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Forum: Armchair-GM13 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>masterjuddi</b></div><div>Truer words have never been spoken.
Watching the 3rd period last night it was painfully obvious the jets need another dman or 2 to get the puck up to the forwards. Buf is that guy and so is Morrisey. Poolman and Pionk have looked good really good at times, Niku should be up playing with the team soon. But Bitetto, Dahlstrom and Kulikov need to be options for when guys are hurt, not playing every day. Kulikov is a good 3rd pairing guy, but not at 4.3 million.
Buf needs to figure this **** out so the jets can either add him to the lineup or spend that cash. This needs to happen soon because the jets are gonna play some tough teams that will dismantle this d core</div></div>

What I saw last night was a severe lack of effort/determination and ineffective special teams.
I know the defense is a challenged group right now but that's still no excuse for what went down last night, better systems and some simple damn effort would surely of helped prevent some of the Coyotes goals last night. I mean I can't blame just Bitetto for being bad when the Morrissey/Poolman pair have been a disaster, I can't blame Kulikov for not being more aggressive on the PK when that appears to be how the entire PK operates, I can't hang much on Dahlstrom when he's been on the ice for few goals against.

That late first period goal by the Coyotes was Scheiffele getting out hustled to a puck by a much smaller player and Connor not busting his ass to cover Ekman-Larsson, if either of those two tried harder or the Jets didn't play this silly system where the wingers collapse back in the D zone leaving the opposition wide open maybe that goal doesn't happen.

I truly believe that they shouldn't make any moves for any defensemen until they change their systems but I don't see that happening until there's some turnover in the coaching staff.
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