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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>I like the NJD deal it makes sense for all sides in a rebuild.
Im just not sure that's Grier's angle as it seems more like he's just making it his team now with his changes.

Still think VGK and SJS are going to be making a deal that involves Karlsson.

Timo gives VGK a rental they can use and a way out on the Karlsson deal
It also gives them a chance to wine and dine Timo into staying in VGK at a team friendly price.
But even if he decide's to demand more with Karlsson out that possibility becomes a reality cap wise(just at Martinez expense )

If they Structured the deal right they could make this work without too much growing pain.
Moving Karlsson, Roy , Cormier and a 1st round for Meier and Merkley
Both teams are better after the trade as it gives SJS a way out on Merkley to as fans will assume Cormier was swapped for Merkley when in reality Only Cormier retains real value as Always Injured Merkley becomes Waiver Eligible after this year. Then again maybe Trading Merkley will do for him what it did for Beaudin going from CHI to MTL's AHL teams on pace for a Career best after 4 years Pro with many setbacks he's thriving 13 points in 17 games . The point is while the Value isnt high on Merkley the odds of him rebounding after a system change arent as low.</div></div>

I think no chances that SJS make trades with VGK. First, we are in the same division. Secondly, the two opposing teams will not make any trades-blockbusters. Besides, why do we need their Karlsson? We have enough centers of our own.