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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Your value assessment is straight trash these days. Take a break.

It's more than manageable over the two seasons he'd be an Oiler. The cap would clearly go up next season and Larsson's cap hit alone coming off the books is enough to cover a raise for RNH and Yamamoto.

There's no incentive for Athanasiou to ask for a raise. He's close to maxing out what a third-line winger should realistically make in this league, and Edmonton's had all of seven games to determine what he is. It's a one-year prove-it deal. Players take these quite often in situations like these.

I'm assuming Krug leaves or Boston really wants to load up on their back end. I keep seeing AGM's signing Edmundson for around $4M to be a top-4 option, and Nurse is clearly the better option.

You know I low-balled the offer to keep New England from sh*tting it's collective pants. I personally think a 2nd Round Pick makes up the difference: there is the matter of Nurse only having 2 years before being a UFA and Edmonton now having control over Debrusk for at least 5 years. I wanted more and started low. What else do you think needs to exist coming back?

It's the 20th pick in a deep draft for the 33rd and 46th picks plus Tierney. A pair of second-round picks doesn't get you the 20th overall pick. If Ottawa wants the luxury of having all of the first round picks this season, let them pay for it. I don't think Tierney is super valuable; he's a pretty run of the mill #3C. I can add a B-prospect to Ottawa if it'll make you feel better.</div></div>

Even if Krug leaves I just don't see them trading Debrusk for dman, they were needing to add a top 6 winger for the longest time so they're not trading one now plus Debrusk is young, just don't see him being moved out, if he was traded who replaces him on Krejci's wing, really don't see teams filling one hole by digging another very often and to me that's all this would be for Boston.
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 3:14 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>For Rodriguez that might be true.
However, people always are looking for defense and Rikkola has some value there. Simon also has value as a low price forward who can play. I'd much rather have him than say Sam Gagner, especially at a cheaper price. note, I'm not saying any of them will return a 1st. But they will return something and they do have value and could be traded. Neither of them is Hickey.

As for JJ that may or may not be true. It's one of the reasons I didn't spend all the cap space. Because it could very well be they start with him on the roster.
But if they could dump Matta and Gudbranson in the same year....... they will be able to dump JJ as well.
After all, Gudbranson was a 4 million 2 year 3rd pairing D man. JJ is a 3.25 million 3 year D man. Price and value wise you are looking at a really close call there.
Truth is there is never enough defense in the league. It could be they move Rikkola and JJ in the same deal. or JJ and Simon. Whatever. I think the later in the year they move him, the more likely they get a small return.
The point being those 3 teams listed above. All need defense. All of them are in rebuild mode so they aren't going to attract guys who want to win or even look like they have a chance at winning.
I keep going back to DET with him because they have no one.
You got Nemeth who's contract ends next year and will probably be sent out by years end as a rental.
You got DeKeyser who is always hurt and on IR. He played 8 games this year. 52 the year before. He's either tired of losing and just riding IR for the hell of it. Or he's looking like he's busted and done.
Then you have no one. Cholowski is not ready and has not looked good. He's been sent back down to the AHL.
You got McIsaac who is not ready and needs to spend time in the AHL.
And you got Hicketts who is an AHL caliber guy.

We can go round and round on this. And I don't care how you flip it, you got a team that needs 3 LD.
When you need 3LD, and FA isn't giving it to you because there isn't that much defense available. Because everyone worth anything is leaving a hole somewhere else. And you got a slew of guys who are retiring and not really many people coming in to replace them. Much like what you see here in Detroit. It means a guy like JJ can be moved.</div></div>

Yeah you could find a trade partner for Simon, his numbers are decent actually but Rodrigues and Rikkola I still don't think you'd find a trade partner for, I think they're sign them and send them down or let them walk, really doubt there's a trade for either of them. I wasn't comparing Hickey to any of those three, was comparing him to JJ which is a pretty similar situation.

Maata was younger, better and is probably still looked at as a 2nd pair dman by many GM's, Gudbranson had less term and is a tough guy enforcer to watch out for the kids, really doubt Johnson would be viewed as that by other GM's, he's an expensive third pairing guy who's 33, just can't see there being much teams interested in adding that.

Have you looked at how many UFA dmen there are this summer, there's a lot from the top end types, middle of the road dmen and lower end #5/6 and depth dmen available, really can't see why a team would want Johnson when they could sign any number of the guys available many of which will probably have to take some pretty cheap contracts just to find a job. That's also not taking into account some of the RFA dmen that might be finding new homes that other teams might want to take a chance on, guys like Stecher and Zadorov for example have been rumored to be on the move, maybe a rebuilding team takes a chance on a guy like them thinking he's still young enough that he could be part of their future plans, I could see Detroit or Ottawa making a move like that.

I hear what you're saying about Detroit but they could likely sign two Nemeth's to two year deals this summer for a couple veterans on the back end if they wanted to and I doubt they'd have to overpay, I think there's a good possibility that theres gonna be more guys looking for jobs then there's gonna be teams with spots and cap space for them and in Detroit's situation specifically they'd be wise to use that cap space to get compensated with picks/prospects to take teams cap dumps, if there's no compliance buyouts Detroit might be able to use their cap space to their advantage if they want.

I'm not a JJ hater, I'm really not but I don't think he's movable without some incentive involved for a team to take him.