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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Birtle34</b></div><div>Or any 1sts, this is actually an original build, props to that, why are right handed large skilled dman such unicorns. What’s your weegar thoughts? Would like a debrusk gamble also if they went this route, try to get some more secondary scoring in top 9. Not sure jarnkrok coming</div></div>

I honestly haven't watched a ton of Weegar so can't really say, I know there's many who are really high on him but that may be the live and die by analytics types so Idk, he'd probably help and is an improvement on DeMelo but is that a legit top D pair?? I keep thinking how the Jets D core was at least brought up to respectable NHL standards with the Dillon and Schmidt acquisitions but the top pair of JoMo/DeMelo has to be one of the worst top D pairs in the league, having said that I really don't see any team trading their #1 dman, at best they might be able to acquire some teams #2 dman like Weegar, guess Chycrun or Provorov could be available which are their teams #1 dman but what would either cost to acquire.

I do like this build and it does look different than most which is nice to see, think I'd send Florida DeMelo though so they'd get a RHD replacement and would keep the 3rd or Stanley.
Would also keep Dillon and have Kovacevic or Gawanke on the 3rd pair with Dillon, so a defense of JoMo/Weegar, Samberg/Pionk, Dillon/Kovacevic.

Whats your thoughts on the playoffs, do you think the Jets are close to being on the level of the leagues best? I don't see it myself, think they're more than just a tweak or two/couple minor adds away from being on the level of the best teams in the league.
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