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Jun 24, 1990
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jimbo1119</b></div><div>I'm not sure if he'd slot in at 2C or 3C....but agreed- he is awesome. Many seem to want to move away from him- either because he's seen more as a winger and/or the desire to put "tougher" guys in the lineup. I just want to give him a chance under Gallant to see what he can bring when he's not playing "scared to try to make a play". As far as the "tough guy in the lineup thing"...if Chytl is moved because-lets face it- there are only so many roster spots...then so be it...but the return better be high end talent with a high ceiling and/or pick(s) which can get such. Moving him for a "sandpaper guy" would be a BIG step back for this team- especially when Chytl becomes a top 6 star on another team.</div></div>

I mean there are very few young players in the league I'd take over Chytil and the Rangers roster structure essentially makes him indispensable. It's unfortunate that most of the fanbase (particularly the beat writers frankly) don't really grasp how hockey works just in terms of what constitutes "toughness" - it's primarily positioning. Being in the right spot to take away space from the opposition. 90% of that is coaching. And not having a forecheck at all to speak of in the Quinn era maybe made people forget that. But yeah, if all that the Rangers change is the coach and bring in more effective 4th liners (as in not Reaves nor Howden types). then this is probably close to a cup team. that's how much talent is on the roster that's been wildly underutilized.
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