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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AJC13</b></div><div>I agree with putting Haley on the list. Rangers got a 7th round pick for McLeod at last years trade deadline and I got a feeling that some team will need occasional toughness in their line up from time to time and would trade a 7th round pick for him. Also he was sent down to the AHL last week and cleared waivers, then sent right back up to the big club. Wouldn't surprise me if the timing was calculated to occur when most teams were not currently in a position to claim him for roster or cap reasons, etc. So if Haley is traded, the acquiring team could keep him in the AHL until there's a particular need to have him on the roster.

Thank you for listing the teams you believe would be most interested in trading for the Rangers players most likely to be traded! Will review in more detail down the road. In particular regarding Geogiev, I believe San Jose currently has the biggest need for a cap friendly $$$ goalie right now. And in addition to SJ... Because of Georiev's low cap hit and not being arbitration eligible next season, Carolina might be the best fit for him long term. I agree though that CBJ, FLA, and NJD, would also be a good fit for trading for him. Maybe TBL as well, but I have a feeling they're about to go on a crazy winning steak (maybe a loss here and there) as they tear through whom ever they play for the next couple of months - if not the rest of the season. So whom ever TBL puts in goal they will look really good, even if they're playing below average. Thanks again for listing the teams for the Rangers most likely to be traded!</div></div>

Yeah anytime! I love making lists and stuff like that. Gives me a good perspective on what could happen in the future! I'm gonna make some threads like this too, cause they are really fun!