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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>More wrong from you. Hawks aren't cap strapped if you understood where they are at today and will be next year. Go look at the team next year, do a AGM yourself and you'll see why you're wrong there assuming you also understand the prospects the Hawks have which i doubt.

Yes, Hawks keep Saad for 2 more years because he's the only true 2 way forward we have, brings leadership to the table for the younger guys, and because he's hands down better then Kap and a middle 3rd rounder doesn't have a ton of value (15% of 3rd round picks actually ever play in the NHL) and Ceci has zero value. Saad for Kap and a B+ level prospect is a better deal and fair value.</div></div>

Yeah not as cap strapped as I thought cause I forgot about the Debrincat extension but from what's left Strome will eat a good chunk of that up plus you need two goalies plus there's bonuses to consider, don't think that you have as much space as you think. I'm fully aware you could move some guys out for more cap space but that's a different discussion altogether.

Yes I'm fairly aware of the Hawks prospects, watched a Denver at UMD game recently and Ian Mitchell was far and away the best player on the ice, the Hawks need to get that kid signed the day after his college season ends!

So you'd rather hold on to a guy for "leadership"?
Are you thinking like Stan and wanna get the band back together for one last run? Maybe pull Sharp out of retirement and see if Oduya wants to sign for another shot at a cup? lol... Dude its time to move on from some of the core and Saad is a guy that has some value, you'd be crazy to not trade him for a younger winger with term and is under team control.
You'd really split hairs over the difference in value between a 3rd round pick and a B+ level prospect? Could likely draft that prospect with that 3rd, the Hawks scouting staff seems like one of the best in the league imo. I just doubt you'd get a much better return for Saad and realistically I doubt Dubas would make that trade but ya never know. Kapanen and Saad are on pretty much the same ppg pace this season.

Just thinking of the last two TDL's there were multiple defensemen traded for mid to late round picks, Morrow, Beaulieu, Del Zotto, Kislevich went for anywhere from 4th round to 7th round picks and those are just the ones I can think of, I'm sure if I did some research I could give you plenty more examples of depth dmen who were traded at the TDL.
So even though many on here thinks Ceci is garbage some team might throw you a late round pick for him, teams always want some depth dmen if they think they're going on a long run for the Cup.
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