc of his shot fine, but you have to get a puck mover in there to run it.
Brayden coburn should be sent on a very long vacation to beautiful sweden, let him come back when the seasons over. That was one of the worst trades in franchise history.
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