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Thread: Win that Cup
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jets_Fan_Mike</b></div><div>MisstheWhalers▾

Iirc, the ask was three 1st round type pieces for Chychrun.

Lambert and Stanley were both first round picks and Pionk is the Jet's #2 defenceman in terms of minutes played after Morrissey meaning at the very least, he'd be a top 4 defenceman for the Coyotes. Also, in order for the trade to work (and I'm assuming it's the case for pretty much any team making offers for Chychrun), money needs to go out in order for Chychrun's salary to be added to the Jets in order to remain cap compliant.

I'm assuming Lambert and Stanley would be acceptable as 2/3 of the deal. The question I guess would be how much the Coyotes value RHD Pionk. Imo, Pionk could go to the Coyotes where there's virtually zero pressure and start putting up a lot of points and playing very well in which case the Coyotes could trade Pionk in a year or two for a very nice haul if they don't decide to keep him.</div></div>

I get what you're going for but I can't imagine Stanley is valued at a 1st round pick at this point plus he's the same age as Chycrun so what's the appeal for a team looking forward, just don't see him having much value and would be of little appeal to Arizona imo.

I'm not sure GM’S really see a player(Pionk) as a future asset to trade, suppose it has happened before(Leddy to Detroit was that) but does Arizona really go that route in a Chychrun trade, doesn't seem likely, they're definitely going to want a 1st round pick in any Chychrun trade.

Would a 2023 or 24 1st, Lambert, Heinola, Barron/Gus get it done?? I'd do it but would really try to grind them to keep the 23 1st and send them the 24 1st or put a bunch of conditions on it, anyway thats more what I think they'd be looking for.