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Thread: Just send it
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Thread: Just send it
Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
Thread: Just send it
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bunzy1034</b></div><div>To be honest I would still love to steal one of those guys potentially moved off of Tampa, they are all good players that they just can't simply afford anymore. Here would be who I hope Chevy would target in order: Cernak (need), Killorn (amazing middle six guy), Palat (same thing), Gourde (would be the best option for 2C that we would have), Johnson (more of a 3C at this point, but still good nonetheless). All of these guys would be great adds for the Jets and likely won't cost much more than some mid round picks or decent prospects given the situation Tampa is in. Even if we can't land Sergachev or Cirelli, Chevy should still have his eyes on them.</div></div>

Oh yeah they'd all be good adds for the Jets just don't know how likely they are to be heading to Winnipeg. I've been saying it for years that the Jets depth just isn't there to compete, Lowry and Copp are overrated in Jetsville, they're 4th line players yet they're 3rd line staples in Winnipeg, you look at Tampa's bottom 6 and they're mostly guys who can slide up and still contribute, the Jets don't have that and really that's what you need to truly contend, hopefully Roslovic and Harkins can be those players, time will tell.

But if we're being realistic how likely is it that any of those guys become a Jet? A lot of those guys have trade protection and we know where Winnipeg ranks on most of those no trade lists, it's possible that one of them could waive but it's probably not likely, I see Cernak as the most possible of any guy from the Lightning becoming a cap casualty and that the Jets could acquire, Chevy should be trying hard to get him, he'd really fill one of the big holes this team has, a big RHD to pair with Morrissey.
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Thread: Just send it
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jgimp69</b></div><div>I have zero doubt that these guys want to play in Tampa. That said, almost, if not all teams are running, or trying to run a internal cap. Most teams are going to look to shed salary as we have already seen with buy outs so far. And going with the theory all these guys want to play there, why would anyone waive when they have negotiated their clauses in the first place. Killorn could simply make a list of teams he knows can’t afford him. Palat makes big money and again, may be hard finding a suitor, and again, why would he waive? I have no doubt they will fall on a horseshoe and get it wedged up there nicely and everything will fall into place, but I still think they lose one of their RFAs and if I’m Tampa, I’m focusing on Serg and Cernak</div></div>

Ottawa is broke so hence the buyout, it saves them real dollars.
NY needs cap space to sign their RFAs, I guess they couldn't find another sucker to take Lundqvist for only a paltry 2nd round pick so they had to go the buyout route, doubt the Rangers ownership is worried about money.
If they're asked maybe they'll waive, could teams that need wingers not try to acquire Killorn or Palat if Tampa is willing to give them away?
I just keep thinking that Brisebois must of known there'd be a market for these guys and that some would waive when he added a couple guys with term at the TDL.
Also Cernak won't be getting a big increase as he's not a point producer and none of these three RFA'S have arbitration rights, what are they really going to do in this weird offseason? Hold out and go play in Russia?.. Lol.. Don't see that happening, idk, there isn't a lot of cap space around the league but Tampa always seems to figure out their cap issues and I'm sure they will this time.
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