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Forum: Armchair-GM7 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>Yes my point exactly. And though I don’t disagree with you on forbort I think he could benefit with some rest. I think everyone agrees that he’s lost a bit of a step over the season. He’s still very good, but the rest would be good for him. Just a game or so. Also let’s us see what Stanley can do in a top 4 role.

While I agree that the top pair has been wildly inconsistent, (mainly cause poolman has been inconsistent) I don’t think the same applies to the 64-2 duo. They have been consistently good and Stanley has been driving play. Last night was probably the first bad game we’ve seen from Stanley (and it wasn’t even that bad). I think that pair has been good. As for the d-some structure, I like what Maurice has done. He knows the defence is bad, but the jets have been playing a defence by committee style and it’s been working (generally) for over 2 weeks now. I think that while the d-core isn’t great on paper, Maurice’s structure has made it passable. For example, the jets did pretty well last night containing mcdavid. Other than the power plays (which we generally well done on the pk but there’s just the mcdavid and draisaitl factor) and that one brutal mistake by Connor (and the other ones of Connor and demelo being unable to clear the zone earlier), the jets played a very sound game defensively. I know it’s one game, but the jets did the same against the leafs and have been getting better each game. I know the defence is still bad, but I don’t think anyone is or shoudl bd calling for Maurice getting fired. He’s done wonderful. Hellebuyck hasn’t had to steal a game in like 2 weeks, that’s something.

I’m not making excuses for Chevy when I say this, but by the sounds of it, he tried really really hard too. Now we don’t know what happened, but either a deal fell through last minute or no teams got past asking for heinola and perfetti. Now I don’t know about you but I’m not moving either of those guys for Manson or even ekholm. That said, he sounded really mad, now we don’t know if that’s cause he knew this team was only a piece or two away from elite status and he was unable to deliver or he was mad at a certain team for pulling back a player at the last minute when a deal seemed done.</div></div>

I'd like to see Stanley get a look in the top 4 but the guy who should come out is DeMelo!
I was saying it awhile ago, they should try Stanley on the top pair with Morrissey and see what happens, honestly couldn't be much worse then it is now.

If you can find it watch the Pulujarvi goal again against the Jets the other night, the D zone structure is a disaster and that goal is a clear example of it.

Idk, there's a story somewhere he was after Gavrikov and rumors are he was trying to get Manson, if there's truth to either I question wtf he was thinking, no doubt either one could help this weak D core but a LHD with term isn't at all what they need and wasting time/effort on a guy with a NMC who's played his entire career in California, has another year of term and just had a kid was really stupid imo and makes me question Chevy once again, time wasted on a guy you don't really need and another who's got trade protection was dumb!

He should've made the Savard trade, I'm usually against trading 1sts for rentals but this year would've been the year to make that trade.

I see a lot of comments like 'don't sell the future' or
'if you can't get a major difference maker dman then don't bother' or 'that guy isn't much better then what we got so why bother' and I really don't agree with that line of thinking when I look at the dmen that changed teams at or just before the trade deadline and the current state of the D.
Yes I agree don't sell the future like Heinola, Samberg, etc but a 1st round pick in this draft or mid to late round picks is in no way selling the future, the Jets are pretty set at most positions except RHD both presently and with prospects so trading a bit of draft capital for one or two dmen would've been worth it imo. As for the narrative of getting a "difference maker/#1 dman", well seriously what team is trading a dman like that?!! I'm not trying to be a D!c% but do some fans really think that we're going to acquire a dman like that cause I just don't see it happening, no one is trading that type of dman.
When it comes to the 'not much better' comments well I think if you can improve on any one of the guys you have for a reasonable price then you make that trade and almost every one of the dmen that got traded would of helped the Jets defense in some way.

Another thing is that this teams window to win is now so with the state of its defense and it unlikely that a #1 dman is being acquired it'll take some internal help and the acquisition of middle pair type dmen to solidify the backend, this TDL was as good a time as any to acquire a dman or two like that.

Oh well, guess we'll see how it goes next season with Ville and Samberg added to #4, 44 and 64, hopefully they're enough to push this D core from poor to at least average, really think an opportunity was missed by not doing more then just adding a #6/7 dman.
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 3:24 pm
Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 11:37 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>Honestly glad he didn’t do a 1st and a 3rd for Savard. Too expensive. Apparently Chevy was in on Gavrikov from CBJ. Probably would’ve ended up being expensive as CBJ likes gavrikov.

Chevy also said he was in on a few trades that would’ve been considered “big swings” and I wish I knew what that was. In my head I think of a guy like Seth Jones. With the history between WPG and CBJ, I wouldn’t be surprised if they spoke about it. Because Chevy was looking into big deals.

I agree on the Maurice thing. Yes he can be a great coach, but also annoys me with many things he does and makes questionable lineup choices.</div></div>

While it was too much for Savard I think he should've made that trade, the only piece of real value was the 1st as 3rd and 4th round picks are long shots to ever amount to anything so really a late 1st for a rental dman that brings the defense up to average and a head start on contract negotiations with a RHD Chevy might have interest in in free agency is fine to me, don't like trading 1sts for rentals but this year is the year to do it with the expansion draft on the horizon.

Looking at what Columbus got for Savard in comparison to the Gawanke+2nd trades that I and others on here proposed for Savard I honestly think that Gawanke+2nd would've been a better return for the Jackets.

I'd way rather Chevy have gone that route then these ridiculous overpay for Dumba suggestions that are on here constantly.. Lol

Don't like any of these trades here for the Jets, don't wanna lose Berdin either!
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 12:12 pm