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Thread: DUCKS
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheJoeMan</b></div><div>All three of those trades make the Ducks worse. We don't need to get rid of Kesler so badly that we'd have to trade away a first rounder, nor would that be worth it to Vancouver to carry that cap hit for six years. And Vancouver is just going to give us Tanev and Markstrom on top of that? Yikes.

I keep seeing so many trades with Shore and/or Rowney for a low-level draft pick. Why? These two are quality, value players. I mean if we HAVE to move them, which we don't, we better get better value for them. Rowney was one of the few bright spots this season. Shore was solid too. Good PKer, provided decent offense and makes less than 3 mil.

And I wouldn't trade Terry for Fox straight up, especially without a contract, let alone with Sherwood thrown in. And who's to say he'd even sign here? He's clearly a player who wants to choose where he goes and we are never a team that these players want to sign with.</div></div>

Agree 100%. With all the new additions of rookies on ELCs, the Ducks aren't in a cap crunch and don't need to dump Kesler, especially if it will cost them that much. Devin Shore is a consistent, versatile 30 point player, and could earn a 3rd by himself at the trade deadline. Giving him up for a full season with an RFA expiry should command more than that. And lastly, DO NOT TOUCH TERRY! Especially in this case. I know Fox is a highly touted prospect, but he's never played in the NHL, whereas Terry has shown real promise and looks to be a cornerstone of the rebuild.