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Forum: NHL TradesApr 11, 2017 at 3:50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>

But the thing is, he keeps acquiring players that aren't a good fit there. I mean, everyone does that, but Stan Bowman does it a LOT. He gave up Danault and a 2nd for Fleischmann and Weise, and they weren't good fits there. Ladd wasn't a good fit there and they gave up a LOT for him. And he traded away Stephen Johns who has been playing some pretty good hockey, and Patrick Sharp, who until this year, had been a pretty good player even compared to other NHL players.
Also, i usually think about stuff as if there's no salary cap, but there is, so ... look at those horrible contracts to Kane and Toews. Maybe they did that Johns, Sharp - Daley, Garbutt trade to get rid of some salary (not sure what the salaries are for those players), but he was the one who signed Toews and Kane to those huge contracts. And look how Daley played there. Another guy who wasn't a good fit for them. Then they traded Garbutt for Sekac, who they lost on waivers, and then they traded Daley for Scuderi and Scuderi for Ehrhoff. They don't have any of what they got in that deal anymore.
Also not a big fan of the Sam Carrick move at the deadline as i think he has potential.

He gave up a lot for Johnny Oduya, who i really think might be a bit overrated. I mean, he's a good passer, but i see him as a good 3rd pairing guy who plays a good game but isn't really a top 4 guy in my opinion. He gave up Raantta for not much too.
He traded away Teravainen for picks as well, which i don't think helped them.

So overall, i think we'll have to wait 5 years or so, and i have a feeling that Chicago will be horrible in 5 years, and maybe for the next 6-7-8 years after that. That's just me though.</div></div>

Man, you're crazy. The Hawks team management is the reason they've been so successful, and this is coming from a Blues fan. Your complaints above are trivial. Bowman understands that to win, you build a core and you don't stay attached to guys outside of the core. Yeah, he signed Kane and Toews for too much, but it was to ensure he keeps his core together for this cup window. So what if they're horrible in 5 years??? It's a cyclical league, and when you have a good talent core and cup aspirations every year, you make the moves like he did for rentals and role players. Sure, they might not always pay off, <strong>but at the end of the day, 3 cups in 6 years and a chance now for 4 in 8 is exactly what defines a great GM</strong>. As for the guys that he has moved out, yeah there has been a lot of talent leaving. He had to lose Teravainen to be able to shed Bickell's contract. He had to move Sharp due to cap implications. Raanta was pushed out by Darling, big deal if they lost a backup goalie without a massive return. Couldn't afford Saad or Leddy either. The fact that they can lose all this talent and remain contenders is a testament to the quality of the GM (and coach). You are just trolling around hoping to tick someone off. "In my opinion, Crosby is a 3rd liner". You need to learn how to digest information and form a defensible stance rather than just spew uneducated and unfactual opinions.
Forum: NHLMar 24, 2017 at 2:06