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Forum: NHLJun. 4, 2022 at 4:07 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewLadd</b></div><div>in defnese of tampa, while being 20 million over the cap is bs, it's impressive how they built their team thorugh good drafting. Palat, Cirelli, Killorn and Point were all late round picks. They developed Vasy into a top 2 goalie in the game. The rangers, on the other hand were gifted two top 2 picks, while not being a bottom 5 team in the league either year, and actually making the playoffs one of those years. Adam Fox whined and cried his way onto the rangers. Playing in the NHL is a privelage, and he completely ignored the integrity of the game to play with his hometown team. Artemi Panarin only wanted to go to the rangers, and used other teams for money. Don't forget bob mckenzie tweeting it looks like panarin is going to the islanders, likely for panarin to leverage more money out of NYR. Gallant maybe wasn't "gifted," but he surely should have been hired long before he was. Sure maybe I am salty, who cares, but lets not act like ramgers fans werent salty when the islanders made the conference finals</div></div>

First off, let's start with the end of your comment, saying that we Rags fans were salty when the Isles went on a run... I'm not a member of any NYR fan club or whatever. I,m barely a part of ONE FB group about the NYR, so I can't have the pulse of every single NYR fan under the sun. And frankly, I'm a pretty principled guy, I'm a NYR fan that defends Sidney Crosby when other NYR fans call him a baby, because he's not, he's an exceptional player and I'd be willing to do the same for NYR fans that might've been salty when your Isles went on a run. No issue(s) there. The Isles had a good team, a well coached one and they deserved every bit of their runs.

Second, on the part about Adam Fox... is there a law out there that prevents a player from doing that? And I remember when the deal with CAR was made, not a lot of people expected him to become such a great defender, we knew he was gonna be a good part of our top four moving forward, but it wasn't clear he would become a top 5 d-man in the league. He exploded when he arrived in Manhattan, even even then, his first season, the 19-20 one, wasn't "fantastic" by popular metrics. Everyone was talking about Makar and Hughes, not particularly Fox. Hell, Tony Freaking DeAngelo had a flashier 19-20 season than Fox... that should tell you everything. So again, wrong here, he wasn't thought as as a potential Norris trophy winner or a franchise d-man. A good one? Yes, certainly... a great one? Likely... but not a Norris level one.

About TB building through the draft... TB wasn't lucky with some of their picks?? Come on my guy, you're smarter than that. I'll just give one example since this comment shouldn't take ages to read.

TB got insanely lucky finding Point 79th overall in 2014. If he got drafted by CLB 2 picks earlier then TB wouldn't even have had the chance to develop him, which erases your whole point about development.

Who was the guy drafted 2 picks earlier? A certain Blake Siebenaler... you probably never heard of him, and I don't blame you, he never played a game in the show and likely never will.

Things like this happen ALL THE TIME... teams find hidden gems in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rounds, it happens... hell, Lundqvist was a 7th rounder, Rinne and Byfuglien were 8th rounders, and DET picked two guys, you might have heard of them, respectively in the 6th and 7 round, PAVEL DATSYUK AND HENRIK ZETTERBERG. Was DET just "lUcKy" to have won in 08? No they weren't, they were an insanely good team. Luck is party of the game, and it's silly for anyone to deny it.

And you think we didn't develop our players properly? Miller became a strong top 4 d-man while being developed under us, Lindgren became one of the best young shutdown defenders in the league and he was developed by us, Shesterkin has been working with one of, if not the best goalie coach in the league for a few years now, Zibanejad became a star while being developed in NY, Strome got his career underway in the Big Apple and is due for a big payday thx to his time in us

If you truly believe we don't deserve it IF (and it's still a big 'IF' at this point) we conquer Lord Stanley then you're as blind as blind gets.

A line composed of three players that, up until a few weeks ago, 75% of hockey fans thought of as "busts" is our most energetic line and every player on there has single-handedly been better than Kuch, Stammer and Cirelli since the beginning of this series

You don't know what you're talking about regarding the NYR so stop trying to appear more knowledgeable than what you really are.
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