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Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MNBassman</b></div><div>Explain</div></div>

Ok, so its always a little harder to set value on forwards to defenceman or vice-versa, but here is my reasoning.

McCann is too valuable to Pittsburgh. He is an example of what the penguins team is... or hopes to be again anyways. In 2016-17 the penguins went back 2 back cups, one of the main reasons that the team prided on was there speed and never quit talent. Since those years the penguins have went the opposite way getting slower with additions of Johnson, Marleau, Gudbranson, Brassard and more. My point being is that McCann's main talent is his shot and speed. So JR and the pens organization love to see speed and youth. That is why they got him and probably their main reason to getting Kappy back too.

Ok now onto the stats charts to break things down even more.

McCann - 7 seasons in the NHL - Had a career high last season 35 pts and he is expected to have a higher point total by this seasons end!!
Soucy - Now don't get me wrong, I think Soucy is a top 6 dman. Has played 1 full NHL season and put up 14 pts.


So to sum it all up, I don't ever see Soucy being anything more than a top 6 dman, and potentially an overpaid one. The votes in CF poll when the signing was made show a tie of 22 votes saying that it was good and 22 saying it was bad. So time will tell how that goes.

But, my main point is that he is nothing more than a top 6 dman and McCann is a bubbling top 6 winger. He has seen time with Malkin before and this season he has again.

So yeah thats kinda my thinking towards the situation. Again, this is just my opinion, yours and others can be very different, and thats ok!
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