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Forum: NHL TradesJun 25 at 8:03 pm
I think this shows a lack of familiarity with the Hurricanes recent play.

You seem to assume that Hamilton and Hanifin are roughly equal, when that simply is not true. Hamilton is a true #1 defenseman, making just about anyone with a tad bit of skill a positive player. Although the Hamilton-Giordano pair was symbiotic, there's no question that Hamilton had more success when away from Giordano: just check their WOWY charts.

Meanwhile, although Hanifin certainly had a solid season, he was absolutely put into a more sheltered role, as the Slavin-Pesce top pair ate up most of the difficult minutes. While he's probably a high-end middle pairing guy right now, there's no doubt he is the inferior player to Hamilton, and I personally see his ceiling is lower than Dougie's, if he even reaches it.

Lindholm has never been, and never will be, a dominant scorer. On a Carolina team where he was consistently paired with Jeff Skinner, Lindholm never produced more than 45 points in a season, and has a low shooting percentage for a top-six forward. We're at the point where his shooting skill is a known minus to his game, and although he grades better defensively and as a playmaker, I would not expect him to crack 20 goals or 60 points in any season. Additionally, if and when the Flames pay him just south of $5mil per season, they will probably not be getting their money's worth.

I'll admit Ferland and Fox were probably irrelevant pieces to the Flames, so Calgary probably got more value from their perspective, but there's no question in my mind that Hamilton easily beats Hanifin and makes up part of the difference between Lindholm and Ferland. Adding Fox likely puts this over the top for Carolina, although we'll have to wait a few years to see how this trade truly grades out.[/quote]

Wow lotta reading... I think it shows that I am talking about how much I know about the Hurricanes which is alot for your FYI! And I was saying that Lindholm and Hanifin are going to become great players, NO of course not Hamilton and Hanifin aren't equal! Not until Hanifin gets good that is.
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